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Giant is a blockchain that supports JavaScript smart contracts and masternode technologies. It will power dApps, such as Giant.Exchange, Giant.Bet, Giant.ColdStake.

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🤝 Vault, a shared masternode platform created by the public team from, listed Giant Coin.
The team is concerned with bringing quality projects to the platform users and contacted the Giant CoreTeam shortly after the launch.


You can deposit any amount for masternode instant shares and reinvest to grow faster by compounding the interest on the following terms:
$1.99 per month in VAULT coin
$3.98 per month in GIC

The project is focused on transparency and user experience, so the public team's been very active in Discord and conducted a webinar for everyone.
@VAULT.Investments#1167 represents the platform

#giant # giant_news
Thanks everyone for being patient. We've sorted out our plans until the end of June, so I can shed some light on this now.


Fixing the issues that have turned up after the latest libraries update was crucial for network stability. It's been already explained:

These tasks have been completed. Besides network stability, this will bring us the long-awaited governance mechanism. However, we cannot release it before testing in the testnet. The testnet launch was another challenge due to certain disparities between the Giant and Pivx codebase. This task has also been addressed, so we plan to test the governance, create guidelines and release the new wallet before the end of June. This version is expected to remain reliable up until the smart contracts release causes other changes. We will continue working on the smart contracts transaction validation in another Github branch and locally.
GEX work is associated with integrating the design to other pages. The dashboard page is expected by the middle of June. Besides that, we will continue to improve the GEX technical paper sections that concern the back-end and Giant-cli.


Analysis of our marketing campaigns, research of the masternodes market and smart contracts platforms has given us clarity of how we want Giant to be presented. We aim to build a business infrastructure image. There are several unique features that strengthen it. The necessary work includes the preparation of various marketing materials and updating the Giant web resources. At the moment there are three main sections:

1. Giant for business (JavaScript case, cost-benefit)
2. Network participant matrix (project economy, roles and responsibilities)
3. Decentralization case (governance, crypto finance)

We are certain that the smart contracts release is the only thing that can get Giant to another level. However, that is not in isolation. Without a strong community any open-source tech can be easily forked and unique project attributes might not get recognition. We have to prevent this by making our release anticipated by the market and media. But we cannot simply encourage you to post links and share with your friends. We need everyone of you to understand why we believe in the project and be able to elaborate on that. That's what the business infrastructure image is for. Without it Giant will remain just another crypto. Therefore, before releasing these materials we ask you to help us in the following ways:
1. Answer the questions regarding the crypto market-research type
2. Join a focus group for the draft papers
These activities will be held in a dedicated Giant-tech channel. We will open it and announce once the workflow is ready. Thank you.

#giant #giant_news
I want to start a discussion about the Giant blockhain features that prove its uniqueness to the crypto industry. The discussion will be held on #giant-tech channel on Discord. I wrote the thesis based on my analysis of smart contracts platforms, Giant technical papers and blockchain capabilities in general.

The discussion will result in a marketing kit and dedicated papers that can be translated to other languages and promoted with the help from the community.

At this stage everyone can contribute in several ways:
- select the feature you feel like the most powerful
- ask the question about potential flaws
- add something that I missed or should highlight

I've been thinking about this for the last months, so I need you to look at it with fresh eyes as a new to Giant. This essence will be used to present Giant to reps of the major crypto media and deliver our agenda in press releases. This is our chance since Giant is not an ICO that can throw money at making hype.

Latest survey showed high demand in a Q&A session in Russian. It was disccussed in #russian on discord and will probably take place on Wednesday.
Ориентировочно в среду будет проводиться русскоязычная сессия ответов на вопросы. Оставляйте свои вопросы и подтвердите участие в #russian.

If you want the CoreTeam members to answer your specific question about the project please post it on #q-a in our discord channel. I will answer it on Discord or incude in the next Q&A session.

#giant #giant_news
We'd like to share recent updates with everyone
Only successful tests of governance separates us from the update that will include:
- Updated Pivx codebase with the network stability fixes
- Updated qt
- Activated Governance

Dmitry_Blockchain_Dev is back from vacation and ready to launch the testnet.
Denis_JS_Dev continues implementing the Dashboard page design that's expected this week.

Although last weeks were not pleasant sharing your concerns was quite helpful. It showed me an understanding gap that I need to target. In fact, it goes beyond only Giant and highlights flaws of the crypto industry. I realize that many of you expect concrete marketing steps to attract new audience. Nonetheless, I am certain that we need these pillars to demonstrate the uniqueness of our path:
- Non-ICO
- dApps first -> tech efficiency first
I'll cover these topics in a series of dedicated articles. That is going to be my focus till the Governance release.

#giant #giant_news
Let me refer to the recent collateral change discussion in the light of our updates. We wanted to share the info later once everything is ready but the upcoming Governance release forces us to act faster.

The next release will activate the Governance mechanism. It'll be a mandatory update. You'll be notified in advance and have about 1 week to update your GiantCore. After that everyone will be able to submit any proposal including a collateral change. We cannot ignore it and share valuable information in this regard.

Smart Contracts Blockchain Node

As you probably know smart contracts code execution is quite memory consuming, so the masternodes hosting that you easily perform on VPS will become more costly. We wanted to run tests to make projections of the blockchain size growth in different scenarios before announcing it. Nonetheless, we have to make this important note for the discussion. For more precise calculations we'll launch the smart contracts testnet to determine recommended hosting requirements.

Giant Economics

We are going to fix a very common problem that exists in other smart contracts platforms. I'd call it the free-rider problem. A smart contract creator has relatively small costs of deployment and free operation at the miners expense. We can change that by requiring an enabled masternode for smart contract deployment. In this case it will be some contribution to the entire network decentralization and protection from spam.

As you can see the collateral size is a quite sensitive issue. The expenses of different parties will rely on that. This size has to reflect our ambition to configure the network balance and distribute the costs adequately.

#giant #guant_news
Dear Giant Community. We apologize for the lack of communication recently. It has two main reasons:

- A decrease in the number of activities.

The project's future depends solely on the implementation of smart contracts. GEX Beta is ready and needs this as a main part of the back-end application. Also, marketing is frozen till we get the timeline for the release stages.

- A lack of funding, a necessary break.

Giant is a self-funded project that was driven mainly by the core team members enthusiasm. There are a number of reasons why the initial plan was not met. Analysis was made and deserves another article. However, in July 2019 we reached a point when every core team member had to evaluate the abilities to continue contributing to the project from the financial point of view. I'd like to stress that quitting was not an option. We trust our vision and see a number of ways of how to improve the situation and to turn Giant into a profitable enterprise. That was rather a consensus on how to continue being effective as a team. Our current challenge requires us to be dedicated to Giant full-time. We decided that it's better to have a break to sort personal things out and get back to work rather than combining Giant and another job. However, we didn't lay Giant aside and use our time for our own advantage. The marketing department, and several community contributors, have been drafting and discussing initiatives and learning about new practices. The Devs were observing the space and followed a few projects whose open-source code could speed up the development of smart contracts.

I hesitated to make comments about it until I can be more certain in terms of the time frame. Rising concern in the community caused me to obtain more specifics from the team members. We have agreed to get back to active development in one month. We'll start with finalizing the new release.

Thank you for your attention.

#giant #giant_news
Our Blockchain Developers are back to work on the new wallet release. Besides the planned updates we’ve decided to address the collateral change issue.

Half a year ago we mentioned that the smart contracts support will require increased resources of the server. Running a full node may not cover the expenses with the current collateral size. The initial plan was to wait till we can make estimations of the data size our smart contracts will be producing. Also, we tried to introduce the Governance mechanism first in order to let the community get around the issue.

However, there are two reasons why we changed our plan:

1⃣ The latest showed poll showed that more than 75% of the users own more than a single masternode. Those who are not using IPv6 are bearing significant costs. We can make it lower very easy. Basically, the collateral increase in x times will decrease the masternodes number in about x times, that will increase the average masternode daily reward in x times, so individual ROI will remain pretty much the same. But the hosting expenses will be x times lower for many users for sure.
2⃣ Including this change in the next update will save us from one additional mandatory update.

Also, our Blockchain developers noted a useful solution implemented by a few other masternode projects. I am talking about supernodes that can become a foundation for 1-tier nodes needed for deployment of smart contracts to the mainnet. 2-tier nodes aka regular masternodes remain available for the purposes of the tx validation and network security.

This may be changed later as a result of public discussion. Our goal is to make sure that this approach will prove to be robust and reliable.

Specific details will be provided shortly as the information about the terms of upcoming wallet release. In the meantime, we welcome everyone to join the discussion, so I could elaborate on how the collateral change in Giant differs from those of dying masternode projects.

#giant #giant_news
Hey everyone! Let me share some recent news with you.

:one: The new collateral amounts will be equal to 5000 GIC and 20000 GIC for masternodes and supernodes respectively.
The launch guides will be provided with the new release.
To keep the network stable and running within the transiion period we'll do it in 2 stages:
- Transition stage - 1k nodes and 5k/20k nodes receive rewards on a random basis and maintain the network
- Final transition - 1k nodes shut down
Each period will be defined by a block height and start automatically.

At the moment we are finalizing works on the testnet to ensure that old and new types of masternodes won't conflict during the transition stage.

:two: We are concerned with the Crypt-Bridge changing their rules. If you've completed KYC and want to share your experience please do it on #general in our discord.
In the meantime, we monitor the situation and look for other options. Please tell us if you think of a situable exchange for Giant coin on #general in our discord.

#giant #giant_news
Dear everyone,
Within the next 24 hours we release the new wallets.
Deadline for the update is set to around 10 PM GMT on Wednesday.
However, it won't be different from any previous mandatory update.
Deposits/withdrawals will be disabled until we finish the transition to 2-tiers masternodes.
Further details and instructions will be included in the release.
Stay tuned!

#giant #giant_news

We've been working long enough on this release to ensure the network stability and to prepare the testnet for the future smart contracts testing. However, the collateral change and introduction of the 2-tier masternodes are the most important part of this release if you are a user. We did our best discussing it with everyone and explaining the causes, so please learn the previous posts if you have some concerns.

After the block 368900
(Thursday) Giant masternodes require 5k GIC collateral. Supernodes act as masternodes and require 20k GIC. The rewards ratio is based on the collaterals ratio:

Masternodes - 1.6 GIC
Supernodes - 6.4 GIC

To prevent the network stuck we do it in 3 phases:

- You have to update your wallets and masternodes before the block 368200 (approx. Wednesday 11/23/19 10 pm GMT). Only 1k masternodes receive rewards;
- 5k masternodes and 20k supernodes start receiving rewards. 1k masternodes continue doing so in case there are no supernodes in the queue.
- After the block 368900 1k masternodes become disabled.

This is what you are going to do:

1. On your VPS run the script:
bash <( curl )

It clears the datadir foulder except the masternode.conf and wallet.dat files and downloads the new sofrware

Notice: It works only if you haven't changed the standard path. Otherwise, you have to update the script

2. To update your wallet you need to delete everything from the datadir foulder except the masternode.conf and wallet.dat files, download and run the new wallet.
3. Open the masternode page and start masternodes
4. Wait for the block 368200
5. Create a UTXO of 5k or 20k GIC
6. Update the masternode.conf file using the guide

#giant #giant_update
Linux wallet is available for everyone via the link:

Win and Mac OS wallets are expected to be released tomorrow
Explorer is under maintainence
Deposits and withdrawals on exchanges will be activated once the transition is completed.

Thank you! Stay tuned

#giant #giant_update

Read previous post to learn the details.

Linux, Win and MacOS wallets are available:

In 3 hours once we reach the 368200 block everyone can start launching 5k masternodes and 20k supernodes.
At that moment technically they are the same masternodes. If you've updated your VPS, please do the following:

- Create a UTXO of 5k or 20k GIC
- Update the masternode.conf file using the guide

The bootstrap file will be added tomorrow

#giant #giant_update

We've collected your feedback on the bugs found in the 1.4.0 release.
Most of it was covered in the new 1.4.1 release.
The update is non-mandatory unless you've faced following problems:
- Inability to start a masternode
- Incorrect displaying in qt-wallet

If problems remain, please re-submit the info to us:

👉 The new wallet is available by the link:

Props for helping us with one of the bugs go to Sparkus and Alexey.
We are always open to pull requests from the Community

🛡 everyone Watch out for scammers! The team never contacts you first in regard of the wallet support.

#giant #giant_update
The transition went successfully, so we are ready to move on!
The withdrawals/deposits have been enabled on CB and Graviex.

Dmitry_Core_Dev resumes his work on smart contracts.

Denis_JS_Dev switched to the GEX back-end.

In the near future I'll break our current tasks down for you.
Plus we have some major news to come!

everyone Stay tuned!

#giant #giant_news
The Giant coin was listed on Crex24!

You’ve been asking us for an extra exchange for months. My view is that we don’t need to force the major listing before releasing our tech. We think long-term and wish to prepare our case first. Nonetheless, having a reliable exchange that is popular among masternode investors is a good option. We’ve made necessary updates to GiantCore, and the timing was perfect.

Crex24 became the fastest growing exchange for MN coins and took over the Cryptopia market share. Everyone should keep in mind that Giant Discord server will be exposed to the new audience, so please be responsible and support the project image.

#giant #giant_news
Giant CoreTeam got back to its regular processes, such as:

- Smart contracts development
- GEX back-end upgrade using Node.JS
- Marketing planning

I'd like to here from you what kind of updates would you like to read in our anns. It could be detalization of various aspects outlined in our WPs, technical specifications, current tasks or more general overview. Everyone is welcome to share the opinion in the general channel in our discord.

Also, I would like to have speaking sessions with active community members to discuss crypto in general and our plans. No matter how things may look from aside we take the project very seriously and hope to have a meaningful feedback from the community.

Details for the session will be provided later. In the meantime, you can come forward with your ideas on how to make it happen and which platform to use (zoom, discord voice chat, google hangouts etc.). As of now, I'd like to have it regularly, convenient for people from different timezones. It won't be recorded in order to get more engagement for each session. Nonetheless, short summeries by community memebers would be welcome.

#giant #giant_news
❗️CryptoBridge is shutting down. Please withdraw your funds until December 15 23:59 GMT.

I hope you have found a way to get your holdings out of the exchange. Just in case, let me briefly explain to you how this works. I’ll simplify things to get to basics:

👉 CB acts as a gateway: it accepts your coins on its own address and issues token on Bitshares blockchain. CB holds your initial deposit on its wallets.

👉 CB Exchange displays trading with BTS tokens by pulling the data from the Bitshares explorer. You log into the exchange by using your password that is also a privkey for signing the deals. By the way, a similar procedure will be applied for GEX.

👉 CB is no different than let’s say Rudex DEX. But only CB can send your coins back if you deposited it through the CB gateway.

So, if you still have coins that stuck on CB and you haven’t passed KYC here are your options:

1️⃣ Send BRIDGE.GIC to someone who passed KYC and get it sent back to your local wallet. To prevent further questions, the coreteam members haven’t passed the procedure. Act at your own risk.

2️⃣ Trade BRIDGE.GIC for OPEN.BTC and withdraw it by using The only issue here is the lack of liquidity. At the moment, I have found one market: Users that passed KYC now can speculate and place their orders for non-market price. Usually, the competition improves market prices unless there is a very small number of verified users who play monopoly. Anyways, have a look at this market or try to find another one before the deadline

👉 Your goal is to trade BRIDGE.GIC for any non BRIDGE token using any dex other than CB and withdraw it by a gateway for the token.

CB was a significant part of the masternodes ecosystem which was eventually fed to scammers and shady projects. Giant Project has survived all this and keeps its priorities straight. Our tech will guide the ecosystem to users of the services powered by Giant

Dear Giant Community!

2019 was a cold shower to our project. I've expressed my thoughts and emotions in the text called Natural Selection, because this is what actually happens right now.

Getting through the hard times is essential for any success story.
I wish we will stay united and one day will put our efforts and
expertise into spreading Giant all over the world.
Never forget that the decentralized project is a completely new phenomena
that requires us to be constantly learning and updating the mindset.
Many projects shift to the well-known centralized invest thing, but Giant has to be the one that utilizes diverse community and takes best of various formats. Thanks everyone for your support and reasonable criticism.

May you find peace, love and success in 2020!
While the world is dealing with the pandemic and market crash let me clear the air and get rid of some uncertainty you might be experiencing. I will address the main concerns the world is having right now.

- Why hasn't been updated the newsfeed for so long?

Until the beta smart contracts release it doesn't make much sense to dedicate time to other tasks we have planned in the last year. The development process doesn't get enough covering too, mainly because even I cannot get the whole picture of what's going on. Of course, I could quote Dmitry without my own comprehension and tell you about things, such as validation checks in multiple parts of our blockchain, mempool, memcached, disparities between the Pivx codebase and latest updates of BitcoinCore etc. I doubt if it's worth it, but if you are able to understand what's going on, please go check the last commit of more than 35k lines of code:

Look up the .cpp files and see what way of implementing smart contracts we chose.

- Why are there so few commits?

The work has been going on locally until the tests completion. It is not convenient to push updates frequently and reverse it every time a test fails and causes additional changes. The last commit was massive and included updates of several interconnected blocks of the software. The next commit will be huge as well.

- Why does it take so damn long to release Giant Contracts?

Because there are no senior C++ Devs in our community who'd like to work for free and we were not raising money so we could hire them. Also, the initial plan underestimated the complexity of our mission. There is no secret that the project doesn't have commercial basis, so we do other stuff from time to time. Please, get it right. It doesn't mean that the project is less important. It means that the benefit of faster release won't make up for us.

- How can I help?

Just keep following the Giant social media, so you won't miss the release. Once it happens, we'll prepare the next move together. That's where the Giant community and our public record will become a major factor.

If you've been with the project long enough you can probably show solidarity. If you've came across the project after late 2019, be respectful and learn about Giant and its history that is well documented. The basis this project was built upon runs like a red thread through all of our announcements.