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AI can “speak to” animals, experts claim, prompting worries of “manipulating” their behavior:

• A team of German researchers trained AI to mimic a honeybee's waggle dance 

• The AI powered a robot inside a hive, which controlled the bees' movements
• The technology can also pick up the low-frequency sound of elephants and decipher clicking made by whales

• However, experts fear humans could use the technology to manipulate animals 

WHEAT: even without black sea deal falling apart, current crop is in RECORD WORST condition — and global stocks are already at RECORD LOW.

Then mix in Russia withdrawing from agreement for grain corridor.

Neither does the market have this priced in, nor do many people realize the implications for #FoodPrices and geopolitics…

Engineered food shortages to usher in technocratic control over food and all resources


UK: all birds must again be kept indoors as “We are now facing this year the largest ever outbreak of bird flu” and are seeing rapid escalation in the number of cases on commercial farms and in BACK YARDS

"The risk of kept birds being exposed to disease has reached a point where it is now necessary for all birds to be housed until further notice.”

Animals are “dirty and dangerous” narrative sets the tone for end of ranching and forcing people onto fake lab-grown meat:

Indonesia is stockpiling food RAPIDLY to weather this food crisis.

Is your nation? And if not: Are you? How is the LOCAL food system in your community?
“Under a new presidential regulation, which took effect Oct. 24, Bapanas with the help of state-owned enterprises plans to secure stocks of 11 staple foods, such as rice, corn, soybeans, shallots, chili, sugar for household, cooking oil, as well as some meat and fish.”

Indonesia is striving to reach 1.2 million tonnes of rice reserves by the end of the year, enough to meet 3.9% of domestic demand, as it battles inflation.

US: Lawmaker warns of impact from diesel shortage, rail strike after election

Rep. Bryan Steil says that the economy could take a dual hit after the election if diesel shortages persist and rail unions strike as promised.

“weeks after President Biden told us that he had this all under control, and the trains would be running on time, We're now learning it's anything but that. It's another game where the Biden administration has kicked the can down the road and kicked it past this election."

Steil said the impact of the railroad strike could be exacerbated by ongoing shortages of diesel fuel, which power everything from tractor trailers to harvesting tractors.

"The shortages that we're seeing around the country is concerning," Steil continued. "But it's all the more concerning that we have policies coming from Biden and from Pelosi that are putting us in this position in the first place."

#diesel #EnergyCrisis #us
Look at that - US exports record amount of wheat in September (as other countries are stockpiling).

There IS no strategic grain reserve in the US - it was liquidated over a decade ago. Just like they’re draining the SPR now.

3+ mmt, to destinations China, Mexico, Philippines.

USA set up for incomprehensibly massive failure …

- iceagefarmer


An Australian university has unearthed millions of Tweets by fake ‘bot’ accounts pushing disinformation on the Ukraine war.

80 percent of tweets about the 2022 Russia-Ukraine invasion in its early weeks were part of a covert propaganda campaign originating from automated fake ‘bot’ accounts.

IceAgeFarmer note: this is part of the “cognitive warfare” strategy that NATO openly discussed — next generation social engineering. See my report here.

The system tried to front-run this with MSM talking points on a “dead internet conspiracy theory” that “feels real.”

It masked the literal deployment armies of bots across Twitter, telegram, any social network, comment section, reddit, /pol , etcetcetc

These bot agents:

- mix in poison pills to SIGINT by, for example, having bots yell “MAGA” or “go putin” in whatever channels they want to shut down. (Later, big data analytics announce that all homesteading channels are putin supporters. Seriously, there are Gates-funded organizations doing this, and they intend in the future to use these "associations" to censor any voice)

- Sway public opinion by appealing to basic crowd psychology (recall the ashe conformity experiments)

- annoy real users who are trying to find actual factual data
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Further, search engines have devolved into curated sets of links — this was absolutely openly confirmed by WEF reps working with Google to override results for terms like ‘climate change. [video]

With curated search results limiting what an inexperienced user can find, and bots constituting 80% of the tweets on a given topic

… the internet really is dead.


Australia: flooding damages $150 million of wheat alone in NSW

Agronomists say the grain-growing hub of the north-west is expected to have "conservatively" lost more than 120,000 hectares of wheat that was nearly ready to harvest.

The region also boasts large barley and canola outputs and is in the summer planting window for crops such as cotton and sorghum.

“this ongoing wet weather with flood after flood after flood is just unbelievable."

Unbelievable losses, particularly when the world is already short on #wheat and other grains…

“There are many impacted farmers who will be cash poor and without an income as a result of this flooding, and that has caused widespread economic pain across rural areas,"

- iceagefarmer


#GrandSolarMinimum / #WeatherWarfare
France trying desperately to restart nuclear reactors, but labor union strike delaying maintenace!

France generates roughly 70% of its electricity from a nuclear fleet of 56 reactors, all operated by EDF. However, many of them have been closed down for maintenance, some due to corrosion-related issues. Currently, only 31 units are reportedly operating. EDF has pledged to restart all shutdown reactors before winter to avoid power shortages in the country.

However, since October 6, there have been strikes among EDF employees involved in repair work at 19 reactors, delaying maintenance by several weeks.

Last month, the French national electricity grid operator RTE warned that it would not rule out the risk of blackouts this winter due to prolonged strikes halting the repair.

[this announcement, as it is revealed that UK was running drills about managing extended blackouts and resulting crises … it is clear what is planned for the #EnergyCrisis]

- iceagefarmer

UK draws up emergency plan for extended blackouts and resulting crises, & potential undersea cable attacks

The UK government is laying the groundwork for a "worst-case scenario" of week- or longer blackouts.

The “official sensitive” document warns any outage could cause “severe” knock-on disruption to food, transport, water supply, communications and energy sectors.

Plans include prioritizing access to food for the young and elderly, preserving two analog radio stations on backup power, and rationing households by “intermittent access” to grid power.

It could also apply if there is an attack from another state on sub-sea power cables. [!!!]

[IAF: do you have a backup way to cook/heat your home?]

- iceagefarmer

Germany Backstops Commodity Traders as War Drives Resource Dash

[ IAF: This is basically akin to nationalizing the entire commodities market — so long free market as we dash towards #AbsoluteZero carbon agenda! ]

Germany is offering loan guarantees to commodity trading houses to buy energy and key metals, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sparks a global scramble for resource security.

Trafigura Group, the world’s biggest trader of copper, has already agreed to supply German customers with non-Russian metals for the next five years, helped by $800 million in bank credit that’s ultimately guaranteed by the German government. The trading house is now discussing a similar deal for liquefied natural gas, according to people familiar with the situation, and commodity bankers are pitching more deals that would have state guarantees to other traders. [Yeah, I’m sure the bankers would love to pitch many deals with all risk pushed to sovereign! ]

- iceagefarmer


#EnergyCrisis #EU #Germany
“Global societal collapse “ warns 42-year old hedge fund with near perfect record

[So much for the soft landing.]

The world is “on the path to hyperinflation”, which could lead to “global societal collapse and civil or international strife.”

The firm, led by billionaire Paul Singer and Jonathan Pollock, told its clients that “investors should not assume they have ‘seen everything’” just because they have been through the peaks and troughs of the 1987 crash, the dot-com boom, and the 2008 global financial crisis, or previous bear and bull markets.

They added that the “extraordinary” period of cheap money is coming to an end and has “made possible a set of outcomes that would be at or beyond the boundaries of the entire post-WWII period.”
Threat of a nationwide strike by U.S. freight railroad workers still looms...

2 unions have rejected a proposed deal with railroads, while 6 have approved it.

Others are still deciding, with votes of the 2 largest rail workers’ unions coming mid-November.

#usa #SupplyChain
UK confirms it will not insure ships carrying Russian oil (90% of insurers now)

The UK has gone completely mad, as the treasury has confirmed it will not allow any British insurers to cover ships carrying Russian oil from December 5.

By December 5, tanker owners that fly any European Union flag or carry P&I insurance from an EU or UK club can no longer have crude oil onboard that originated in Russia, unless Russia has sold the crude to the buyer at or under a price cap pushed for by G7 members. The US is expected to join the insurance ban shortly meaning more than 90% of the world’s insurers will shun Russian-linked crude tanker business from next month.

[IAF: remember the #AbsoluteZero plan was to eliminate shipping by 2030]

“We continue to stand by Ukraine in the face of Putin’s barbaric and illegal invasion,” UK finance minister Jeremy Hunt said

DIESEL SHORTAGE: I’ve been hearing an increased number of reports of diesel outages.

It’s been spotty for the last few weeks, localized issues, but now seems to really be hitting home.

Above is Allentown, PA.

What are you seeing in your neck of the woods?

Are they going to pull the rug after the election?

It’s a good day to top off tanks, charge batteries, rotate supplies, …

#usa #diesel #AbsoluteZero