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What do Trump and Bidan both have in common?

Fauci and Fed Powell.
Be sure to vote for my son Ronald. He's going to fix Arizona. Gotta run now, pigs are hungry.
I donated to a politician in 2022.
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What are some mid term hot button topics/issues that are important for you. Share below.👇👇
Carole Baskin for prison.
Media is too big
Oy Vey. We demand our sacrifices.
People say all the time "just fix the 2020 election". I don't care about all that other stuff. You know, the transgerism, critical race theory, vaccines, illegal immigration, abortion, child kidnapping, "space", Nasa, adrenochrome, fed, inflation, dual citizenships, zionism.

Welp Newsflash: It's all connected. You better care about all of it.

All caused by the same degenerates.
You know they are going to try and push this monkeypox bs hard. 🐑🐏
I can only imagine when blue beam is fired up. You'll have people thinking it's the galactic federation.
Is Pete Hegseth jewish?
Who's this?