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Alexandra Horowitz: The World According to Your Dog

5/12/21 by Species Unite


Web player: https://podcastaddict.com/episode/123038444
Episode: https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/speciesunite/Ep6.x_AlexandraH_interview.mp3?dest-id=834548

β€œI can drive my car off a cliff and just leave it where it lay, the most I'll get is a littering fine, and if you throw your dog off the cliff the punishment is actually pretty similar. That's because they're the same type of thing to the law. So, unless you change that status, and you have people of course, who are thinking that there should be a status of kind of living property that might give them more attributes than my car has or my chair has; and then there are individuals who think they should be given the status of legal persons, which isn’t to say being people, but having rights of some sort. I think both of those are pretty intriguing offers. I think we're a little ways off from doing that, but boy, either of those would be a massive improvement in our societal treatment of these creatures. And of course, I don't think it's just restricted to dogs… It's been terrific to work with dogs for all these years, but I think this way about lots of non-human animals that we interact with, were we kind of get to use them sort of, for our sake. I would love to see some kind of sea change in thinking such that we don't get to use animals in the ways we do now, which are really abuses of animals.” – Alexandra Horowitz If you have any questions for your dog, Alexandra Horowitz is a pretty good place to start. She’s spent much of her life researching and writing about what it’s like to be a dog. She is the #1 New York times bestselling author of Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know; Our Dogs, Ourselves, Being a Dog: Following the Dog Into a World of Smell; and On Looking. She is a professor at Barnard College, Columbia University, where she teaches seminars in canine cognition, creative nonfiction writing, and audio storytelling. As Senior Research Fellow, she heads the Dog Cognition Lab at Barnard. I wish this conversation had lasted all day long as I had about 5 thousand more questions for Alexandra - mostly, everything I’ve ever wanted to ask my dog. Although, the time we did have together was pretty amazing and felt like an absolute gift.
June 6, 2021. Oppo Docu to @AfrikaIPR: https://t.me/AfrikaIPR/119 β€’ from May 11, 2021 β€’ Michael Imhotep's stabilizing, integrating historical details in support of intersectionalized communities β€’ notes from Detroit, Tulsa, Austin, Pittsburgh β€’ land & treaty histories β€’ name anglicisations β€’ what is & isn't called "racism" β€’ listening leading landback β€’ litmus for respectful discourse β€’ language divisions β€’ government backed schooling β€’ negative corporate controlled hip hop β€’ histories, policies, laws β€’ organized disruption of families β€’ episode quotes incl… β€’ "Your history and culture act as an immune system that protects you from attackers…" β€’ @intuitivegroup commentary includes... β€’ "we are running AHN podcast episodes continually and learning a lot" β€’ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FDtswQCoi24q22TzUQytS0o6Lpoy3qBvGg_BxZ0hiKg β€’ ...notes continue (see original msg) β€’ 20210606-052805 β€’ for this Intuitive Inclusive: https://t.me/AfrikaIPR/120 β€’β€’
What can we do?

0. Respond to the posts at @intuitivepublicradio, @intuitivecommunity, & @intuitivepublichelpers.

1. Respond to the posts on any public Intuitive channel, especially the ones on Telegram messenger.

2. Encourage people you know to volunteer on Telegram to be present in our community spaces on a daily basis.

3. Make a schedule with us so that we know when you can be here.

4. Offer to help us communicate with other groups and organizations.

5. Volunteer for private process groups on Telegram messenger to support severely affected community members and core organizers.

6. Ask organizations you like, trust, or rely on to show their commitment to community inclusion and safety by publicly supporting us.

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8. Yes, you can do something: https://t.me/s/IntuitivePublicHelpers/1506 β€’β€’
Intuitive groups working in eXtinction Rebellion communities, including our groups XR Neighborhood and XR Trauma, are organizing continued XR Recovery activities to allow severely affected community members to engage effective, inclusive ongoing dialogues.
We invite all who wish to support and facilitate peaceful, patient, respectful, productive discourse so that our community settings can fully include severely disabled survivors of invisible violence and human trafficking with respect for their physical safety and valuable lived experience.
Upcoming group dates this month include September 16 and September 30. We’ll be gathering collaborative materials from asynchronous participants all day before and after our real-time meeting.
Please reach out and plan to attend, add your voice, anchor kindness with us, and take advantage of this opportunity to understand one another better.
As we learn more about how to respect and listen with one another, we increasingly stabilize these challenging intersections.
Contact t.me/maxmorris on Telegram messenger, comment at t.me/IntuitiveGroup/398, or email earth@intuitive.pub to join us.
πŸ”Š Activities β€’ Intuitive Group β€’ IPR Working Group Resourcing & Collaborations β€’ IPR β€’β€’β€’ https://t.me/joinchat/8Nejvg8yMqQzNjhh
"Charrette - a design workshop for solving real world problems. The term "charrette" is derived from the French word for "little cart." In Paris during the 19th century, professors at the Ecole de Beaux Arts circulated with little carts to collect final drawings and models from their students. Students were said to be working "en charrette", or in the carte, while they tried furiously to put finishing touches on their presentation minutes before the deadline.
As we continue our project By Design ... we look at how designers apply their thinking to solve problems. And how they use charrette workshops to try to transform organizations and communities.
Bill Lennertz is co-author ofThe Charrette Handbook and executive director of the National Charrette Institute... a non-profit organization that trains people how to run charrettes and advance community planning and public involvement.
Zahra Ebrahim is principal and partner of archiTEXT, a design think tank and consultancy. She has worked with dozens of clients and led many charrettes."
Life & Death Charrette: Media Work Space, 2021 Oct 10-14 β€’ Signal Wakefulness β€’ Collective Action β€’ Emergent Success β€’ This is not an every-day emergency. Everything is connected. Learning-oriented accountability and creative attention energize community solutions. Game face --- tune in --- contribute. β€’ Comment or msg @MaxMorris to participate β€’ https://t.me/MediaWorkSpace/377
30 November 2021 at 10am Eastern (9am Central) is our Emergency Competency Kick-Off. Please join us!
We will meet for 30 minutes at 10am Eastern time at https://t.me/IntuitiveIntensive and possibly also link to a Zoom session from there if several of us are able to join in real time.
Click on this link to participate in our public chat attached to the @IntuitiveIntensive channel on Telegram messenger, and follow along as we unpack Emergency Competency materials from today forward: πŸ”Š Engage β€’ Intuitive Intensive β€’ Intensive, Immersive β€’ Intuitive Public Radio β€’ IPR β€’β€’ https://t.me/+wAkcU94xFzo1MTUx β€’ https://t.me/IntuitiveIntensive/35
Hello all,

I have been working to initiate crucial community conversations to include accessible solutions for survivors of severe health intersections and invisible violence, including situations of human trafficking β€” solutions that are compiled and ready to be implemented with courageous assistance and prevent the needless deaths of our core organizers, colleagues, community members, family, and friends.

I'd like to follow up on our previous conversations about this to invite you to our Telegram coordination space where a lot of our work is occurring. Here is the group chat link for Intuitive Intensive: https://t.me/+wAkcU94xFzo1MTUx

Tomorrow morning at 10am Eastern (9am Central) for 30 minutes we will present the Emergency Competency Kick-Off, part of our Intuitive Intensive survivors-led action towards community resilience.

Please join us in the chat space or send me a message back that you'd like to participate, and I will send you a link to our Telegram group chat and Zoom link a few minutes before tomorrow's meeting.

Please feel free to forward this message on to any others you know to be interested in ways we can all help one another more easily, to free up more strength and successful dialogues in our communities.

Thank you for reading,

Brendan Heidenreich


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Our recording from this morning's Emergency Competency Kick-Off (10:00am to 10:30am Eastern earlier today, 30 November 2021). Make sure to join us tomorrow morning: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/emergency-competency-summit-catalyst-chat-1-tickets-219891269707?aff=ebdsoporgprofile β€’ Check out upcoming webinars and catalyst chats: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/intuitive-public-radio-38472071473 β€’ https://t.me/IntuitiveIntensive/53