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Early access to the free pattern will be accessible to Super Crafties on August 17!
Starting on November's pattern 8.14.21
So many wips, so little time 😤
Good Morning Crafties!
Crafties, I know this is a little early but, I wanted to talk about how things with the paid ads are going so far. For episode 18 of Hey Craftepreneur, I plan to talk about how paid ads are helping (or not) my brand. Typically, I earn like a penny per month on my website from adsense. Yes, That's right $0.01. I'm sure you can imagine how frustrating that has been given all the work I did for three years to launch. The exception to this was last month where I earned about $0.39.
I've been running some ads on FB and IG lately just to see if it'd make a difference this go 'round since I've increased the content I host online. I woke up this morning to $1.29 from my website. I am stoked!
I can't wait to see how this finishes out. My last ad ends on Sept 3 so Ep 18 probably won't be out til late Friday or on Saturday
*** Correction*** Episode 18 isn't set to come out until the 9th lol
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NGL these new hooks are SO bold and pretty! I used one in my previous crochet tutorial and it just popped 😤. I'm not an affiliate of Furls but I do love their hooks. You can check out the new Solar Flares here:
So I finished this a few nights ago ... Well I cast off the skirt. Now I've got to make the sleeves and block this bad boy
I may or may not have written another pattern y'all
Stitching up a new pair of socks with the sentro mini
It's been about a month since the last episode of Hey Craftepreneur! and there are several reasons for that. I've been in a bit of a recording slump over all but as of today, there is still no subscribership to the content. So really this delay isn't affecting anyone but me, I just feel compelled to talk about it. Likewise, there's not a whole lot of growth happening for the brand right now (though ep 19 has nothing to do with the growth factor) which is to be expected I guess. This is also midterm week and one of my 8 week classes is ending so I've had little time to record/edit videos over all.
Thanks for all those who stick with me though through these upload slumps 💖