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EMF protection from Shungite video:

Shungite Stones & Jewelry products:
January 9, 2018
Shungite: The Electropollution Solution Special Report
By Valerie J. Burke, MSN

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"Public concern about our increasing exposure to electromagnetic radiation is on the rise. Despite
claims by government and industry about “no health risks,” proactive consumers are looking for
solutions. One that has recently appeared on the scene is a shiny black rock called shungite.
EMF (electromagnetic frequency) protective remedies are a dime-a-dozen on the internet, but what
can we believe? How do we separate fact from fiction? Is shungite a healing miracle or fanciful

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🍄Mushrooms are amazing! 🍄
Forwarded from Conscious Strength
The Epoch Times is reporting on the health benefits of medicial mushrooms, this article highlights Shiitake in particular.

Conscious Strength's Myco~Coffee has Shiitake in it, along with 6 other superfood medicinal mushroom extracts!

You can also find antioxidant powerhouse Chaga, brain boosting Lion's Mane, and lung strengthening Cordyceps on as well!

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Dr. Mercola on medicinal mushrooms

Solid-State Technology is Both Simple and Profound
Posted by Tom Cowan on May 13, 2021

By Tom Cowan, M.D.

I was introduced to the principles of solid-state technology a few months ago. The theory behind it is simple and profound, yet to our modern minds, it is perplexing. The basic idea is that we are not merely physical, chemical beings; rather, as I have repeatedly pointed out, fundamentally, we are energetic beings.

What that means, exactly, is difficult to pinpoint.

I explore this topic in depth in my upcoming book, Cancer and the New Biology of Water, due out late this summer.

I describe how cellular functions are controlled by the structure of the water in our cells. The primary reason that water is the basis of all life is that water serves as the intermediary between the various energy fields affecting the earth (sunlight, earth energy, the energy radiating from other living beings) and our physical substance...
Forwarded from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (Zelenko Protocol) (Zev Zelenko)
I’m getting hundreds of frantic calls, texts, and emails regarding omicron, delta and the flu.


If you are high risk—meaning over 45 years old, have medical problems, or chose to take the poison death shot—I recommend high risk prophylaxis (prevention therapy).


Hydroxychloroquine 200mg a day for 5 days as a loading dose and then 200mg twice a week or ivermectin 0.2mg/kg twice a week


Quercetin 500mg a day
Vitamin D3 5000iu a day
Vitamin C 1000mg a day
Zinc 25mg a day

For more information go to

A New Way to Understand the Human Heart
Dr. Tom Cowan interviews retired Spanish cardiologist Manel Ballester-Rodes. Dr. Ballester-Rodes has been studying and writing about the revolutionary discoveries of another Spanish cardiologist named Francisco Torrent-Guasp. For anyone who is interested in basic biology, the form and function of the heart, or how the human being is organized, I have a lot of confidence that you’ll find this interview fascinating.

The implications of the clear evidence that Dr. Ballester-Rodes presents has the potential to transform the way we see the heart and the human being as a whole. I believe this is an interview that should be watched by everyone. Please join us, and, as always, I love hearing your feedback and comments.

I will go over new findings on the spike protein toxin and will put that in the context of the larger Covid narrative. As time goes on, more things become clear...
🌎👣Grounding is essential to sustaining and maintaining the body's systems and circuits.

Face: Improves circulation, appearance, mood
Respiration: Improves blood oxygen, enhancing cell functions throughout the body, asthma relief
Digestion: Calms upsets, bloating
Reproductive System: Regulates hormonal rhythms
Bones: Balances bone calcium metabolism, reduces osteoporosis
Joints: Reduces painful joint inflammation, arthritis
Energy: Enhances bioelectrical processes throughout body — muscle contraction, nerve conduction, wound healing, hormonal rhythms, ends jet-lag
Stress: Balances autonomic nervous system, reduce stress, improves sleep
Heart: Calms arrhythmias, lowers blood pressure
Muscles: Reduces muscle pain and damage after exercise
Injuries: Enhances immune responses, speeds wound healing
Aging: Slows free radical damage associated with aging
Electrical Sensitivity: Reduces body voltage induced by electrical environment
Chronic Diseases: Prevents & calms chronic inflammatory & autoimmune diseases
💥The Wonders of Sound and Cymatics: Vibrational Medicine Discovery by True Medicine University💥

This looks outstanding! Vibrational Medicine combined with scalar technology will be the most powerful path to sustainable health that integrates into the field around the body to inform the physical antennae of water and DNA! Looking forward to the full movie!
Hemp has amazing properties! See the studies surrounding a certain pandemic virus we find ourselves in! t/h: @CrystalLove22
👆Hemp has amazing properties! See the studies 👆surrounding a certain pandemic virus we find ourselves in!
t/h: @CrystalLove22
I was kicked off of Twitter for posting items like this back in 2020. Now the truth comes out!

Christine Massey used Freedom of Information requests to ask for proof of virus isolation from many "health" organizations like the CDC. What she found may (or may not) surprise you. I hope you'll tune in and share this important information with your loved ones.

Watch the episode here: