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Deal: Get a Nest Hub(2nd gen.) with a Nest Smart Thermostat for $149($80 off)

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Google Assistant is here to help you celebrate this spooktacular 👹 Halloween 🎃 season.

Get ready to turn your home into a haunted house fit for boos and ghouls with a few tricks and treats. For details, visit:
Deal: Get two Nest Audio speakers for $119.98 and enjoy stereo sound.

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Deal: Grab a Nest Hub(2nd gen.) for $49.99 only

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Set up holiday lights 🎄 that you can activate with just your voice.

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╱╱┏┓╭╮┏┓ ╲
“Hey Google, let’s get jolly”
🦌--🦌--🦌-- 🛷🎅
╱🔴🟢🔴🟢 ╲ ✨
╱╱┏┓╭╮┏┓ ╲✨
New Year deals on Google Nest Speakers/Hub

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Deal: Upgrade to better sound quality, get a Nest Audio for 30% off

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#EarthDay deal, Nest Audio for $69.99:

Did you know, #NestAudio enclosure is made from 70% recycled plastic.
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#GoogleAssistant can help you by plan a great day or a moment on this Mother's Day

Still confused regarding Mother's gift?
To know, all the tips, ideas, deals to make your #MothersDay special, visit:
Deal: Grab a Google Nest Hub for $64.99

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Deal: Get a Nest Audio for $59.99 and to enjoy stereo sound, get a pair for $119.98

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