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🚀 Genesis Lab is a team of blockchain related services developers and validation nodes operators.
Genesis Lab validator added in IRISnet genesis file!
Genesis Lab updated group photo
We are excited to introduce our first contribution to the @irisnetwork : . With this app, you can easily check network validators, candidates and your personal delegations to them.
⚛️ In this week's 52 Week Cosmos, Week 10 ⚛️

🚦 It's the final countdown to Cosmos mainnet

🚀 Iris Betanet launch success!

🎙 Cosmos Validator Briefs with Forbole and Ztake

🤖 Ockam SDK v0.3.0 release
The android version of Rainbow is available now on and Google Play
🔴 We decided to reduce the commission for the Genesis Lab validator on the @irisnetwork to 7%. With the 100% uptime of our node, this is one of the best offer you can find. Our profile page on the IRISnet Overview service:
🚀 The Cosmos Hub mainnet is launching at March 13th 23:00 UTC.
Congratulations to the COSMOS network team with a successful launch. Excited times are coming to the crypto world! 🚀
Genesis Lab validator is up and running in the Cosmos. Our validator's page in the Cosmos Overview app:
New validators explorer just arrived in Cosmos network: 🙂 Any feedback, bug reports or feature requests are welcome chat @GenesisLab_Chat
Our website is still under development, but we have updated it currently with the networks where we are operating validation nodes. More info will be added soon.
Congratulations to the Terra Money team with a successful launch!
Congratulations to the @MinterNetwork with a successful launch! Our validator name in the Minter network is Minter Store
Validators explorer Minter Overview for Minter network is up!