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Gilanns - Trading Team
Gary Gensler???? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
SEC have fired all of their bullets.

It makes no difference if they sue more.

The market expects it.

Sellers seem exhausted.

#BTC and #ETH barely flinched.

Fuck you Gary.

All dips are for buying.
Gilanns - Trading Team
CZ clarified that the SEC freeze on binance US assets does not affect binance(dot)com
#XRP BACK ABOVE 0.52$ πŸš€
Gilanns - Trading Team
GENSLER: These platforms are a web of deception and conflicts. We don't need digital currency, we already have that, the dollar. The whole business model of this field is based on noncompliance and their attitude is "catch us if you can"
"We don't need digital currency, we already have that, the dollar." - Gary Gensler

I disagree. The potential for government prohibition of non-government currency and the enforcement of a singular currency usage represents not just a financial issue, but fundamentally, an issue of freedom and choice.

For civilization to advance it's essential to ensure the smooth functioning of the economy, and this may initially appear to argue for only a government currency to prevent confusion or economic instability. However, closer examination shows that this thinking is flawed and may instead restrict liberty and foster undesirable market conditions.

In essence, restricting citizens to a government currency is a form of forced conformity, akin to limiting the freedom of speech or the press. Just as with those freedoms, it's the diversity of currencies that fuels innovation, competition, and progress. Prohibiting the use of non-government currencies limits financial autonomy and reduces the space for individuals to navigate economic structures that best suit their needs and circumstances.

Monopolizing the market for currencies inevitably leads to inefficiencies. In a competitive environment, different forms of money would be incentivized to become more useful and auditable to gain users. In a monopoly, the government would have no such pressures, inevitably leading to stagnation or even degradation in the quality and value of the currency. Furthermore, without competition, there's a proven risk that the government will manipulate the currency to suit its own purposes rather than serving the interests of its citizens.

On a macroeconomic level, having a government currency can also lead to debasement in response to economic shocks. A decentralized currency can resist the temptation of inflationism as a redistributive 'shock absorber' for the economy. This protects individuals and businesses from government mismanagement.

The value of liberty cannot be overstated. Freedom of choice is an essential component of a flourishing society. The right to choose which currency to use is a manifestation of economic freedom, contributing to overall individual and societal wellbeing. Violently limiting this choice not only stifles individual agency but can also undermine economic innovation and resilience.
Gilanns - Trading Team
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You choose 🧑
❗️SEC files court documents requesting temporary restraining order to freeze all Binance US assets.
This would mean freezing all US assets for one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges.

Directly from the court filings posted by the SEC.
Makes you wonder what’s coming next for Coinbase and others.
What the SEC did the past couple days only enhances the reasons we need decentralized money.

Too much power held by the gov’t. We don’t want anything to do with CBDC.

#Doge & #BTC is the path forward, decentralized, transparent digital money & store of value.
#BitcoinπŸ’Έ  and Halving. Let that sink in.
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A Revolution Is Coming.
BREAKING: JPMorgan predicts a massive growth in demand for #Bitcoin in anticipation of the halving.
You will always find a reason to sell stocks.

Time in the market is way more than timing the market.
Cathie Wood and Ark Invest bought 419,324 shares of Coinbase $COIN today
#Bitcoin is now back above $27K, up 5.8% in the last 24 hours.
#BTC Weekly: Parabolic Structure remains intact

Reminder: After β€œX” the asset can double in value quickly

What a day to put an β€œX” in the ground