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Welcome one and all to FurryEST! Estonia's first furry con in the middle of its beautiful wilderness. At our con, you will be able to enjoy staying at two of the wonderful barge houses here (a smaller one with 20 bed spaces and a larger one with 30!).

When? The convetion will be held on 4th to 7th of July, 2019 (Thursday to Sunday).
Where? FurryEST takes place near the village Kabala (GPS coordinates 58.933549,24.659442). The closest larger cities are Rapla and MΓ€rjamaa, where we are able to pick people up by car.

Interested? Read more on our website: https://furryest.org/
Join the chat: https://t.me/joinchat/BwTVUBSpts23sK27dcmRbw
Registrations will open soon!
Everybody, we are pleased to announce that the registration and bed spot reservations are opening already this Sunday! So on March 31st, 5pm UTC, make your way to furryest.org and sign up!

We will post another reminder on this channel!

Just a bit of FAQ as well:

Q: When will FurryEST happen again?
4th of July to 7th of July, 2019.

Q: How much will the ticket cost?
50€ if you wish to reserve and sleep on a bed in one of the barge houses or 40€ if you wish to tent outside (bring your own tent!)

Q: How can I pay?
Generally this year we are still fine taking cash at the beginning of FurryEST. However if you wish to pay in advance then it will be possible on a case-by-case basis. Contact @Clanga on Telegram for financial questions.

Q: Will there be food included?
Dinner on all the three nights is included. And there will be snacks around throughout the days.

Q: Will I be able to choose which bed I want to sleep in?
A: Yes! You will be able to choose which bed you wish to sleep in and can later refer the bed number to your friends if you wish to sleep close to one another.

If you have any questions then feel free to contact @raptorjesus42, @Clanga, @MrEndWorld on Telegram, or send an e-mail to rennopille@hotmail.com.
You can also join the chat on Telegram at https://t.me/joinchat/BwTVUBSpts23sK27dcmRbw.

See you all there!
Also, if you signed up for an announcement email and it happened to land in your spam box, it would be helpful for us if you marked it as not spam. <3
In any case, please wait patiently until Sunday for registrations to open!
Just a reminder that registrations open today at 17:00 UTC!
you want to get a head start you can already log in at the website, but you'll still need to wait to register :)
That is 19:00 Central European Time, and 20:00 Estonian time!
Registrations will open at 17:05 UTC! (THAT'S IN THREE MINUTES)
You can sign in already! https://www.furryest.org/
Not even a day has passed and we have hit 50 attendees! Thank you all so much!

If you have any friends who haven't registered yet, tell them to hurry up. There's only 8 bed spots left!
Only two bed spots left! After that, no more will be available - although the space for tents is (nearly) infinite!
https://forms.gle/asKj4mk91dqUDjis7 Bang! Now you can register for FurryESTs very own fuzzbus! Be quick to register tho, as spots are very limited, as there will be a total of two trips both at the start and end of Furryest! If you want to be picked up from the port, you can specify which port at a later date to either Renno or Maario afterwords.

And here we go, finally (a little late, perhaps) we have a schedule in place! Check out the events that will take place and when! And if you think you would like to squeeze in an event hosted by yourself, then make sure to contact @Clanga with your idea!
Open Camp Signup and Bus Times!!!

If you wish to visit FurryEST for just a day on Saturday 6th of July, then please fill in the following form!

If you registered for free transport from Tallinn to the barge houses (and back to Tallinn when FurryEST ends), then take a look at the table below. It has some information on the pickup points as well as the telegram handles of the people who go on what time!

If you have any questions or complaints, then please send them to @Clanga on Telegram!
πŸ“ Feedback form and πŸ“· Photo share
Hello everybody and THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to FurryEST! We believe it was an amazing con and hope all of you have enjoyed it!

πŸ“ We have made an anonymous feedback form and we encourage you all to fill it in! https://forms.gle/KgHn5uA77YqWRxyY9

πŸ“· If you'd like to share your photos with other attendees, here's a shared Google Drive. No need to upload everything. Share your best pictures! If Google Drive isn't your thing, please send @Sanqui a link to download or a .zip.

A selection of photos (approximately 10-20) will be presented on the website with photographer credit!

Thank you again and see you next year!
Next furryest will be happening from 2-5th July! Everyone book your calendars and get ready for another unforgettable weekend!
Registration time and date for FurryEST 2020!!!

TL;DR, registration for FurryEST 2020 opens on 28th of March, 8PM EET! That is in slightly less than a month from now!

In addition, the FurryEST homesite ( furryest.org ) has been updated and now has a nice FAQ to answer some of the more burning questions about the convention. In addition there are some pictures from last year, as well as a new rules of conduct.

Use the FurryEST Official Chat to discuss and ask any questions (granted any of the organizers are awake).
Important notice!

Due to current events in the world regarding the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), FurryEST registration has been postponed until 18th of April! This does NOT mean that FurryEST 2020 is cancelled - we simply want to have some more time to observe the situation before committing to accepting registrations. We sincerely hope that we do not have to cancel FurryEST 2020.

We hope that all of you fuzzies are safe and sound, and that you take care!
As a result of the ongoing pandemic in the world and the uncertainty around it, FurryEST registration is delayed even further, to 9th of May. We keep holding onto the hope that the situation will show signs of easing off by the time FurryEST is supposed to take place.

We hope everyone has been able to stay safe and healthy and stable in these exceptional times.
FurryEST 2020 is Cancelled.

It is with a heavy heart that we have had to conclude that due to so many uncertainties around what the state of the world and travelling between countries will be by the start of July, it is too large of a financial risk to go ahead with FurryEST in the way we envisioned it. Hence, we regret to inform everybody that FurryEST as a convention will not be taking place in 2020.

But if you have already planned your trip to visit Estonia for FurryEST (and it turns out to be possible to do so by 3rd of July), then do not fret! If at all possible, instead of a convention, we will try to host a smaller meet. Still at a natural place and still with a sauna and bonfire, however sleeping accommodations are bound to be very limited - it will be likely that many would have to sleep in their cars or tents. More information on this replacement meet, if it is possible/legal to make one, will be released around the end of May or beginning of June on this channel, as well as on the FurryEST Official Chat.

Here's hoping that the world can fight off the virus soon and that FurryEST 2021 has no such problems to worry about!
FurryEST 2021 is Cancelled.

It is again with a very heavy heart that we have had to yet again conclude that due to the levels of Coronavirus infections throughout the world and the slow rollout of vaccines and the uncertainness of borders even opening by the time FurryEST begins, we are truly sad to not be able to host it this year as well as the last.

We truly hope that by the time 2022 rolls out, things throughout the world will have calmed properly down enough for us to bring back this lovely little con for all of you to properly enjoy and see all of your wonderful friends yet again in the beautiful wilderness of Estonia!