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💡 PSA: Submit your applications for the Financial Specialist Scholarship by 31 December 2022!

👉 The FSS is a postgraduate scholarship programme to develop a pipeline of specialist leaders in a variety of areas of in-demand specialisations in Singapore's financial services sector.

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From all of us at IBF, have a Merry Christmas 🎄⭐️
🤝 Our first in-person CACS Connect in 2023! Hear about PBIG Taskforce Conclusions and next steps in the new year from an exciting panel!
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👨🏽‍💻The finance sector is constantly evolving, with new technologies and practices being developed. Here are three of the hottest skills to consider picking up this year!

🤳🏼Click on the IBF Programme finder below to find relevant courses to upgrade your skills!
🗣️The finance industry is becoming increasingly competitive as new businesses enter the field. That is why adopting digital marketing strategies is essential for many financial institutions to connect and better engage with their audience – leading to increased trust, revenue, and customer loyalty. Leveraging on digital marketing also allows you to reach more customers cost-effectively by directing your campaign efforts to a specific audience, rather than the general public.

🔵Join us for this session with Vertical Institute to learn more about the benefits of digital marketing, and why it is such a highly sought-after skill today.
Looking to build a rewarding career in Sustainable Finance? 🌱🌎

Join us at this virtual fireside chat to hear from Yi Cheng Lim, Head of Talent Development Solutions, Financial Services (Asia-Pacific), BPP and our senior career adviser Adrian Wu, as they discuss the key skills and qualifications for professional development within ESG and Sustainable Finance, as well as career opportunities ahead in this fast-growing space!
Happy Lunar New Year from all of us at IBF!
🏦 Wealth managers and private bankers will remain in-demand in Singapore's financial services sector in 2023, according to Randstad's 2023 job markets and salary trends report.

🔗 Join this informal Fireside Chat with three financial sector professionals from Private Banking, Family Offices and Financial Planning, as they share insights on what wealth management professionals do and the different career pathways into this diverse and engaging industry.
📑 Following the completion of COP 27 in November 2022, the key tagline of “Together For Implementation” stands in focus: moving from emissions reductions commitments, to the urgent need to execute on the decarbonisation agenda within the real economy with the Financial Services sector providing financing to support this transition. Bank capabilities however are still playing catch up to both growing sustainable finance demand, and increasingly complex regulatory requirements which are placing a strain on Financial Services operational capabilities and cost structure. The response to these challenges requires a holistic, pan-enterprise assessment of a bank’s operational structure, and accepting that FS business and operating models will need to change drastically in order to create a future ready Financial Service organisation.

👨🏻‍💻 Join Patrick Atlee, KPMG Partner, as he discusses both the challenges and opportunities from navigating this complex transition.
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🔊 Calling all HR & L&D teams! The IBF Awards recognise excellence within Singapore's financial industry and honours outstanding financial sector professionals and organisations who are committed towards raising industry standards and individual capabilities. Find out more about the award categories and how you can submit nominations below ⤵️
🦾 In this exciting webinar, learn how to be an adaptive leader and provide the support your team needs using the SLII leadership model. Learn the methods to guide team members on different development levels and be the leader your team needs to weather a financial downturn through this session with momenta Group. Speaker Derek Ma, will also be taking questions and sharing leadership advice.
🤔 Considering a mid-career switch? This session is just for you!

💼 Changing careers can inject a breath of fresh and rejuvenate a career in a new field. Yet many individuals view career pivoting as a one-dimensional, linear pathway but in actuality it is not.

☝🏻There are numerous aspects and factors beyond one’s skills and capabilities. “Is this the right time in my life”, “Will I be able to provide for my family” are among some of the questions that need to be considered.

⬇️Come join us in this informal session where our career advisers will discuss the “Can I”, “Should I” and “How do I” questions that need to be squared away before embarking on a career pivot!
What are the geopolitical risks that banks face, and what are the key considerations of governance and risk management in addressing geopolitical risk exposures?

Join us in the online masterclass jointly organised with London Institute of Banking and Finance who will share more about:
- The political risks that banks face
- The impact of political risk on a bank and its clients
- Who has responsibility for political risk management in a bank
- Governance - the role of boards and senior management
- The tools available to manage political risk
🟢🟢 HAPPENING TODAY: What’s the secret behind tech startups disrupting industries like banking and insurance? The key is an Agile culture that is customer and data centric. In this exciting talk with CuriousCore, learn key ideas and mindset that help these tech startups to deliver exceptional customer experience as well as tangible business benefits of implementing Agile practices.
🔥Imposter syndrome is a common experience, and it's important to know that it's okay to feel that way.

💪Learning new skills and consistent practice are excellent ways to combat imposter syndrome and build confidence. Consistency is key here. You won't see results overnight, but by committing to practicing regularly, you'll gradually improve and see progress over time, which will in turn bring you a sense of achievement that will help you overcome feelings of self-doubt.

Keep putting in the work, and you'll be amazed at how far you can go. Here's to embracing a lifelong learning mindset and to a bright future filled with career growth and success! 🚀💯
🛎 PSA: In-person MasterClasses are back!

In this workshop with Lightbulb Capital, learn the basics of Dynamic Change Management:
a. an overview of change and its impact on performance and productivity
b. an introduction to models and frameworks for change management
c. a sampling of core adaptability skills sets and look at how these can be applied.
d. how a resilience mindset can be developed and strengthened.

This workshop is an introduction to the IBF-accredited, two-day future-enabled skills program, “Adaptability In the Face of Disruptive Change Beyond the Theory” conducted by Lightbulb Capital.
What are the latest job market trends and in-demand skills in Sustainable Finance? Join us at this IBF Masterclass with KPMG Singapore to find out!

Sustainable finance is crucial in facilitating the shift to a low-carbon and inclusive model of the real economy. This requires extensive ESG implementation and operationalisation in the banking sector which in turn creates new career opportunities in sustainable finance across the financial sector.

Don’t miss this virtual masterclass with Helene Mayne, Alexa Tan and Joshua Chang - three KPMG professionals who will be sharing their personal career journeys and insights on jobs opportunities in sustainable finance. They will also discuss the sustainable finance job market and provide guidance on how to upskill in the required skillsets based on the Skills Framework, their personal experiences and observations.
In this exciting panel with IFPAS, hear from three different expert perspectives on the skillsets required for advanced performance for the financial advisory and wealth management sector.

🔴 ​Dr Perpetua Neo, Founder, Psychologist and Coach
🟠 Ms. Zuby Osman, Vice President & Head of Centre for Excellence (Distribution Learning & Development), Great Eastern Life Singapore
🟡 ​Mr. Ng Eng Beow, IFPAS Vice President, Education & Training

Learn how to transform obstacles like personal and professional crises into strength, rather than keep it as a growing impediment that you pay compound interest for.
🗂According to a study by McKinsey, 70% of M&A deals fail to achieve their objectives due to poor integration. A report by Harvard Business Review also found that the most successful M&A deals focused on integration from the outset. These statistics highlight the importance of taking M&A integration seriously.

Together with the Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances (IMAA), learn how poor Post-Merger Integration might cause unrealised value and the right way to estimate synergies, and Learn how to deliver synergies successfully and without stress.