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3cCoin ICO NEWS!
3cCoin - option of industrial products Composite Cellular Concrete "3C".
Project website: https://3ccoin.io
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🔆 Applications of "3C": 🔆
- Road construction
- Railway construction
- Erection and reconstruction of bridges
- Retaining walls
- Port Infrastructure
- Walling
- Waterproofing of communications
- Filling of the karst cavities
- Panel construction
- Repairability of communications
- Homogenization of structures
- Pipelines
- Insulation and reconstruction of roofs
- Floor insulation
- Complex architectural elements
- Construction of floors
- Thermo and soundproofing
- Tunnels

The "3C" is truly universal material in construction!

There are so many spheres to use the "3C": from the construction of infrastructure facilities to minor repairs to private homes.

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Conditions of 3cCoin ICO
⚡️ ICO (Investment campaign) will be held from 10 May until and including 10 June 2018 and will start at 03:00
Moscow time (00:00 UTC).

The following methods may be used to invest in 3сCoin:
✔️ Bitcoin (BTC),
✔️ Ethereum (ETH),
✔️ Ethereum Classic (ETC),
✔️ Litecoin (LTC),
✔️ Waves (WAVES),
✔️ Zcash (ZEC),
✔️ Bank Transfers - SWIFT, SEPA (EURO, USD).
100 euro is the minimum investment amount.

3cCoin – reliable investments in the high-tech future of modern construction!

More detailed description of ICO conditions: https://3ccoin.io/download/en/3cCoinICO_Small%20conditions_v3%20en.pdf

#3cCoin #3C #ICO  #composite_cellular_concrete #tokens #crypto #waves #cryptocurrency #blockchain #investment #innovation #business
3cCoin – Option of Industrial Products Composite Cellular Concrete "3C" (Nano Cement).
Based on the actual production of an innovative product.
Patented technology, in demand in Europe and the CIS.
Return on investment up to 100%.

highly ecological
universal construction material
has no analogues in the world!

"3C" is the REVOLUTION on the construction market!

⚡️ ICO start date: 10 May 2018
⚡️ ICO end date: 10 June 2018

🌐 Website: https://3ccoin.io
📄 Whitepaper: https://3ccoin.io/download/en/3cCoin_crowdsale_whitepaper_eng_v_3.pdf

Telegram chat (ENG):
Telegram chat (RUS):

#3cCoin #3C #ICO #composite_cellular_concrete #tokens #crypto #waves #cryptocurrency #blockchain #investment #innovation #business
Dear community,
Due to the traditional decline in investor activity the first decade of May, the project team decided to postpone the investment campaign.

‼️ The new ICO terms: ‼️
10 May - 10 June 2018.

This is our final decision.
At the moment we correct this information in all ICO-trackers and mass media. If you find outdated information about the timing of our ICO, please contact to: @official_3cCoin by attaching a link to the source. Thank you!
In addition, we continue to negotiate with major investors and sponsors of PR-campaign.
If you want to become our investor, partner, support in promotion, or if you have any questions about our project, you can write:

Best regards, team 3cCoin
Bonuses and discounts of 3cCoin ICO. Good offer!
🗓 ICO will START on 10.05.2018!
Invest in high-tech future of modern construction!
#3cCoin #3C #ICO #investment #business #blockchain #crypto
Do you already know about the all advantages of investing in 3cCoin? If not, hurry to find out!
👍 Wow! We started a bounty campaign! You can earn up to 2550 EUR! Join now!
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⁉️ You are asking? We answer!
F.A.Q. by link:
There are less than 33 hours before starting the ICO. Join it!
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🔔 ICO will start in 4 hours!
The first 3 days you can buy 3cCoins with 50% discount (minimum investment amount 1000 EUR).
Sounds good, yes?
Do you want to invest?
Hurry to register on our website!
Sign up for investors:
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🚩 3cCoin ICO has begun! 🚩
Be with 3cCoin! Invest in the high-tech future of modern construction!
#3cCoin #3C #blockchain #crypto #investment #ICO
In the first 10 hours our ICO collected 57.000 EUR!
You can track the process on the main page of our website. 3ccoin.io
⬆️ 1 day and 207.760 EUR. This is the result of the start our ICO! Hurry to join!
#3cCoin #ICO #3C
▪️We have the unique product and technology, an experimental plant, patents and 7 years of research.
▪️Investments are needed to launch full-scale production of our revolutionary construction material.
▪️We successfully move towards the target!
⚡️784.200 EUR // 10.000.000 EUR⚡️
(11.05.18 |14:58 | UTC+3)
#3cCoin #3C #ICO #investment
At the moment we finish the process of negotiating with institutional investors.
🏭 Realisation of the project will start soon!
📢 All new information will be provided at 3ccoin.io
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