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All the answers you're looking for regarding the Joy Auction
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I can understand this will work for huge customer group and is easily accessible. How about bigger investors? How can we serve them if they want to invest?

They just buy 100K can of worms.
Is it limited or how will sale of cans go on?

Unlimited, because you can use the can of worms for next week too.
How will you test this?

We will launch a competition of fish war!

Everyone will be given free 500$ to play with and everyone guesses a number that estimates the outcome of JOY price

The competition will reward JOY for the winners of guessing. Only the big whale and dolphin will carry real JOY for the test game!
My only concern is that I think that most people will gamble only with their jusd rewards at first, only few will inject fresh fiat?

For the consumers, they are paying now 150$ a day to earn 10 JOY. They all have 200$ to participate and possibly earn 100 JOY.

500K JOY if average 4$ = 2M USD.

We only need 10K people with 200$ or 1 ETH, or moms with 200$ to buy 50-100 JOY.

Because they are spending today 150$ to get 10 JOY.

This is the perfect chance for them to get extra few hundred more.
When will the weekly game end and when will the rewards be given?

24 hour game, reward giving next hour. This is directly in Member center and so it will be automatically locked. No need to go through CBX and withdraw and the result is immediate, because everyone wins but don’t know if it is 1$, or 2$, or 4$.
24h game, but do we need to be focus during 24h?

No. You can just put in 2 ETH and go to sleep, wake up next day and see your new JOY and also your Tsunami.

It’s all automated. You can watch the game or can just leave it there. Knowing that your 2 ETH will surely get your some JOY.

How much will it get you? Wake up and find out.
So the "starting price" is $1?

There is no starting price
So the amount of joy per game is fixed. The amount of cans is unlimited. Everybody wins. But the joy/can ratio combined with the fish in your pond decides the amount of joy. After the game ends 50% of the revenue goes to Gojoy then 50% will be divided amongst the joy coin holders?

What is the best way to receive crypto payment? To buy can of worms?

ETH is probably the best since it's the most popular for payments/crowdfunding right now. Fees are not to bad. Around 0.02$ per transaction, depending on how fast you want to send it.
Will chines consumers use ETH?

They pay with RMB.
With the shift in focus from monthly auctions to Game how can people buy JOY coin?

With the new Joy Fish game, JOY coin is not available to buy anymore except from CBX.

And Joy Fish game, allows every consumer to buy 200-500 coin with fiat cash and so it became extremely frictionless for anyone to own some JOY and it is automatically locked.

Market is always about demand - supply. When 200,000 consumer and suppliers all wants to keep 2000 JOY for daily cash reward + weekly tsunami that is a demand of 400M.

400M coin need to be supplied to fulfill 200K users holding only 2000.
What mode of payment is used to buy JOY coin with the game?

How does the game work?

The game is desgined to run every week, 24 hour on Sunday.

Anyone can buy “worms” from member center (using JUSD), or shopping mall (using RMB + cash coupon) and from CBXAngel using BTC/ETH/USDT.

Member center will add a “referral program”, where you can invite friends to participate the Joy Fish game, when they buy worms, you get 10% free worm. For example, they bought 100$ of worm, you get 10$ free worm.

And game is very simple, you just throw in the worms you bought and then you see Joy Fish come to your pond. There are 3 early game incentive:

1) every hour, there will be a thunderstorm, which will fall down a lot of JOY rain! Anyone who are in the play, gets Free JOY based on how much worm % he throw into the ocean
2) there are 4 type of Fish, 3 Big fish, which carries 5000 JOY, 1000JOY and 100 JOY they will come to your pond, if it stayed in your pond till end of 24 hour, then you will get extra 5000 JOY
3) everyone can always see the Top 3 big players, and who stays top 3, will get extra 10K JOY, 5K JOY, and 3K JOY reward

The 500K Joy will be given to all players based on the % of worms they throw in to the total worms thrown. The higher percent the more JOY they get. Plus the extra from Thunderstorm 24 hour, and extra big fish, and extra top 3, also extra worms from your friends who bought worms. And the tsunami, it is immediate!

The game has 2 safety setting:

1) minimum number of worms to keep Joy fish interested, for example, for 500K JOY, if the total worms are not more than 1M$, then Joy fish starved no one get any, all worms is returned
2) maximum number of worms in the ocean, if over 3M worms, then all 500K Joy fish are full, the game ends immediately and everyone gets their JOY fish

This game ensures that any worm thrown in will get some JOY for sure, and everyone gets the JOY at same price. Also thunderstorm will pour coupons, free products, other Joy+ coins. It is used for merchants to do free giveaway.

Remember, JoyFish Game is designed to 200K consumers who are earning hard JOY coin everyday with 10 coin, they all want 2000, 3000. But they don’t know crypto, don’t even know where to get BTC. 500K JOY is only good for 10K participant each getting only 50 coin. Or 1000 consumer getting 500 coin. Every chinese consumer has extra 2000$ - 10K$. This will ensure that every month, there are 4 tsunami.

Every Monday is Tsunami day. Everybody wake up happily to work. And super big one comes every 4 weeks. 500K, 500K, 500K, 1.5M joy.

It will also give shorter window for manipulators, cuz every week there is more expectation, you can not sell JOY and buy back within 5 days. To lock it and get next tsunami.

Also, this legitimize JOY, we do NOT sell anymore JOY. It is all free. As consumer reward point for purchasing, or as game reward given for free. And all worms sales is Gojoy’s sales revenue.
I have a possible idea, how about once a month a random lottery payout of some joy which if you have contributed some worms on that day you stand a chance of winning the lottery prize, it will make ppl fomo even more?

That is designed as 24 hour thunderstorm.
Is there any chance of me getting JOY for a higher price than the one at the exchange at the fishing game?

Of course you can, because in exchange, you cannot get 50K JOY.
When hard cap reached,game immediately ends?

The game has 3 major FOMO design:

1) 24 hour of thunderstorm with lots of FREE joy falling from sky, if you are not in game, you get nothing
2) Big fish carrying lots of FREE JOY also appears at begining of game, first comer will get many big fish
3) Game can end anytime when the hard cap ceiling reached, and big thunderstorm of all the remaining free JOY will be falling from sky to those in game, when the worms are close to hard cap, people will rush in to take last chance
What is the hard cap for the game?

Number of total worms for every game changes.

For example, first game will end in 3M worms in pond with each worm = 1$.
Do you expect the game to have a positive influence on how JOY gets valued on the market?

Joy value is based on 2 factors, 1 - monthly cash reward, 2 - supply demand.
Would the hardcap work similar to that of the initial auction plan- 200% of previous price?

Yes, similar concept.
Gojoy still put money to support jusd on cbx, will they continue to do so or are we completely phasing out the whole exchange part?

Exchange has no change, all USDT is supplied by us, and wait for the JOY Bankcard, once it is out, you cash USD directly with JUSD.