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Foil offers blockchain solutions: on-chain storage, pure nft with storage, verified and semi-anonymous statuses, asset tokenization, electronic voting.

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πŸ’ΈFOIL Network TokenomicsπŸ’Έ

The FOIL Network is based on two accounting units - FOIL and MVolt ✌️

This model allows users to participate in the ecosystem without diminishing their stake in the network. It separates management rights from network usage fees.

$MVolt is a stablecoin, used as a gas token for the FOIL Network ⛽️

The fiat value of $MVolt is a solid value of a certain amount of storage or transactions within the FOIL Network, while the $FOIL token is reevaluated and paired against #Ethereum, #Binance Coin and #Bitcoin.

The $FOIL token is created in order to maintain the liquidity behind the FOIL ecosystem πŸš€
πŸ“œ The FOIL protocol πŸ“œ

In terms of building the next generation of blockchain, the development of the protocol was launched in 2014 as Erachain platform, and was a real breakthrough in the blockchain field, providing a protocol for operations within the legal framework.

After years of development and testing the functionality and optimizing the rapid block processing, we were ready for the FOIL Genesis Block πŸš€
How not to lose the money saved over the years?

StakeHound, the staking firm, is suing the custody storage service Fireblocks. The company is accused of losing private keys from wallets, which contained 38,178 ETH, $75 in fiat currency! πŸ’ΈπŸ”‘

Can you guess which storage method is safer? That's right - non-custodial or decentralized. Our blockchain will handle this task better than anyone.

Because FOIL Network:
1. Is a cross platform
2. Easily integrates with any service, as it is written in Java
3. Can automatically collect data and send it to a distributed ledger
4. Is able to encrypt everything that is loaded into it (documents, letters, files, etc.)

Working without intermediaries is more convenient and reliable, with us only the information owners will have access to the data πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸš€
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Probably many of you have already noticed, that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is super interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.
This time Twitter have made a radical move, by simply giving away 🎨 140 original NFTs for free!

Twitter shouted out seven tweets yesterday showing off the unique pieces of digital art and 20 copies of each NFT are going for no cost.

The company also noted that the platform has seen more than 29 million tweets about NFTs since the beginning of the year.

🎨 Hot topic, eh? πŸ”₯
Follow our TWITTER to get updates about Pure NFT and Elastic FOIL Blockchain
Dual Tokenomics brings $FOIL utility token into a weighted value with big growth potential, because of the special $MVolt token. βš–οΈ

$MVolt is a stablecoin and gas token, created as energy fuel of the FOIL ecosystem. Integrated popular cryptos bring in the liquidity, while #DOGE coin plays the key role in the process of crosschain platform activities and defi services within the FOIL BaaS ecosystem. Using #DOGE brings you almost the same set of rights as holding $FOIL, the native utility token and primary crypto asset on FOIL Network.⚑️

Find out more about Foil Networks Dual Tokenomics Structure and why it’s important to keep the gas fees low when it comes to NFT minting and on-chain storage.πŸ”‹
❗️Important update❗️

Please be advised of the upcoming maintenance of Foil Network.
βš™οΈ Today Foil Network website will be unavailable due to ongoing update for a few hours βš™οΈ
We will keep you informed once the update is complete.

Thank you 🀝
Foil Network Team
Update completed!

We are pleased to announce that the FOIL Network website has been successfully updated and fully functional. βœ…

Foil.Network was updated and re-branded!
Our website is now ready for future updates of the elastic FOIL blockchainπŸ”₯

In the near future, a gradual subsequent launch of services planned for:
1) Real #NFTs on the FOIL mainnet
2) #NFT Marketplace
3) Activation of blockchain-as-a-service functions
- Blockchain ID
- Data storage
- DeFi services

One more step of the Roadmap has been completed and FOIL continues to develop unique blockchain technologies!
Prometheus and Foil Blockchain are holding the world's first offline NFT auction in Moscow!

On July 15th, popular Russian artists and representatives of media space will be presenting unique NFTs at a live event in downtown Moscow. Most authors will attend the NFT auction in person.

Our guests will enjoy the speeches of famous attendees:

βœ”οΈGleb Kostarev, head of BINANCE Russia
βœ”οΈEugeniy Kuzin, Founder FOIL NETWORK
βœ”οΈRuslan Sokolovsky, CEO Prometheus
βœ”οΈMikhail Svetov, Russian politician and blogger (video call)
βœ”οΈAlexander Nevzorov, TV presenter, publicist, director, screenwriter
βœ”οΈDmitry Larin, blogger
βœ”οΈNikolai Sobolev, blogger
βœ”οΈDenis Shmalz, blogger
And many other famous and recognized influencers

In addition, all guests will have an opportunity to participate in a unique interactive showcase, that will give to the participants the opportunity to create their own non-fungible tokens at the same event.

You can purchase the ticket for the NFT auction on the website
The first step has been taken! We have opened the sale of on-chain tickets for the world's first offline NFT auction in Moscow 😎

Together with Prometheus we will conduct an online and offline auction.

On-chain ticket holders will have access to a private channel, the Pure NFT, MVolt auction, sufficient for 50 transactions and the opportunity to participate in a lottery in which 5000 Foils will be drawn among 10 random online ticket holders.

BTW, with the release of #NFT tickets, the Genesis account Foil (the project administrator account) began to work.

The start of the sale of #NFT tickets for offline participation is scheduled for the morning of July 9!

Tickets and detailed information are available on the official website of the event

See you in the future πŸš€

We have distributed $FOIL to the participants of Bronze stage.

We are very pleased with the amount of participants (2000+ people) and will do our best to create as much new activities for you, as possible, thanks. 😊

But we regret to inform you that not all participants have followed the conditions of the AIRDROP.

If you haven't found distributed rewards in your wallet, you can check two lists:
1) Whitelist of airdrop (already distributed )
2) Blacklist of airdrop ( people who left our group ).

People who were blacklisted by mistake can fill out this form (only if your wallet adress is in the blacklist) and we will distribute $FOIL within 2 weeks.
We break into reality! πŸŒ‡

Pure NFT ticket sale for the world's first private NFT offline auction begin!

And it will take place on July 15 at the site in the center of Moscow. It will feature unique lots from popular Russian artists and media representatives. Many authors will personally attend the auction. Guests will enjoy performances by famous speakers and a unique interactive experience.

There are the following tickets to choose from:

Access to the conference room
Access to the auction
Participant package
+73 $FOIL tokens

Access to the conference room
Access to the auction and to bidding for the main lot
Business Member Package
Coffee break
+333 $FOIL tokens

- VIP🀩
Access to the conference room
Access to the auction and to bidding for the main lot
VIP member package
Front row booking
+666 $FOIL tokens

The address where the event will take place will be sent in an encrypted letter on the blockchain πŸ“¨

See you in reality 😜

Tickets and detailed information are available on the official website of the event
We perceive Ruslan Sokolovsky as one of the main Influencers of the crypto world. He is our partner. And he has a case study. The work was created in the real world out of wood. We digitized it together with his team. The painting will be burned a little later.

Meet the story of Pure NFT Icons by Ruslan Sokolovsky.
First full-length film sold via NFT: β€œThe art of selling art” was sold for 135000 $FOIL (13500$)
Foil Network in cooperation with Prometheus held an offline auction in downtown Moscow on July 15, 2021, gathering #NFT artists and collectors in a private event of uncensored digital art, right next to the Kremlin.

The offline #NFT auction involved famous artists and popular bloggers, representing their #NFT works for the first time. Some popular names were Sergey Elkin, a world-famous caricature artist, Ruslan Sokolovskiy, a famous blogger, musicians like the band Outkast and Hohlov Sabatovskiy, an online education platform, which created documentary movie dedicated to #NFT artists and influencers from Russia, unveiling the most important know-how from the top #NFT communities and artists of Russian #NFT scene. Many other artists took part in the auction, as well as introduced their artwork directly to the attendees.

The #NFT lots of the offline auction combined different digital art and collectibles from famous social media bloggers.

Read more on Medium
The first NFT drop of an artist from our community was minted, and the preview is loaded directly from the blockchain via Blockexplorer.

This is the first testnet artist to be migrated to the mainnet.
1. A profile, showing his portfolio, was created in the blockchain.
View in Marketplace
View in Blockexplorer
2. The artist passed KYC / AML verification by sending his personal data in an encrypted message in the blockchain. This is the link to the transaction: View in Blockexplorer
3. He created his first Pure NFT on the Mainnet as a single digital entity, both the file and the metadata are stored on the blockchain.
View in Marketplace
Look at Blockexplorer
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FOIL Network decided to start a little bounty on Twitter πŸŽ‰

Everyone who subscribe to the news channel and group, as well as complete some simple tasks will get 20 $FOIL to their wallet. To get the tokens, you have to fill πŸ”₯ this form πŸ”₯

The airdrop will last exactly one week and the results will be announced in this group and the FOIL Network news channel.
We received a great amount of requests for Twitter bounty and closed form.

Wait for official announcement about distribution in our channels.

If you were too late this time don't worry, soon there will be more opportunities and news!πŸ˜πŸš€
Thank you for your participation in Twitter Bounty. πŸŽ‰

Over a few hours over 5000 of participants joined our bounty campaign. πŸ”₯
The maximum amount of participants has been reached and the bounty form is closed.

Crypto rewards distribution will be accompanied by official announcement in our channels. Stay tuned and check our website!
Forwarded from Evgenii Kuzin
Hey, every one, we got a lot of new people. We want to ask our community. Do you want us to distribute Tokens Quickly or take care and distributed fairly
Anonymous Poll
I want my FOIL token as soon as possible!!
Guys, take your time and make fair distribution!
Forwarded from Evgenii Kuzin
Maybe this is what we can do: we will create a proof form and publish it only here. People will have one day to fill this form and all these accounts will receive 29 FOIL. All the other accounts that came from twitter will receive 1 FOIL.
Anonymous Poll
Yes! it is Fair
No, all bots should get FOIL