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American geneticists now face an even more drastic form of censorship: exclusion from access to the data necessary to conduct analyses, let alone publish results. Case in point: the National Institutes of Health now withholds access to an important database if it thinks a scientist’s research may wander into forbidden territory.

The restrictions appear to be invented to impede research on certain topics that anonymous bureaucrats with ideological motivations have decided are out of bounds.
The Everything Store is becoming an Everything Tracker, collecting and leveraging large amounts of personal data related to entertainment, fitness, health, and, it claims, security. It’s surveillance that millions of customers are opting in to.
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Israeli soldiers took away 10-year-old Adam’s bike and threw it in the garbage. His mother, Ghadir Jaber, told B’Tselem field researcher Manal al-Ja’bari yesterday:

“Adam didn’t want to go to school today because he was afraid soldiers would detain him."
The Biden administration is considering a plan to jointly produce weapons with Taiwan. It aims to increase production capacity for U.S.-designed arms, speed their transfer and strengthen deterrence toward China.
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Ukraine has a nuclear bomb primed in Mykolaiv which it will detonate and then blame on Russia so that the US has a justification for getting directly involved in the war and launching missiles on Russia.
Hospitals in Moscow are equipping operating rooms in bomb shelters, a 'source in the medical field of the capital' told Sota.
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Protests in Rome demand an end to the Ukraine war and an end to Italy’s involvement in Nato.
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"China may even go for Taiwan because America looks weak under Biden. And now we've got all these people going to war (e.g Azerbaijan), all of a sudden, randomly going crazy. Now Belarus is moving troops, so there's another country involved. What if NATO is like, no, we're going in, that's WW3." USMC Veteran Lucas Gage

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China’s semiconductor manufacturing industry was reduced to zero overnight.
Forwarded from Iain Davis
"The multipolar world order is not new. Nor does it stand in opposition to the so-called Great Reset." The shift towards multipolarity is not "some sort of antidote to the Great Reset."
Meanwhile the news from Italy is that Berlusconi, whose party is part of the future government coalition, has started saying the truth about Zelensky and Ukraine. The parties of the fake centre-left are going absolutely berserk, so is all the corporate media. Meloni is also aligning herself with the left against Berlusconi, revealing her true globalist colours. She has not presented a list of ministers yet as Berlusconi is not agreeing to be excluded from key decisions. Maybe Berlusconi should replace Liz Truss..
Forwarded from Dr. Simon
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Let me introduce you to the new, WEF-elected, British prime minister Rishi Sunak. 🤡

It's all a big geopolitical game, and we are the obstacles!