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#ICONweekly by @ChainodeCapital

The first ICON Meet-up in London will take place on February 19: https://bit.ly/3bFIivF
Iconnect Global holds the first African Meetup: https://bit.ly/39ACeD2
Grant proposals and contribution proposals keep flowing in, you can check them here: https://bit.ly/2UUPAWv
ICON Project reached the milestone of having 100 P-Reps! You can check them all here: https://bit.ly/31YcjT1
Open discussion for #IISS enhancements, add your opinion here: https://bit.ly/38D9cTj
ICONLOOP talks data laws: https://bit.ly/2SqKa3N
ICONLOOP is opening a 2nd office in Busan: https://bit.ly/37t1ny2
New ICX Weekly episode by Corey from Ubik Capital: https://bit.ly/2SEQHqE
Bringing DeFi to the ICON Ecosystem: https://bit.ly/31Safw1
The top 5 P-Reps have close to 45% of the votes. ❗️Keep diversifying your votes to achieve true decentralization of ICON!
💜 We love spreading the word about the newest DApps & tools built around the ICON Project! We are happy to share that ICON VOTE, created by ICX Station, is now on ICON Ecosystem: https://icon.vote

👉 For more ICON DApps and tools please visit https://iconecosystem.io
🎉 Happy to have reached the 500+ followers milestone on our Twitter account!

🙏 We thank each & every one of you that followed, liked, and shared our tweets and thus contributed to the ICON Ecosystem growth. Please support the @ChainodeCapital team so that we can continue to do this!
#ICONweekly by @ChainodeCapital

ICON Ecosystem Twitter account has surpassed the 500 Followers milestone. Thank you! 🙏
ICON 2020 Roadmap Update: https://bit.ly/2V6tn86
Korea FSC approves ICONLOOP’s MyID service additional range into its Fintech Sandbox: https://bit.ly/3bWma0a
Reliant Node searches for iPhone and Android users for the MyIconWallet beta tests: https://bit.ly/39UfZbo
Listen to the P-rep Governance Meeting #1 here: https://bit.ly/32fYnE5
New telegram channel for P-Rep transparency repots. Join here: https://t.me/preptransparency
Everstake is running a Bug Bounty program. Find our more information here: https://bit.ly/38U4CQI
New „By ICONists, for ICONists“ episode - Chatting with ICONation: https://bit.ly/38NWzop
The first ICON Meet-up in London was organized by ICXBoom: https://bit.ly/39QIdDK
Congratulations Corey for being highlighted as ICONs top social media influencer!
First Podcast Episode of Icon4Education is out: https://bit.ly/39LogOK
ICX Station released ICON, deconstructed - Part I: https://bit.ly/3bR2zPb
Chainode Capital shared the ICONExporter tool for the upcoming tax season: https://bit.ly/37NI96m
Second Vote proposed by ICX Station: Which Dapp aggregator proposal do you support? Vote here: https://bit.ly/2HIcEjF
The top 5 P-Reps have close to 45% of the votes. ❗️Keep diversifying your votes to achieve true decentralization of ICON!
#ICONweekly by @ChainodeTechPRep

[ICON Newsletter #7] Our Thriving Global and Decentralized Community: https://bit.ly/2wQylvu
ICON Foundation approved 3 new grants. You can follow their status here: https://forum.icon.community/c/g
Chainode Capital goes full steam tech, and can now be found under the name of Chainode Tech: https://bit.ly/2whq0R6
P-Reps are joining forces to represent the ICON Foundation at Consensus 2020 in New York: https://bit.ly/3aaF81x
New video of ICON headquarters by Mineable: https://bit.ly/399hySK
Part II of ICON deconstructed has been released by ICX Station: https://bit.ly/2I6fcbg
English translation of the Coindesk interview w/ ICONLOOP CEO: https://bit.ly/3aefkBw
New ICON Meetup will take place on March 10 in Berkeley, CA: https://bit.ly/2PxNSXQ
If you would like to find out more about what P-Reps are doing, in one place, visit: https://bit.ly/2PyvgXx
Votes are moving on a daily basis. You can watch the dynamic here: https://iconvotemonitor.com/
The top 5 P-Reps have close to 45% of the votes. ❗️Keep diversifying your votes to achieve true decentralization of ICON!
#ICONweekly by @ChainodeTechPRep

Great news for South Korea! Lawmakers amend law to regulate crypto companies: https://bit.ly/2TtCf6q
Updated February ICON roadmap: https://bit.ly/2ImHwpV
The meetup with Chainlink and Maker DAO that was planned to take place in Seoul was postponed due to the health concerns/potential risks related to the coronavirus.
ICONLOOP is one of four finalists in the Global Enterprise Blockchain Awards: https://bit.ly/3cuhY8e
Consensus 2020 booth confirmed for ICON: https://bit.ly/3cAhopr
Chainode Tech will attend the „Towards Success of Enterprise Blockchain in Your Business“ event in Zurich, Switzerland: https://bit.ly/2vzZt1O
Ubik Capital sponsored ICX Comics, this being the first non-ICON P-Rep team to help fund a grant proposal: https://bit.ly/2TGHH4J
The total number of partners for MyID Alliance has increased from 47 to 52: https://bit.ly/2Irjjiw
Check the P-Rep contributions here: https://bit.ly/3aDNmQ9
The top 5 P-Reps have close to 45% of the votes. ❗️Keep diversifying your votes to achieve true decentralization of ICON!
#ICONweekly by @ChainodeTechPRep

Our message to the whole ICON Ecosystem: please stay safe! #COVID19 🙏
After a rejected Contribution Proposal, Chainode Tech funds the integration of ICON Network on State Of The DApps: https://bit.ly/38IKqAc
IISS 3.0 proposal from ICON Network is relevant for every ICONist. Give it a read and join the conversation: https://bit.ly/38PlEP0
Today (March 13, 2020) is the second ICON Project P-Rep Governance meeting. Go to this forum post for more details: https://bit.ly/2IW9qtv
P-Reps are encouraged to publish formal proposals if they intend to make fundamental changes to the ICON Network: https://bit.ly/2Q9Vu2H
ICON Network announced the ICONLOOP employee participation program: https://bit.ly/33dt5hM
ICON Swap (DEX) beta is live! https://bit.ly/33eJVgd
ICX Weekly by Corey: The Tokenization of Business: With Special Guest Dusty Esquire https://youtu.be/GDAJJPK_IGc
The top 5 P-Reps have close to 45% of the votes. ❗️Keep diversifying your votes to achieve true decentralization of ICON!
#ICONweekly by @ChainodeTechPRep

ICON Project is now on the dapp.com: https://bit.ly/3b90M6E
Beware of scams going around the ICON Ecosystem and in the blockchain space in general: https://bit.ly/2QxbI6a
Reliant Node announces ICONPreps.com: https://bit.ly/395SL0Y
Velic Financial announced a collaboration with the ICON Project for the development of ICONex and ICON Tracker: https://bit.ly/3ddr9KR
ICONLOOP blockchain dApp VisitMe.app was featured on MTN news broadcast: shorturl.at/oqwxM
Dapp.review started tracking ICON DApps: shorturl.at/mGHW3
IISS 3.0 proposal from ICON Network is relevant for every ICONist: https://bit.ly/38PlEP0
Chainode Tech works at the State Of The DApps integration: shorturl.at/hwFL5
Banking On ICONBET: With Special Guest: Geo Dude by Corey: https://youtu.be/6Ol0UF3tA-Q
[ICON Newsletter #10] Korea legalized crypto. What does it mean for ICON? shorturl.at/ixVY4
⚡️ New ICON DApps on the @IconEcosystem platform! One of the latest additions in the DApps section is JUBJUB, a location-based application service finding you great local cafes around you. Developed by weBloc.

👨‍💻 Your DApp is not on the ICON Ecosystem yet? Join our platform in less than 1 minute: https://iconecosystem.io/dapp-tool
#ICONweekly by @ChainodeTechPRep

ICON Network is now on the State of the DApps platform. The integration was funded by @ChainodeTechPRep: https://bit.ly/3dCrQ0d
ICON Project released a Monthly Grant Recap. You can check the March 2020 Grant Recap here: https://bit.ly/39ww1aC
Free ICONLOOP services to combat COVID-19: https://bit.ly/2Ur0DpU
The next P-Rep meeting will take place on the 4th of April. Please submit discussion topics on the forum thread: https://bit.ly/3bCr7dH
Why developers should choose ICON Network: https://bit.ly/2JqxlBy
ZenSports accepting debit and wire transfers starting March 31st: https://bit.ly/2xvHv10
New ICX listing on BiKi Exchange: https://bit.ly/39vuMIR
The top 5 P-Reps have close to 45% of the votes. ❗️Keep diversifying your votes to achieve true decentralization of ICON!
#ICONweekly by @ChainodeTechPRep

ICON Foundation announces LFT2 Consensus Algorithm: https://bit.ly/3bhentr
The next P-Rep governance meeting will take place on April 17th, this time moderated by @Dr_ICON_Lee. Please submit discussion topics on the forum thread: https://bit.ly/3ccFju5
ICX is now LIVE on Exodus: https://bit.ly/3a5FbeC
The „Towards Success of Enterprise Blockchain in your Business“ event that was supposed to take place in Zurich, featuring ICONLOOP, will now take place online. Join for free: https://bit.ly/2xq03zY
@coreycosta123 released a new ICX Weekly interview with @minhokim: https://bit.ly/2RyQMfY
New ICX listing on @BittrexGlobal: https://bit.ly/2XuDHI3
weBloc is now on CoinMarketCap: https://bit.ly/3a1Pnol
ICON Newsletter #13 - New Roadmap Update + Interoperability + MyID: https://bit.ly/2K1miyN
The latest grants approved by the ICON Foundation can be found here: https://bit.ly/2V5mxz7
The top 5 P-Reps received over 40% of the votes. ❗️Keep diversifying your votes to achieve true decentralization of ICON!
#ICONweekly by @ChainodeTechPRep

We made it to the top 10 weekly most active ICON tweeters! 💪 https://bit.ly/34Q6RmF
The ICON Project P-Rep Governance Meeting #3 is now online on Youtube 🎞️: https://bit.ly/2Vk2YmO
The official IISS 3.0 Text Proposal will be up for vote on UTC 2020-04-23 07:30 AM: https://bit.ly/2zgE1Af
Metanyx releases ICONPay 1.1 for WooCommerce: https://bit.ly/2XPTdyk
2020 Q1: ICON DApps create volume, long way ahead: https://bit.ly/2RSDwmf
@ChainodeTech released their Q1 Transparency Report: https://bit.ly/2Vk3Xn8
Join the ICON team for talks and workshops at @REIMAGINE_2020, a unique 72 hour LIVE virtual event with ICON starting May 4: https://bit.ly/2KfHHo2
ICON (ICX) is now listed on Changelly: https://bit.ly/2zfPZKs
„ICX Weekly: A Discussion With Min Kim“ video is now out: https://bit.ly/2Vo25d9. Thank you Corey for the shout-out! 🙌
New interview with Min Kim by @LayahHeilpern: https://bit.ly/2VqrqDn
The top 5 P-Reps have more than 40% of the votes. ❗️Keep diversifying your votes to achieve true decentralization of ICON!
#ICONweekly by @ChainodeTechPRep

@ChainodeTech is organizing a giveaway. You still have one day to join: https://bit.ly/2KE3ENF
ICON Monthly Grant Update — April 2020: https://bit.ly/2KHZ7Kk
“ICON Newsletter #17 - Revised IISS 3.0 Proposal Successfully Passed”: https://bit.ly/2xXbm32
ICON Project is #4 according to DApp Review: https://bit.ly/3aJ6ATV
New Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian board on http://forum.icon.community: https://bit.ly/3aQRjAJ
New interview with Min by Alex Saunders: https://bit.ly/2Ya4EkN
The recording of the webinar organized by The Crypto Valley in cooperation with ICONLOOP is now online: https://bit.ly/2W7kvxW
Leading Biometric Security Firm Joins MyID Alliance: https://bit.ly/2VL5pPA
ICX Weekly: P-Rep Governance Meeting #4 is now online: shorturl.at/iqY12
@sharpntech is preparing the http://devblockchain.tech platform: shorturl.at/prAMV
@ICONEcosystem made it again in the Top 15 weekly most active ICON tweeters by @LunarCRUSH: shorturl.at/jMY13
The top 5 P-Reps have more than 40% of the votes. ❗️Keep diversifying your votes to achieve true decentralization of ICON!
#ICONweekly by @ChainodeTechPRep

ICON Network announced a pilot program to expand and incentivize growth in the ICON ecosystem: https://bit.ly/3fnnQlp
Reliant Node shares a new MyIconWallet App sneak peek: https://bit.ly/2YyjGRs. Amazing job! 👏
Min & Ricky participated in the Binance America Telegram AMA: https://bit.ly/2xxbw0L
ICON Europe initiative will have a webinar on the 20th of May. Pre-register here: https://bit.ly/3dcqqIP
Chainode Tech announced the giveaway winners! Congrats: https://bit.ly/3c3qSJf
IHyperconnect will onboard Sharpn as a technical partner for ICON Hyperhack: https://bit.ly/2Yvy1Ot
Ubik Capital joins as a Sponsor for the ICON Hyperhack event with a prize pool of $20,000: https://bit.ly/2W1FuDe
LFT2 Consensus Algorithm simply explained by Mineable: https://bit.ly/3fbnq1j
Tipicon tipping bot released by Piconbello is live on mainnet: https://bit.ly/2YCNUCK
The top 5 P-Reps have more than 40% of the votes. ❗️Keep diversifying your votes to achieve true decentralization of ICON!
#ICONweekly by @ChainodeTechPRep

“ICON Newsletter #20 - STOs, Delegation Program and the CPF Paper”: https://bit.ly/2zb6SWZ
You can now check out the latest Contribution Proposal System Paper. Feedback is welcomed on https://forum.icon.community
Crypto.com Exchange to list $ICX with a $500,000 USD allocation at 50% OFF for CRO stakers: https://bit.ly/3e1g3bq
Live AMA with Strategy and Communications Lead of ICON Foundation Ricky Dodds on Crypto.com’s Telegram Channel on May 21st: https://bit.ly/2TkaHQu
Liechtenstein Blockchain Innovator LCX announces a partnership with the ICON Foundation: https://bit.ly/2ZgVXpd
The ICX Delegation Pilot Program started. More info about it can be found here: https://bit.ly/3cMm77k
Ubik Capital releases a new tracker for the ICON Ecosystem: https://www.icxscan.tech
Reliant Node is working towards the launch of MyIconWallet App: https://bit.ly/2zN8R3Q
Daily_ICX is now available in Tagalog, Spanish and French: https://bit.ly/2TlFTyH
Join the ICON Europe Webinar on May 20th at 17:00 CET: https://bit.ly/2zOk4B2
The top 5 P-Reps have more than 35% of the votes. Keep diversifying your votes to achieve true decentralization of ICON.
#ICONweekly by @ChainodeTechPRep

ICON Newsletter #22 - https://bit.ly/2UeXhpj
BREAKING: ICONLOOP is now a portfolio company of K-Growth Investment Corp.! https://bit.ly/3gYSe6k
ICON Development Roadmap Update — May 2020: https://bit.ly/2Y7iYsr $ICX
Blockchain at Berkeley is organizing an ICON Meetup on Zoom on June 11: https://bit.ly/2XAwgyR
The June P-Rep delegation pilot program application launched. The deadline for applications is today, June 5th: https://bit.ly/2UdFSNH
Watch the P-Rep Governance Meeting #4: https://bit.ly/30dBpyG
ICON Project BTP is here! Blockchain Transmission Protocol Explained: https://bit.ly/3eUZzly
ICON Vote Monitor - http://iconvotemonitor.com was updated
ICON monthly grant update for May: https://bit.ly/3dx9qh3v
The top 5 P-Reps have more than 35% of the votes. Keep diversifying your votes to support smaller P-Rep teams. 🙏
#ICONweekly by @ChainodeTechPRep

“ICON Newsletter #23 - K-Growth Investment Corp. invests in ICONLOOP”: https://bit.ly/37pO02Z
Preregister for @ICONHyperhack: https://bit.ly/2XRUB38
Watch RickyLeeDodds discuss recent developments within the ICON Ecosystem by Mineable: https://bit.ly/3dWrqSe
Crypto finance company Delio is the newest Growth Partner in the ICONLOOP-led MyID Alliance! By TheIconistNews: https://bit.ly/3hllF2v
Let Coinbase know what a strong community the ICON Project has by requesting the ICX listing here: https://bit.ly/3hkzxKr
ICONPLUS Journalist will interview Scott Smiley, Co-Founder of ICX Station: https://bit.ly/3cRXFAB
Shop in Greece accepts ICX: https://bit.ly/2YprVO4
The top 5 P-Reps have more than 35% of the votes. Keep diversifying your votes to support smaller P-Rep teams and achieve a more decentralized ICON Ecosystem.
Channel photo updated
🎉🎨 We are very excited to share that we recently worked together with the talented Berlin based designer Ramin Nasibov for the brand new ICON Ecosystem logo!

👇 Find out more about the design process, the reasoning behind the new logo and also how you can support our Chainode Tech Validator here: https://bit.ly/30OG5JS
#ICONweekly by @ChainodeTechPRep

#ICONweekly is back in force 😎 Thank you for your patience!
ICON Ecosystem (iconecosystem.io) has a new logo, created by @ChainodeTechPRep in collaboration with the talented Berlin based designer Ramin Nasibov: https://bit.ly/33dy6Zu
All transaction fees related to Step Price Network Proposal error were reimbursed: https://bit.ly/39Hzkh3
Daeki Lee from ICX Station hosted an online meetup with Tezos & Maker DAO. Moderated by Messari Crypto: https://bit.ly/3k81F50
Band Protocol has strategically partnered with ICON Network: https://bit.ly/3k1R6jY
BalancedDAO, the first DeFi platform on ICON Network, integrates BAND oracles: https://bit.ly/2XhFYpk
July 2020 Monthly Grant Recap by ICON Foundation: https://bit.ly/2DpFHJz
A recent conference in Yonsei University used the VisitMe DApp by ICONLOOP: https://bit.ly/3hSOeUp
Read a comprehensive summary by Markus from ICON Hyperconnect on the ICON Network, Chainlink and Maker DAO meetup: https://bit.ly/3hUM6vC