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Why was Imam Ali ibn Musa (AS) called Al-Ridha?
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Shias everywhere revive the “International Shia Day” on June 12th

Shias everywhere are commemorating the International Shia Day on June 12, as the day to seriously confront injustice and combat the persecution of Shia Muslims. Shias constitute half of the world’s Muslims, including Zaydis, Ismailis, and Twelver Shias, and with the spread of Shiism in the world, this group of Muslims is subjected to racial…
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sunday News Bulletin

🔹Shia Muslims worldwide celebrate the birth anniversary of Imam Redha, peace be upon him

🔹More than 780,000 articles in Western newspapers have distorted the image of Muslims

🔹UK’s first flight taking migrants to Rwanda can go ahead, court rules

🔹FIFA to adopt Arabic as fifth official language

🔹 Shias everywhere revive the “International Shia Day” on June 12th
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Imam Hussein Media Group to provide live coverage of the ceremonies commemorating the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Al-Jawad, peace be upon him

Imam Hussein Media Group has announced that it will provide live coverage of the ceremonies commemorating the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Al-Jawad, peace be upon him, in the holy city of Kadhimiya. A statement by the Media Group, received by Shia Waves News Agency, stated that it had completed all preparations to cover the ceremonies…
Allah says:

O Yahya! Take hold of the Book with strength, and We granted him wisdom while yet a child. (19:12)

When Imam Jawad (AS) declared his imamate at the age of 8 years old many people couldn't believe that a young boy was the proof of Allah (SWT), however, these are the same people who believe Prophet Yahya (AS) became a prophet will still a child. Join Imam Hussein TV3 as they commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Jawad (AS) with Sheikh Adam Ali and Muhammad Ali Ras'aa, live from the holy city of Kadhimiya exclusively on Imam Hussein TV3
🗓️ Tuesday 28th of June 2022
⏱️ 18:30 LDN | 13:30 D.C | 20:30 KRB
The 29th of Dhul-Qidah commemorates the martyrdom of the 9th Imam, Imam Mohammed Al-Jawad (AS). Imam Hussein tv3 wishes to express its condolences to the Imam of our Time (ATFS) and the entire Muslim Ummah on this difficult and painful day of mourning and remembrance.
5 facts about Imam Al-Jawad (AS)
The act of Qurbani holds great significance. However, in recent years, the rising cost of living has meant that Qurbani has taken on an entirely new meaning. The cost of sacrificial animals has increased significantly, making the act of funding a Qurbani a form of sacrifice itself - a financial sacrifice - as people feel the pinch in their pockets.

Islam places great emphasis on giving charity to the extent that the giver feels a sense of sacrifice.
We understand it is difficult, but if you can make a sacrifice this year, even if it is a small one, it will be greatly appreciated by millions of families in Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa who fight poverty on a daily basis.

Click the link below to donate a meat/chicken parcel for as little as £10.
The office of His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Al-Husseini Al-Shirazi has announced that Thursday 30th of June 2022, is the last day of the month of Dhul-Qid'ah, and Friday 1st of July is the first of the holy month of Dhul-Hijjah.
Join us to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Mohammed Al-Jawad (AS) on our new show The Valiant hosted by Ibrahim Al Ansari, with guest speaker Sayed Ali Al-Nawab.
🗓 Thursday 30th June 2022
18:30 LDN : 13:30 D.C : 20:30 KRB
Drought, pandemic and rising food prices are causing widespread hunger and poverty. Complete your Qurbani urgently and provide a nutritious meal to those in need.

Tune in at 8PM London time exclusively on Imam Hussein TV 3 sky channel 789
Qurbani Campaign 2022

Watch live now:

Join us now and pledge your support to the needy struggling around the world from hunger and malnutrition. Complete your Qurbani NOW and provide essential nutritious food to those in need on or call in live on, 02035151122.