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Working on the new hybrid code, devs found issues that required immediate fixing in existing wallets. After updating wallets, which should take approx. 72 hours + exchanges time to deal with that, we're ready to finish works with the new hybrid code and masternodes. Our devs' machines have just been updated with additional cores so works will go much faster now!

Also on Monday, 15, we expect to launch our Exchange landing page to get ready for promotional activities during World Crypto Con in Las Vegas and building global awarness

Yesterday evening another good information came - our 3D Cafe Combi system hit the bull's eye! Soon after releasing the new website and the new decentralised adaptive franchise GCC 3D Cafe offer we had huge positive feedback from the market and the first contract has just been signed for a location in Vietnam! More talks are in progress!

And last but not least: C-CEX has twitted on 5th October that "GCC24" was removed from delisting round. Actually, recently GCC24 trading volume was in top 3 of all coins there
New Wallets update

We are compiling final version of the new wallet. The team needs to take a break after 72 hours of work. We will inform you tomorrow (CET) afternoon on the progress.
Updated hello message:
Hello GCC Community!

Welcome to the official Global Cryptocurrency Telegram!


Global CryptoCurrency is here to support worldwide adoption of 3D printing. It is already used for micropayments for many products and ready for mass adoption.

Our main project is 3D Print Points – a platform for decentralized 3D manufacturing

Meet our franchise – GCC 3D Café - coffee shops and 3D printing spots!

It’s a place for freelancers, 3D printing enthusiasts, traders and coffee lovers that combines a café, a conference/educational space and a 3D printing spot connected to 3D Print Points, now open for franchise!

See the GCC 3D Cafe in our Poznań office:

Accept payments with GCC!
We created the payment gateway which can be easily integrated with any business website to accept payments with our coin.

We are hoping for cool ideas shared here with our developers team. If you have questions, we will gladly answer them.

Global CryptoCurrency is currently listed on public exchanges:





We are building a strong feedback for our cryptocurrency. Let’s develop it together!

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