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Looks like the power struggle in China might be over soon… this is big.

BEIJING — China announced Saturday its new central committee would include many known allies of Chinese President Xi Jinping, while several officials with more market-leaning tendencies were not on the list.

Four of the current seven members of the Politburo standing committee were not on the list. The only three who remained were Xi, Wang Huning — known for his work on ideology — and Zhao Leji — current head of party discipline.
Woah… 😮

The woke globalists in charge of the MSCI benchmarks for passive and active fund managers are removing Twitter now that Elon owns the company.

I had this premonition last night… serious conflict following Rs taking Congress:

Nationalists (ex-RINOS) = House + Senate + SCOTUS

Globalists = WH + DoJ + FBI + CIA

Started imagining how that conflict would clash… with political tensions in the US being as high as ever… a very explosive combination for 2023
UPDATE: 82% chance of Red Wave according to the most liquid political betting market PredictIt, up 8cents in the past few hours 🔥
Speculation: Most likely the DS funded SBF and orchestrated this demise to destroy the crypto industry given they are terrified of decentralization.
🚨 ENERGY STRATEGY UPDATE: You know what’s interesting… the deadline imposed by the G7 regarding the oil price caps on Russian crude happens to be the same date as the GA runoff… December 6th.

The existing plan to contain energy prices stops after December 6th: End of SPR releases expected in December, EU ban on Russian crude expected to take place first week of December, and G7 Price Cap mechanism to be presented by December 6th… ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?
*BREAKING: Poland will increase military readiness in response to missile strikes


Obviously, all this had to take place in the middle of the G20 Summit…
It’s Tuesday, 15th November 2022, and on this day the world’s population reached 8 billion, while also coinciding with the closest escalation to WW3 (Poland Article 4).

The number 8 vibration is associated with building and destroying, as we have seen with many events taking place on the 8th of each month this year.

CCP members and Chinese military participating in iPhone production at Foxconn? WTH is going on here…

Officials in central China have tapped the government’s vast network of party members, civil servants and military veterans to help Foxconn, the Taiwan-based assembler of Apple’s iPhones, with its recruitment drive. They called on them to “respond to the government’s call” and “aid in the resumption of production” at the factory, according to county notices and state media reports.
Opinion: Huge fan of the World Cup… yet I can’t help but wonder, what the fuck are the globalists up to by organizing it during these dates, it’s unheard of… The World Cup always takes place during the European off-season in June and July.

Are these players are up to something? And somehow the World Cup starts on FJBs birthday, literally one day after DJT is re-instated on Twitter, in the middle of the AZ steal and GA runoff, as well as energy policy flip from the G7.
The Saudis are now denying the OPEC production increase rumored by the WSJ earlier today.

Opinion: MBS laughing at Biden despite the WH granting him immunity over the assassination of reporter Khashoggi.
Decode Assignment… drop your digs in the comments section.

Official Mascot of Qatar 2022 known as La'eeb which translates to 'super-skilled player' in Arabic.

Interesting choice of words: With the Qatar World Cup now upon us, football supporters' minds are edging from their respective clubs and onto international tournament football.

According to FIFA, 'he belongs to a parallel mascot-verse that is indescribable - everyone is invited to interpret what it looks like' whilst being described as 'adventurous, fun and curious.'
World Cup Decode Assignment Pt. 2

The Symbol: The swooping curves of the emblem represent desert dunes, and the unbroken loop depicts both the number eight – representing the tournament’s host stadiums – and the infinity symbol, reflecting the event’s interconnected nature, fusing tradition with modernity. 

Interesting to see number 8 appear again, just after the world population reached 8bn people last week.
Speculation: Twitter poll aimed at supporting Tesla stock which Elon uses as collateral while they go after the bots in the polls and Elon focuses on other business verticals within the group. Killed 3 birds with 1 stone

For Elon the main focus has to be software: building an operating system that can drive cars and connect them with all devices, similar to what apple did with apple store to disrupt the handset industry.
Conservatives being upset over Bolsonaro’s defeat makes all the sense in the world…

However, did you know back in the day Lula told Obama to fuck off when he asked him if the BRICS were working on a new currency to bypass the dollar?

Doesn’t seem too inspiring from the POW of the swamp… very curious to see how Brazil moves in the geopolitical landscape going forward, even without Bolsonaro.
Perhaps the Chinese balloon story was simply to set up the UFO narrative (how else do you justify taking down UFOs?), while making sure geopolitical tensions didn’t ease further…

Timeline of UFO Events:

1. Feb 2: Chinese Balloon spotted

2. Feb 4: Chinese Balloon shot down

3. Feb 10: UFO seen over Alaska

4. Feb 11: UFOs shot over Canada

5. Feb 12: UFO appears over China

6. Feb 12: UFO shot over Lake Huron

Two of the Federal Reserve board’s seven governors abstained from supporting the selection of former Obama aide Austan Goolsbee to become president of the Chicago Fed, according to a record of the vote.

Governors Michelle Bowman and Christopher Waller, who were both appointed to the board by former President Donald Trump, withheld their support for Goolsbee, who took up his post last month. The records were obtained by Bloomberg News Friday through a Freedom of Information Act request.