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⭕️ Welcome to FunnyToken Official Global Community ⭕️

🔘 What is FunnyToken?

FunnyToken is a blockchain and platform which is optimized in order to transfer cryptocurrencies from one holder to another. At the same time, it's a transferable digital asset withheld in Ethereum smart contract. It aims to be used in the game and digital service trades. While providing simple additional features according to users' needs, it's also open to being used and developed country.

You can get to know more about FunnyToken by visiting our social links below:


🌐 Official Website
📑 Whitepaper
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🔘 Our Airdrop Round 2 is Live!

Earn up to 30 FUNTO ($12) for easy social tasks and 3.75 FUNTO ($1.5) for every validated friend you refer.

Join our Airdrop here: @FunnyTokenAirdropBot

⁉️ Airdrop - FAQ

What is the price of 1 FUNTO?
-- The final token value at the end of the public sale will be $0.4 per FUNTO.

When are the tokens going to be distributed? -- Airdrop tokens will be distributed before the end of November, 2019.

What are the terms for the referral campaign? -- Each valid referral will be worth 3.75 FUNTO , the referral program does not have a limited number of participants.

What is a valid referral? -- In order to be counted as a valid referral, the referred person needs to perform at least the mandatory tasks and submit their data to the bot.


🔘 FunnyToken

MAX SUPPLY 246.000.000 FUNTO



Team: 11.070.000 FUNTO
Developer Team: 12.300.000 FUNTO
ICO Bonus & Airdrop: 13.530.000 FUNTO
ICO: 36.900.000 FUNTO
Marketing & Advertising: 49.200.000 FUNTO
In-Games & Apps Distribution: 123.000.000 FUNTO



$ 0.24 / FUNTO (+50% Bonus) (26/08/2019 - 15/09/2019)
PHASE 2 $ 0.29 / FUNTO (+40% Bonus) (16/09/2019 - 06/10/2019)
PHASE 3 $ 0.34 / FUNTO (+30% Bonus) (07/10/2019 - 27/10/2019)
PHASE 4 $ 0.40 / FUNTO (+20% Bonus) (28/10/2019 - 17/11/2019)

If you would like to join our pre-sale, please visit here

ICO PRICE $ 0.40 / FUNTO (+20% Bonus)


🔘 Official admins are as follows:


🔘 Please note that we cannot provide efficient support in Telegram, so please use our official support desk:


Admins will never PM you first
Do not share any referral links or spam
Discussing other projects is strictly prohibited
Please refrain from using degrading and harmful words or sharing explicit content
No one here will ask you to send money to them, please use our official private sale form to get in touch.
In case of violation of the abovementioned rules, the admins will not hesitate to BAN you from here