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Start your Wild West adventure in our virtual city Golden Hills
This is a place in WAX Blockchain where you can earn WAX
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📢 We have prepared a new addition to the gameplay. We are happy to announce that in all battles (except 1 vs 1) the player will have the opportunity to earn coins(GHCoin) for winning the battle.

⚠️ In order to receive coins(GHCoin) for won battles you need to have at least one activated staking NFT Tools or Land NFT.

Thus, if you have activated staking NFT Tools or Land, then you will receive not only experience but also a coin(GHCoin) for the battles won. The accrual of coins is calculated according to the formula - the experience gained divided by 20

For example: Your team won the battle and you dealt 50 damage - This way you get 50 experience and 2.5 coins.

Buy NFT Tools | Buy Land |Site | Whitepaper | Collection on AH | Twitter
Hello everyone!

We have prepared for you a short video review of the gameplay -

This is a beta version of the game that will be launched as soon as we finish working on the combat feature. At the moment, we are at the final stage of implementing this feature. Duels (1vs1) and group battles will be available.

⚠️ Soon we will start create users list for Beta testing. To participate, you only need a Test Wax wallet.

⚠️ As soon as testing shows that everything works without errors, the game will be launched on the main network

1️⃣ Follow & Like
2️⃣ Comment your wax wallet
🏆 5 random winners 🎁 Items for Character
⌛️ End 72h

With thanks,
Big Collab Giveaway (8000 Wax prize pool)

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Good Luck for everyone!
Hello everyone! The week has come to an end and we are pleased to announce the results of the work done.

Our team of programmers promises to give us a game with battles for testing on Monday (so far only 1 vs 1, but that's also good). So hopefully next week we'll be ready to launch the beta!

We are opening a set of people to participate in the beta version of GoldenHills.

🎁 Each beta test participant will receive Adventure Pack Level 1 as a reward, and at the end of testing, the top 10 players with the highest character experience will receive exclusive NFTs that will be used in the official version of the game.

To participate, you need to do the following:
1. Create a wallet on the Wax test network (
2. Send in comments for this post - the name of the test wallet + your main wax wallet
❗️More info in our Discord. Join Now Discord and follow instruction in announcements post
We congratulate everyone on the upcoming new year.🎉

2022 was not the best year for the Crypto community and for the whole world in general. In the new year, we wish everyone good luck, health, great profit and of course peace.

Unfortunately, we are having difficulties and we will not be able to launch the beta version right now. 😢 Everything is ready and works but not on all browsers. We've been trying to fix this issue for the past two days but haven't succeeded yet.
There is nothing to worry about, we will solve this problem in the near future and everything will start and of course in January we will launch the official version of the game❤️‍🔥

⚠️ We made a short video where we test the fight in the duel mode (1vs1) where we fight with characters of level 1, without items. You will be able to understand how the battles will take place.

We gave our programmers a short New Year's holiday, but already on the 3rd of January we will continue our work and try to get you into the test version as soon as possible, and we will also make another video where our characters will be dressed in game items and you will be able to evaluate the advantages of owning items for the character .


With thanks,
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We are pleased to announce that we are ready to present to your attention the Beta version of GoldenHills

You will have access to -
1️⃣ NFT staking and receiving coins according to the strength of the NFT and the chance of dropping resources for staking the corresponding NFT
2️⃣ Extraction of resources.
3️⃣ Crafting items for the character
4️⃣ Extraction of exclusive items for the character in "Travel"
5️⃣ Use your character's Inventory - View character's stats, equip and change items, use potions, manage stacking NFT tools
6️⃣ The most important thing is to participate in battles!
At the moment, only battles in the Duel mode (1vs1) are available

⚠️For join Beta you need test wallet ! Join Discord for more information!
❗️If you need help for creating a test wallet, write in comments and we help you.
Finally, we are ready to bring to your attention group battles with accrual of experience for your character and coins for the winners.
You can start test this on (Clear cache and cookies and refresh page Ctrl+F5)

All Testers which will be play in group fights will gain experience and before the official launch of the game, the top 10 players with the most experience will receive prizes:

1-5 place - Rare Avatar "Killer" = 1 Strength, 1 Agility, 1 Stamina, 1 Intuition
6-10 place - Uncommon Avatar "Lady Death" = 1 Strength, 1 Agility, 1 Stamina

⚠️ All bugs and error which you will have in group fights please send in comments of this post. Before the official launch of the game will make some update for better visualization and understanding of the gameplay.

Thank you for your patience, we will announce the launch date of the game very soon!
We are excited to announce the official launch of Golden Hills. On March 27, 2023 at 16-00 UTC, the official launch of the game will take place at, which includes the following functions:

-Land Activation
-Staking NFT
-Craft items for the character
-Missions for additional items for the character
- The use of potions (health restoration, increase in character stats, recovery from injuries)
And of course the most important PVP Fights:
-Fights in duel mode (battles for wax)
-Group battles (accumulation of experience for each battle + accrual of coins for a won battle)

Until the end of the day on March 26, a GoldenHills staking NFT cards drop with a 50% discount will be available -

⚠️After game launch will be new drop without discount!

Hello everyone
⚠️This is a very important message.

We found a bug in the staking cards that were sold on our first sale. In order for these NFTs to correctly generate resource drops, you need to replace these NFTs with new ones.
(This applies to all cards except those sold on the last drop)
For this we made a special craft -

We apologize for the inconvenience and request that you replace your NFTs.

You can also exchange your NFT Promo Discount for Game Start Gift Pack (which contains 1 of 8 character items)

You will be able to open your packs after the start of the game at 16-00 UTC

If you have any questions or need help feel free to write to the main chat!

With best regard
🔥 So we are ready to begin our journey to the Golden Hills🔥

The Game is available on -

⚠️ Please note that this is not the Final version of the Game and we will be working on a lot more.
We do not rule out the occurrence of any bugs, visual inconvenience, the need to refresh the page once again, and something else.

If you encounter any errors or if you have any suggestions for improvement, please write in bug-report or create a Ticket for a faster response.

Good Luck for everyone