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GbpAud sell @ 1.8110
Sl: 1.8190
Tp: 1.7940
EURNZD buy now 1.7017

Tp 1.7037
Tp2 1.7067
Tp3 1.7097

Sl 1.6967
Dear clients,

Thank you for using our platform in your trades.

We are adding Meta4 on our platform (because very high number of our clients wishing to get Meta4) and because we respect our clients and they are our priority, we are updating our platform by adding the Meta4.
That's why the registration will be closed until Monday morning December 7, 2020.

P.S. All clients whom are already registered can still trade.

Thank you
Gio FX Team
Today our offer 20% bonus on cash deposit.
No minimum deposit.
Leverage 1:500
British European statement: Conditions are not available for an agreement between London and Brussels for the post-"Brexit" period
EUR / USD Daily Trading: Key short term resistance at 1.2100.


Preferred scenario:
Short positions below 1.2100 with targets at 1.2070 and 1.2060.

Alternative scenario:
Above 1.2100, targeting 1.2115 and 1.2130 levels as targets.

Technical Comment:
As long as the resistance level at 1.2100 is not exceeded, the downside will prevail, targeting 1.2070
GBP / USD intraday trading: under pressure.


Preferred scenario:
Short positions below 1.3415 with targets at 1.3315 and 1.3290.

Alternative scenario:
Above 1.3415, targeting 1.3440 and 1.3475 as targets.

Technical Comment:
The Relative Strength Index is pointing to a further downside.
USD / JPY Daily Trading: The trend is still up


Preferred scenario:
Long positions above 104.25 with targets at 104.60 and 104.75.

Alternative scenario:
Below 104.25, targeting 104.10 and 103.95 as targets.

Technical Comment:
The RSI indicator indicates a bullish trend and further upside
AUD / USD Daily Trading: Supported by an uptrend line.


Preferred scenario:
Long positions above 0.7430 with targets at 0.7500 and 0.7525.

Alternative scenario:
Below 0.7430, targeting 0.7415 and 0.7400 as targets.

Technical Comment:
RSI Good Trend.
Hello dear clients

Today our platform will be updated to other servers for MT4 and Gio-fx.

Please note that while updating you may see your balance is ZERO, but in fact it is in the server and you can't see it until the update is done (all are backed up), all your balances will return to your accounts.

Soon we will give you a few mobile numbers for (whatsapp) to support you directly and better when you need for any information.

Thank you
Gio-fx team
Gold Daily Trading: 1815.00 in sight.


Preferred scenario:
Short positions below 1850.00 with targets at 1825.00 and 1815.00.

Alternative scenario:
Above 1850.00, targeting 1865.00 and 1875.00 as targets.

Technical Comment:
Relative strength index is mixed with a bearish bias
There won't be any changes in MT4 balances, you can trade normally, the one that is being updated is Gio-fx platform.

You may keep on trading on MT4 normally
(WTI) Crude Oil (F1) Daily Trading: A bullish trend above 45.30.


Preferred scenario:
Long positions above 45.30 with targets at 46.25 and 46.55.

Alternative scenario:
Below 45.30, targeting 44.95 and 44.65 as targets.

Technical Comment:
RSI is mixed, bullish.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson said there was a "strong possibility" that Britain and the European Union could fail to seal a new trade deal, and urged the public and businesses to prepare for the next year.
Important warning: The Brexit meetings are continuing, and Sunday’s meeting will be pivotal in terms of Brexit from the European Union, with or without agreement, and accordingly, the margin on contracts for sterling pairs will be raised to 5,000, and our valued customers are required to cover margin or reduce positions, please understand and thank you
🛑 Caution: Margin will be raised on indices, minerals and oil contracts, provided that it returns to normal on Monday morning
Dear clients
Gio-fx new website for meta4 is ready to trade .
All existing clients can simply login and follow the steps in email.
This week promotion is 10% bonus in cash deposit :
We accept
master card
Visa card
( deposit and withdraw is automatic)

Fasa pay and PERFECT Money contact support
Happy trading