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10 Amazingly Animated Anime That Don’t Have Fight Scenes | CBR

Excellence in animation can be difficult to define. To some extent, it’s about craftsmanship, but it’s also about style. The best animation combines facets of these traits in a way that combines seamlessly with a story. While some art is sketchy and some is precise, amazing animation should enhance a story rather than distract from…

10 Anime Product Placements That Feel Out Of Place | CBR

Product placement is oftentimes a necessary evil. When studios don’t have the funds to produce a project, corporations often step in and make offers: advertise my product, and I’ll help this piece of entertainment get made. And while many series avoid making such deals, others couldn’t even exist without the aid of marketing opportunists.RELATED: 10…

Spider-Man: How Peter Parker Hid the Secret Behind the Vulture’s Creation

Peter Parker’s web-swinging career as Spider-Man has enthralled fans over the nearly sixty years he has been part of the Marvel Universe. Playing the part of a superhero might be the most notable thing in Peter’s life, but it has never been particularly helpful when it comes to paying his bills. For that, Peter has…

Classroom of the Elite: Will Season 2 Ever Happen? | CBR

The psychological thriller anime Classroom of the Elite received one 12-episode season adapted by Studio Lerche in 2017. Despite its international success and vocal fanbase, a Season 2 is still nowhere in sight. Based on the popular light novels starring Japan’s brightest and most ruthless students, the series’ success hasn’t translated into its manga and…

10 Movies That Take Place In A Single Room | CBR

One of the luxuries of the film industry is that movies can tackle any type of subject matter and make the impossible feel within grasp. Slick editing, special effects, and an expansive scope can allow movies to tell stories that cover hundreds of years and thousands of miles of land. It’s exciting when movies can…

10 Anime Movies For People Who Are Skeptical That They’ll Like Anime

There are few forms of entertainment that offer as much versatility and creative freedom as anime, but there’s still a bit of a stigma that’s associated with the medium. There are some exceptional stories being told in anime that audiences are limiting themselves from experiencing just because of unwarranted hesitation and preconceived notions about what…

Magia Record Season 2 Episode 1: Release Date & Where To Watch

Magia Record Season 2 is premiering another season after the end of the first one. The anime is joining other anime es in the first week of August. Let’s take a look at Magia Record Season 2. The magical girls battle in secret to get their wishes granted. But One of them, by the name…

Solo: Every Star Wars Legends Easter Egg in Dryden Vos’ Study

Solo: A Star Wars Story explored the origins of the Star Wars universe’s most legendary smuggler, Han Solo. The film reveals Han’s introduction to the galactic criminal underworld, which sees him come face to face with the fearsome head of the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate, Dryden Vos.A galactic godfather who flaunts his power and wealth,…

The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated Episode 1: Preview & Recap

The Great Jahy Will Not Be-Defeated is one of the animes making their first debut as early as August. The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated will premier in the first week of August. This anime will join the list of Summer 2021 Anime; The Great Jahy Will Not Be-Defeated is known as Jahy-sama wa…

Blood Red Sky Interview: Dominic Purcell & Peri Baumeister | CBR

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Blood Red Sky, which is now available on Netflix.Nadja will do anything to protect her son. So, when the plane taking her to a life-saving cure in America is hijacked by a group of terrorists, she unleashes the terrifying monster within herself in order to save him. Blood…

When Is Hanna Season 3 Coming Back?

Amazon Prime’s drama series Hanna created a huge fanbase as soon as it hit the internet. And only after two weeks of the release of the second season, Amazon announced that Hanna would be getting a third season soon. Now it has been more than a year, and season three is supposed to be on…

The Jedi and Sith Joined Forces to Murder Star Wars’ Most Terrifying God

In Star Wars, there is one single constant: the Sith hate the Jedi and vice versa. In practically every story, be it canon or Legends, the Jedi and Sith always come into conflict, many times with catastrophic results for all involved. It’s no exaggeration to say that their enmity is responsible for practically every major…

10 K-Drama Like Tale of the Nine-Tailed To Watch

Tale of the Nine-Tailed is a hit South Korean television series. 10 K-Drama Like Tale of the Nine-Tailed To Watch and more recommendations on similar dramas is something we will be doing today. I am sure as a k-drama fan, you must have watched or at least heard of the drama, the tale of the…