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🚀 GUSD - StabeUSD Airdrop
Max Supply: 286,000,000 GUSD
🏦Required tasks: 50 $GUSD (~$50)
🏦Referral: 50 $GUSD (~$50)

Airdrop 🔥3380°
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📢 Claim Airdrop (Distribution right away)
1️⃣ Open your TRUST WALLET or MetaMask
2️⃣ Go to DAPPs
3️⃣ Copy this link and paste into your Apps search bar
4️⃣ Get Claim (Fee gas only $ 0.1 - $ 0.3 Smart chain fee (BNB))

GUSD StableUSD - Bridging Value from the Real World to the Digital Economy, transform real-world assets, such as fiat currencies, equities, commodities, precious metals and real-estate into fungible (or non-fungible) blockchain-based tokens that are faster, cheaper, transparent and borderless.