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The Forgotten ‘Valentine’s Day Massacre’: Was The Death Of Thousands Of Jews Turned Into A Gift-Giving Celebration?

While in America the most famous "Valentine's Day massacre" revolves around the 1929 killing of seven in a Chicago gang-related shooting, February 14th, 1349, was the day of a far more deadly antisemitic campaign.

Amir Tsarfati: Hamas Is No Longer Protected Behind Its ‘Humanitarian’ Façade

“Schools, mosques, and hospitals all served as human shields, and most, if not all, contained access to the underground terror tunnels. For a while, this humanitarian lie swayed public opinion against Israel. But most finally realized what was taking place.” - Amir Tsarfati

Netanyahu Cancels Trip To Washington After US Fails To Veto Anti-Israel UN Resolution

"Israel absolutely made the right decision by ditching the invitation to the circus at the White House," pastor Jack Hibbs underscored. "The United States is flirting with its own peril as it plays games with Israel during her time of war."

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• IDF Says ‘Numerous’ Fighter Jets Are In The Air Ready To Counter Iranian Attack
• Sirens Sound Across Israel; IDF: We Will Do Whatever It Takes To Protect The Citizens Of The State Of Israel
• Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: We’re Prepared For Every Scenario, With God’s Help – Together We Will Overcome All Of Our Enemies
• Iran Has Launches Drones At Israel; IDF Says It Aims To Intercept

Prophetic Showdown?: Netanyahu Tells World Leaders Israel Will Make Its ‘Own Decisions’ Responding To Iran

"As much as we would love to see the Ayatollah being toppled and have a much greater regime for the Iranian people—which, by the way, are people whom we love very much—the Bible is telling us that the war with Iran is far from being over."

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‘Hour Of Decision’: Examining The Remarkable History Of The #NationalDayOfPrayer

“The rally was a historic event. Mr. Graham’s message marked the first time an evangelistic service had been conducted from the steps of the nation’s Capitol. But America’s Pastor was far more concerned with the significance. It was time to pray. It was time to get real with God.”

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‘Climate Change’ Is An Unscientific Fear-Based Religion… And It’s All About Control

If solid scientific research is not the driving force behind the claims of “climate change,” what is? According to Ken Ham, examining the evidence shows that “there’s something else going on here.”

‘Let’s All Be Tennesseans’: Trusted Pastor Calls American Churches To Join Tennessee In Month-Long Call To Prayer

The impact of Governor Bill Lee’s proclamation has stretched far beyond its State’s border, prompting California Pastor Jack Hibbs to call on American Pastors and Churches from every State to “be Tennesseans” for the month of July.

The Most Neglected Biblical Truth In Today’s Churches

The problem with modern preaching is that it leaves our future after this life undefined. The more popular views of Bible prophecy point our hope to a far-distant Second Coming of Jesus, during which time He judges sin and initiates the eternal state. Parishioners can only guess as to what such a future means for them.

DEVELOPING STORY — Biden Endorses Kamala After Exiting Presidential Race; Trump: Biden Is ‘Not Fit To Run… Not Fit To Serve’