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16 November 2021: Racing to protect our https://Intuitive.community domain name --- just as we got it up and running, the payment comes due, and our last dollar was just spent on emergency supplies and safe food.
This domain name is part of our community network disability aid. Because we have it up and running, severely disabled survivors of human trafficking and invisible violence are able to communicate with and help one another in unique and lifesaving ways.
If you would like to sponsor this domain name ongoing or donate just enough to help us cover this year's renewal, please be in touch with @maxmorris to arrange success.
We are on the lookout for more Intuitive Technologists of every different skill set! If you have tech knowhow and you want to share some time with our Intuitive community network, we'd like to know you.
If you are able to contribute directly to the renewal of this domain, you can add an amount to PayPal or Cash App here:
This domain renewal is $29, and thank goodness the minimum account refill amount is $25, because we've still got some dollars in there --- so that's all we need to protect this particular domain until next year.
Thank you for the time you spend with us. Thank you for taking good care of yourself this morning. Thank you for reaching out to coordinate solutions and collaborate creatively with us.
This is an amazing adventure.
We are super glad to have you along for the ride.
---with appreciation, Intuitive Invisibles of @IntuitiveSocialGivinghttps://t.me/IntuitiveSocialGiving/803https://t.me/IntuitiveSupply/13https://t.me/IntuitivePublicRadio/9004
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42. Sarah Westall & Max M. E. Morris Catalyze Courage In Public Media (4 October 2021)

Sarah Westall of Business Game Changers joined Max M. E. Morris on the program in October to answer survivors' groups questions about Sarah's work in public media, the intensity and import of our times, and the brave spirits needed to build the safe, inclusive, radiant communities we all dream together.
Please support Sarah's work by visiting https://SarahWestall.com. Find her broadcasts on Bitchute, Odyssey, Rumble, The Podcast Index, and many other platforms. You may also like to check out this recent project collaboration toward food nutrient access: https://godsharvest.co (We're looking forward to talking about this again soon.)

Full interview and more: https://t.me/IntuitivePublicRadio/9028, https://t.me/IntuitivePublicRadio/9029
It was a total joy talking with Sarah. I hope you'll watch the video. Join our conversations here: https://t.me/joinchat/U-Ncl_gYJqWbiAA-

Thank you for your work in raising awareness about human trafficking intersections. Thank you for your honest sharing and transformational business leadership. Thank you for your courage, kindness, and chutzpah in raising these lifesaving conversations.
Gratitude and appreciation
--- Survivors Of Severity & Intuitive Invisibles

••• Save the date! Our first Intuitive Public Webinar is scheduled for November 22, 2021 at 12pm Eastern for 90 minutes. You're invited! Please share with others and clear time on your calendar for this important survivor-led conversation. Register here: https://eventbrite.com/e/community-resilience-through-inclusive-discourse-intuitive-public-webinar-tickets-212573963447

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