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Ilya Prokopenko is a content maker for his YouTube channel, EDM producer, logo designer and web developer.
Илья Прокопенко является контент-мейкером для своего Ютуб-канала, EDM продюсером, дизайнером лого и веб-разработчиком.

In English
@IlyaProkopenkoENChat - IP Red (chat)
@dsrev - my profile
@dubsteprevenge - music channel
@cyanreg - CS:GO

На русском
@IlyaProkopenkoRU - основной канал
@IlyaProkopenkoChat - IP Red (чат)
@dsrev - мой профиль
If you came from my website (, you may wonder why I redirected you here. It's because I don't have any idea what to leave on my own website, so I chose this option. Most likely, this redirection will be temporary.
All right, for English-speaking people, this channel you are on now will become the main one, replacing @IlyaProkopenkoEN.
The aforementioned channel will be replaced by other content later.