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The Zionist goal is to divide and conquer. They'll use racism, sexism, and poverty to accomplish this goal.
They all volunteered for the Germans during WWII. They can't all be bigots of different races.
A real General speaks. Then mysteriously "dies" in a car accident shortly after.
I found a grift greater than NASA'S. Just wow. First destroy them, then tax them. Zero remorse. No shame. 70 Billion in total.
3 little witches.
Keep your shit in Babylon.

Thanks ,
The World
Media is too big
This video lays out how well thought out and meticulous their plan really was. Step by step. Calculated. Real people colluding for over a 100 years to bring destruction to America and the rest of the world. Must see video.
Here's a visual breakdown. Share.☝️☝️
If you live in Florida you likely voted for this person. Guess who.
Infiltrated by whom?
China is a puppet. They have masters
Anyone on those Epstein Island flight logs that we may be overlooking?
Bear with me, I'm drawing them out tonight. Has everyone seen the greatest story never told documentary? You owe it to yourself to watch it.
How much you want to bet that the total Covid death count ends up being 6 gorillian deaths?
If you were born male...