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✔️When should I clean and dust the miners?👉🏻

1.When you find the casing of the miners becoming dusty.

2.When the miners are found to be not running properly due to dust accumulation or other debris attach on the hash board which affect the heat dissipation.

3.When you inspect the miner. Clean the dust regularly, we recommend doing it once a month👆🏻

❗️IMPORTANT: The miners must be shut down⚠️. Equipment: Air Compressor + Air Gun 🔫. Air Pressure range: 0.7 +/- 0.05 Mpa.
✔️How to clean and dust?👉🏻

1.Use the air gun to gently blow the front and rear fans twice

2.Put the air gun close to the fan, be careful not to touch the grille or fans blades to prevent damage, blow every gap for 2-3 seconds and repeat the steps 2 to 3 times.

If the air gun cannot blow out the dust because of the high humidity (causing the dust to be stuck), you need to remove the fan and brush out the stubborn dust.

Not just, friends agree?😊
Our experts constantly service your devices, you just have to enjoy mining 💥🤝!

Instructions from the official site https://www.bitmain.com/

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Bitmain VS MicroBT 👉🏻

Recently, a new line of WhatsMiner has been released - the M30S +, M30S ++ and M31S + devices 👍🏻.

Devices will appear on the market at the same time as Bitmain miners - Antminer S19 and S19 Pro🙌🏻.

⚡️M30S + has the characteristics of 34 W / TH and 100 TH / s, M30S ++ - 31W / TH, 112 TH / s. For comparison, S19 and S19 Pro are 95TH / s and 110 TH / s with energy efficiency of 34W / TH and 30W / TH, respectively.

Friends, which device do you like more? Are you planning to purchase such modern devices?💥

Many of our customers have already pre-ordered and reserved capacity for their placement with us🤝.

Are you with us? We are waiting for you!😉

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Friends, hello everyone👋🏻!

We are launching special conditions 💣 for new customers with new devices: payment for electricity 🔌 is carried out at the end of the reporting month 👌🏻.

We put your equipment into operation, and you pay for electricity ⚡️only at the end of the reporting month.

This will allow you to invest a large amount 💵 in new equipment, and free up additional money from working capital.

Waiting for you! Join us🙌🏻!

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This year's main event took place on the bitcoin network — halving💥!

Yesterday, on block 630,000, mined by AntPool, Bitcoin's rate of new supply was cut in half from BTC 12.5 per mined blockchain block to BTC 6.25, with which the world's oldest cryptocurrency stepped into a new era that will last for four years until the next halving. And this is happening in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic😷, economic crisis🤯, and the world's central banks' money supply experiments💰.

Few doubt that this third Bitcoin halving will change the mining industry, and that only the most efficient and economically viable will survive. Qingfei Li, F2Pool’s Head of Customer Service, said that some 40% or more of Bitcoin mining machines will be switched off in the first two weeks after the halving.

Friends, how are you? Is your mining effective?🌪🤘🏻

More details https://cryptonews.com

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Friends, are you paying with bitcoins🛍🛒? If not already, then it will be useful for you to find out where they are taken👇🏻:

✔️Amazon via Purse is a little-known fact, but you can buy goods in all Amazon stores using Bitcoins 🌐🎖. The best part is that you will save from 1 to 30% when using Bitcoins

✔️Newegg - an online store of goods, including computer equipment and consumer electronics⌚️📱💻📡

✔️Overstock is a popular online store that sells almost everything you need 🎁

✔️Microsoft Accepts Bitcoins for Windows and Xbox Sales🎮🦸🏻‍♂️

✔️KFC needs no introduction. World famous network accepts BTC in Canada 🍔🍟

✔️Dish are popular satellite TV providers as well as an internet provider that accepts BTC📡

✔️Nafa is an online store from India that sells online gift cards for popular merchants like Flipkart, Bookmyshow, PVRCinemas 🛒🎏
✔️Travala is a hotel booking portal with over 500,000 hotels🏨

✔️Greitai is a popular search engine for airline tickets, hotels, cars 🛫🚉🚗

Do you use BTC to pay for goods and services 💵? Write to us in the comments your experience, how and where do you spend bitcoins✍🏻?

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Mysterious 50 Bitcoin has been moved after being mined 11 years ago 👻. The coins which were mined in 2009 were yesterday moved to a new address. Worth approximately $500,000 at today’s rate, the coins change of address has left many crypto enthusiasts baffled.

A peek at Blockchair shows that a total 50 BTC that were mined in 2009 were moved yesterday. At press time, the owner of the new address has not been identified😎. According to Blockchair, the mysterious transaction took place in block 631058.

What baffles many is who sent the Bitcoin and to whom. Why did it have to take eleven years before the coins got moved🧐? In 2009 there was no hype around Bitcoin and only a couple of users known to have received first Bitcoins by virtue of being the early adopters.

Friends, what do you think? 🤔 Who did this and why? Any suggestions?

Read more at https://www.cryptopolitan.com

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Friends! We remind you that you can become our client in 3 simple steps👇🏻:

1. Register ✔️Indicate the number of devices, your country and other necessary information. Choose a tariff, read the terms of the offer and sign the contract.

2. Prepare your own devices 📦 Pack it for shipping. Our courier pick up your devices by provided address in any time, from anywhere in the world.

3. Manage your business 📈 After the equipment is delivered, the devices will be activated in your account, and you will be able to fully control the mining process. It is cheap, convenient and safe to mine your bitcoins

See you on our website, link in the profile header 👆🏻

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Friends, do you know why mining is popular in Kazakhstan🇰🇿?

🏛Mining in the country is fully legalized. There is an international financial center that has its own regulations

🔌Attractive electricity price, 2 GW electricity surplus

❄️Cool climate, cooling equipment is much easier

💼There are large international companies that are registered in the country and are developing mining.

✔️Stability in the country - there are no incomprehensible movements, everything is developing and is actively growing

Our largest data center is located in Kazakhstan, the planned generation capacity is 240 MW.

Join us and we will provide you with the most convenient conditions for cryptocurrency mining in the legal field! See you🙌🏻!

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Bitmain co-founder Mikri Zhang blocks ASIC miner shipments 😮

Bitmain co-founder Mikri Zhang, who was previously removed from all positions, allegedly blocks the supply of products of the Shenzhen division of the company. This is reported by the Cointelegraph.

According to local sources, Zhang regained control of the production unit and forbade employees from sending orders to customers🙅🏻‍♂️. The reasons for the decision are unclear.

In response, the head of Bitmain Cihan Wu said on June 9 that the situation in the company was under control and assured employees that all the troubles with Zhang would soon be resolved using legal methods. The company promised to compensate for possible damage to employees and urged the latter to "unite to protect Bitmain."

According to the website of the Chinese mining giant, all the equipment of the new models is currently sold out 🚫🤷🏻‍♂️.

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GoMining Education дарит вам бесплатную лекцию по блокчейн с Патриком Брайном, CEO «UNDERSTAND BITCOIN».

Темы лекции:

✔️Как банки на вас зарабатывают и почему технология блокчейн способна изменить это?
✔️Что такое биткоин и почему за ним будущее?
✔️Как инвестировать в биткоин и получать высокую прибыль?

Патрик Брайн - ведущий специалист по блокчейну, регулярный спикер крупных форумов и конференций. Консультант международных финансовых организаций. Инвестирует в Bitcoin с 2014 года. Основатель «UNDERSTAND BITCOIN».

Будь в авангарде будущих технологий вместе с нами:

Зарегистрируйся https://education.gomining.com (активная ссылка в шапке профиля)
Посмотри нашу лекцию ПРЯМО СЕЙЧАС
Получи свой первый биткоин!

Присоединяйся к нашей платформе, прокачивай свои знания и получай бонусы!

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Payment card giant Visa 💳 said it has an “agnostic” view on cryptoassets, adding it will support all forms of “digital currencies and blockchain networks” that its clients demand.

The company added that it will “maintain a rigorous focus on data protection, consumer privacy and fairness” in all of its dealings with digital currencies, while still complying with “all applicable laws.”

Visa also noted that it already has experience working with crypto companies such as Coinbase to “provide a bridge” between crypto and its own traditional payments network. Further, it added that “more than 25 digital currency wallets” have linked up with Visa’s payment service, thus allowing users to spend crypto using their Visa debit cards. As a result, Visa is now “the preferred network for digital currency wallets,” the company said.

Meanwhile, as reported this week, competing payments giant Mastercard has granted London-based digital payments firm Wirex principal membership status, making it "the first native cryptocurrency platform" to be granted the membership. This enables Wirex to issue payment cards directly to consumers. Visa granted the same status to Coinbase in February this year.

Source: https://cryptonews.com/news/visa-to-remain-agnostic-on-crypto-will-support-what-clients-7209.htm
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The 2020 East Asia monsoon season has been challenging. According to members of the crypto community, it is possible that nature can cause significant damage to large BTC miners in China 👆🏻.

According to the latest estimates, China accounts for about 50% of the total global bitcoin network capacity. However, if heavy rains and floods disrupt the mining industry, the hashrate of the oldest cryptocurrency could drop sharply.

Friends, our data centers are located in a different climatic zone, with us your devices will always be safe and will bring you constant profit:

Cold northern climate❄️

Our lounges and containers are best designed for indoor climate and cooling🌬

Technical Support 24/7✍🏻

2 internet channels🌐

Device management from the comfort of your home account👨🏻‍💻

You will be allocated your VPN🆒

Join us, welcome!

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Friends, we are working so that you can earn!

Miner hosting, tariff plan:
📌0.04 $ per kWh Optimal
Location: Kazakhstan, Pavlodar

• 30% return on your investment
🔌Total capacity of the site is 240 MW.
• 2 internet channels
• Flexible payment system
• High GR
• 100% legal energy sources and payment with VAT
• Free delivery of equipment to the site (discussed)
• Security of the object in a special mode
• Round-the-clock technical service at all sites
• Own production of containers
• Free maintenance and commissioning
• Security guarantee
• Repair of equipment at cost

*** And also REFERENCE for equipment sellers and other partners 💸!

Details on our website https://gomining.com
✍🏻Write us @gomining_support