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Oop! It's the end of the month already! So that means..
Comms will be open tomorrow @ 2pm (UK times)
Commissions are Open!

Here are the forms a bit early for you lovely peeps!

Commission Slots:
Sticker Forms:

There has been some tweaks to what's on offer here's the price list so you can check it out
Regular commissions are now closed and there are 7 sticker slots left :3
Sticker slots have filled over night! Thank you guys for your interest ❤️
I'm just waiting on some deliveries for some shop updates this month ^^
Raptor Base 2: Return of the Floof is now live on the shop!
Featuring 6 new stickers with more floof customisation options
Woo! Everything is now available in the shop, to celebrate how about we summon some snacks?
The next order will receive one of these summoning stickers as a freebie :D
Forms are now open!
There shall only be 5 slots available for this month. First come first serve as usual 💜


Forgot to mention earlier but commissions are now closed, thank you guys for sharing 💜
Heya guys just a heads up that I'm gonna be delaying commission opening as I think I may have covid :(

I'll let you all know when I have a new date planned 💖
Since it's my birthday how about a little sale so you can join in on the occasion too
Forwarded from Indi
Forwarded from Indi
Next shop update?
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Commissions are open tomorrow

Forms open @ 11am BST
Stickers & illustrations available

Forms are on the commission dropdown :)
Comms are Open
First come first served

Sticker Form:

Illustration Form:
Just a quick heads up that I'll be closing commissions in 1 hour!
Commissions are now Closed!
Thank you for the interest :D