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The same news are published here like on, but this can notify some members faster. Enjoy :)
Download Telegram has purchased GS listing. It seems like a ready project, with low daily earnings, but with principal-back option in the end of investment period, so not as risk-free... seems to be problematic, it stopped paying today - as I see in other sources. It was not so attractive project somehow...
Earnerr and Automatex have stopped paying do not invest there anymore. I am not sure that these were attractive projects...

has purchased Growing Seeds listing. It is running 3 months already, but it was listed here and on IT just today.
Winza seems to be problematic, do not invest there! has purchased R5 listing - Finally September and an insured project ;) but be careful guys, this is a "principal-back anytime" project ( @10% fee - if you claim your investment back before expiration - 30 days ), so invest as much as you think the admin is able to pay back.

The insurance is fully active in first 20 days - 0.1946BTC and then 50% remains active for another 20 days.

Max coverage per investor: 0.01BTC (~100$)

The insurance is limited for registered members of ISA. So, if you do not have an account here, create one please. has stopped paying, hope you are in profit!
New project in GS section:
It seems like a "sleeper" even it has "after-plan" too, but very low ROI. has stopped paying. Reaching 45 days as hourly project is really great achievement, hope you are in profit!
PostulTrade seems to be problematic, do not invest there! By the way it was quite good game, hope you are in profit! has purchased GS listing. It is a "sleeper" with 100$ deposit limit. I think it is playable, fingers crossed :) has purchased GrowingSeeds listing. It is not a new project, but still "sleeper". Started 195 days ago with cheap listings - ideal way to achieve long lifetime before the final design. Fingers crossed!
Profina & Finacrypto have purchased GS listings. Both are ready projects, and I think both deserve attention, but play with low amounts just for having fun :)
DeepTradeBot has stopped paying. It was not bad at all, but we were able to earn so low ROI due to long-term - low ROI investment plans. Hope you are in profit! has purchased GrowingSeed listing. It seems to be like a ready project in the starting phase to get controlled attention (0.5% referral commission, not verified PM account, inactive FB logo, etc.)
Essomillanni has purchased GrowingSeed listing. It seems to be overcomplicated and at the moment I do not know that investment plans generate withdrawable profit daily, but I will know it within few days. Thanks for understanding.
The daily profit is not withdrawable, so I do not recommend to invest in this stage.
Decentralized-Innovation has purchased GS listing. It is just a sleeper, but 2.1% daily is not too low... I recommend to play with low amounts.
SE7EN.SYSTEMS has purchased GS listing. It is not a sleeper even if there are some limitations and it is just a similar project comparing to some "7" from the past.