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We conduct revision courses for MRCEM Primary Intermediate courses.
We are also into OSCE training online and offline. Check our website for details and subscribe to the Telegram channel for updates or announcements.
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Our MRCEM Intermediate SBA course for Feb 2022 exam starts tomorrow.
OSCE results are out.
Please share with your colleagues..
Please share with your colleagues.
Please share with your colleagues..
Will message in the group once we open bookings. Subscribe to our channel to get notified.
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The OSCE application window opens May 6th for Kochi India Venue.. Slots might be booked real fast. Keep reminders on your phone and apply immediately. Last minute revision classes to discuss frequently asked high yield topics. Book your place now. Jun 16-19; About 4 hrs a day.
Improvise your chances of clearing the exam with this course. Check the link for more info.
RCEM has updated the 2022 calendar and results dates have been removed.
They'll announce results dates later (all results might be delayed).

Exam dates remain the same.