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Someone I knew took her life away

See this and share it ....

You may help someone save their life ...

More here
😢😢 Mental Health Issue facing Youths is REAL

It may be the case of Bullying that has gone beyond the level of just Verbal or Physical abuse Or signs of Depression gone unchecked

Which Leads to Murder ❗️

Happening in Singapore,
One of the safest country in the world with best education system, in one of the Best Top Schools 😢😢

Condolences to the family

It's not the kind of call any parent would want to receive "Dear parent your child is found dead"

The reasons are unknown and police is still investigating it ....

Is it Bullying?
If it isn't then it's still am act of Violence gone astray


Leads to mental health issues ..

Mental health issue is real!

What can we do?

As parents?
As teachers?

How can we reduce the impact of bullying or support our young ones with mental health issues?

How can we educate our youths?
From the bullies
And the ones being bullied?
Or offer more support to mental health issues in school?

How can we raise the level of positive self confidence and compassion in kids?

So the bullies will turn around to be kind and compassionate

While the ones being bullied to learn to manage their emotions and be more self confident

Or just teaching parents and kids and teens how to manage their emotions, handle depression and take care of their mental health

News like this makes me go on doing what I do
If it's to be, it's up to me

I will do whatever I can given what I can to be part of the solution to continue Inspiring Parents to Raise Kind, Compassionate, Happy, Confident Child beyond just being book smart

If anyone is affected by this news and need to reach out to someone:

Getting help:
• National Care Hotline: 1800-202-6868

Mental well-being:
• Fei Yue’s Online Counselling Service:
• Institute of Mental Health’s Mental Health Helpline: 6389-2222
• Samaritans of Singapore: 1800-221-4444
• Silver Ribbon Singapore: 6385-3714
• Tinkle Friend: 1800-274-4788

• TOUCHline (Counselling): 1800-377-2252
• Care Corner Counselling Centre: 1800-353-5800
If anyone is affected by this news and need to reach out to someone:

Getting help:
• National Care Hotline: 1800-202-6868

Mental well-being:
• Fei Yue’s Online Counselling Service:
• Institute of Mental Health’s Mental Health Helpline: 6389-2222
• Samaritans of Singapore: 1800-221-4444
• Silver Ribbon Singapore: 6385-3714
• Tinkle Friend: 1800-274-4788

• TOUCHline (Counselling): 1800-377-2252
• Care Corner Counselling Centre: 1800-353-5800
Forwarded from Positive Parenting Hub (Suria Sparks 💜 First Love Yourself)

For the sake of RVHS students and all students struggling to achieve for their schools, their parents, even our country’s “need” to stay at the top of the rung in world standards 😢😢


I’ve tried to share my experience when I was in RVHS but it got reported 😞 So I'm trying again with a new account because I really really want people to know what's going on and to try to be more empathetic with their words surrounding the recent RVHS case!

This is an anonymous account and my name isn't Selena Leong; I apologise to all the alumnis of RVHS who are coincidentally named Selena Leong

As an alumni of River Valley High School, the recent incident of murder has left me shaking, overwhelmed, and full of negative emotions. For hours.

Disclaimer: All of the content is the truth to the best of my knowledge and my personal memory as well as the accounts of multiple other people. There is no intention to slander/ defame RVHS. I have tried to keep the article objective, and any negative emotions towards RVHS are not representative of the entire student body, they are simply my (and a few others’) true feelings to our experiences within RVHS.

Negative emotions - partly because a 13 year old will never be coming home from school, and he was killed in a vicious cold blooded murder - and partly because my first thought when I heard of the news was that no 16 year old will kill someone out of nowhere, and I’m afraid that the culture of River Valley and the general Singaporean Education system has led to this unfortunate incident. It’s mildly distressing that this is my first thought, which shows how little faith I have in RVHS to handle mental issues. Mental health. What I suspected was the root of the problem, and it turned out to be the truth.

The online comments on the day of the incident are quick to blame. They jump to conclusions, pointing out that perhaps, it’s because of violent video games or some other crazy factor. (I’m an avid gamer myself, and I have never had the intention to kill anybody.)

My own parents, who aren’t that educated, thought that it might have been due to bad company outside of the school, since students with such good grades couldn’t possibly have turned this bad.

It made me surprised and distressed to realise that people are so defensive of the educational system, that it must be some outside factor, that he was just a bad apple, and they come up with multiple speculations, none of which are targeted at the school or at the education system. Maybe he really is a bad apple. Maybe there’s a lot of other factors behind his poor mental health. But maybe, just maybe, the education system has failed him. Maybe River Valley has failed him.

Let’s look at some of the points covered in various news articles, shall we?

“The police prosecutor told the court that preliminary investigations revealed that the 16-year-old was assessed at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) in 2019 after he attempted to commit suicide.” [Referenced from Straits Times.]

“It’s completely shocking because safety is assumed and normally (in Singapore anyway) assured. The attacker is also a young boy, (16), he has been charged today. As (the Attorney-General’s Chambers) told the court, there is some history of mental health issues,” he (Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam) wrote. [Referenced from Straits Times.]

I certainly do not condone murder, and what he has done is something horrendous that cannot be turned backwards. Despite any mental health issues I have had, I would never do something like this.

However, there’s a small part of me that can’t help but feel sorry for the murderer. How much trauma and stress has he gone through, to drive him to do something like this? I know that my experience at River Valley High School has left me traumatised for years, and until now, despite having graduated a few years ago, I still have nightmares about studying in school, about having to take the A levels, and I wake up and remember that I’ve graduated.
Forwarded from Positive Parenting Hub (Suria Sparks 💜 First Love Yourself)
There’s years of unresolved trauma from RVHS in my formative years that can never be erased, and I was diagnosed with moderate clinical depression and severe clinical anxiety.

Of course, I can’t blame all of it on RVHS, but those were really painful years for me. I frequently call my time at RVHS the worst and darkest period of my life.

In my opinion, the school is elitist, and they don’t seem to care very much about the mental health and welfare of students.

Accolades and accomplishments are at the top of their priority list - students who are less popular, or who do not perform well, are shoved to the bottom of the barrel.

One incident that I would always remember clearly, is when I had a chronic illness relapse that left me incapacitated, and the next day, I was kicked out of the classroom by a teacher (I shan’t name names here) because I had only completed half my homework.

I tried to explain to him that I was ill the day before, and I couldn’t finish my homework, but I tried my best to work on it - he didn’t really believe me. Years later, I remember this as clearly as if it was yesterday, even as most other things of my junior college school life have faded from memory.

That’s the impact of a teacher. If you make a student feel hurt or humiliated, it sticks with them for life. It’s a deep, lasting, pain that is hard to reverse.

If you’re popular and/or you have stellar grades, then the teachers will treat you well. If not, well... (There were some great teachers that I’ve had as well, so it’s not really every teacher in RVHS that has this problem - but at the same time, the fact that these teachers are allowed to continue such blatant bias without any repercussions or even a talking-to by the principal shows cracks in the system at school.)

Again, as mentioned earlier, there were a lot of other factors, but I dreaded going to school every day, I hated school, I got bullied but nobody seemed to really care.

Before you say that I’m only one student - I know multiple people from my batch or from batches below me that have transferred out of the school because they felt immense pressure studying there.

I know people who cried everyday after school because of how agonizing school was for them, and their form teachers knew but nothing was done. A friend of mine said that when they were bullied / treated badly by their peers to the point that they avoided school and took multiple MCs, they decided to ask the counsellor for help - instead of helping them, the counsellor kept pressing about who their form teacher is, and did not respect that my friend didn’t want their form teacher to find out.

They were eventually pressured into talking by the counsellor - who told the teacher - and the teacher’s response was to say that my friend must have done something wrong to be treated like that. That’s just outright victim blaming without doing anything to solve the situation. Is this how a teacher should react to their students? Children who aren’t even 18?

I don’t mean to post this to get clout. I don’t mean to post this to try and undermine the incident - there is definitely a lot of sympathy in my heart for the students, for the parents, for some of the staff.

I can’t imagine how traumatising it must have been for the students, especially those who witnessed it happening before their very eyes. I can’t imagine how heartbroken the parents must be.

My condolences go out to the parents of the victim. My heart goes out to the students, broken by this incident, desperately fighting to erase it from their minds. I hope the school follows up with it properly. I hope the victim rests in peace. 13 years old is far too young.

However, within me - there is also anger, there is indignance at the situation, there is a desperate cry for change, to ensure that the recent horrors will never repeat themselves.
Forwarded from Positive Parenting Hub (Suria Sparks 💜 First Love Yourself)
The 17 year old in me is calling out in anguish for the school to start taking mental health seriously, to put aside achievements and focus on the human side of students. She’s still broken, after so many years. We are all human.

We aren’t just trophies for the school, or achievement-getting robots. This goes out not only to RVHS - but Singaporean schools in general. Top schools that pressure their kids to mind popping standards in order to compete, to gain intangible prestige that is fleeting in the end compared to human life.

This isn’t specifically a personal attack on RVHS. I’m sure that school staff also have pressure from the government, or from the public, to perform and stay at the top of their game.

I understand that teachers also have bad days. Life isn’t easy for everyone. There were some good teachers. There were some good times. I’m just sorry to say that the bad times far outweighed the good.

This is a call for society to change the way you view teenagers, to change perceptions on mental health and on grades. To be gentle with the youth, to not throw the younger generation into a pressure cooker in hopes that they will turn from coal into diamonds.
If you truly want to stop something this appalling from happening again, call for change.

If you’re a parent, hug your child tighter tonight and tell them you’re just glad they’re with you, and their recent failed test doesn’t matter that much anymore. Educate yourself on mental health, respect your child’s needs and be their guiding light. Know the signs of emotional distress, and pay attention.

If you’re a student, I’m sorry you have to experience this horrifying event in some way. Don’t be afraid to speak up. You know what you need best.

If you’re a teacher, reflect on what you say to your students. They’re young and impressionable - other than their parents, you’re their moral support, their influence, the adults they see the most often. If there’s one thing I learned from my part time teaching gig, it was not how to get the students to perform, but that they all are such special and loving individuals with their own problems, and it was a privilege for myself to help them work through it.

As grown adults, it is easy for us to invalidate the stresses and hardships of children, thinking that their plate is far lighter than our own, but that is a detrimental mindset to have, especially for an educator. To them, their problems are monumental, and we should strive to show them understanding and respect.

Advocate for more than one counsellor in each school. Learn more about mental health and how you can protect and prioritize your students. Teaching is not just a job.
If you’re a school staff, convince the rest to hire more counsellors.

Counselling is not a one size fits all, and the student body is too large to be serviced by a single counsellor who might have their own bias and opinions.

If you’re a random member of the public, don’t stigmatize mental health. Make it a topic that everyone can talk about. Make it normalised. Make it something that should be discussed. Breaking down is normal. Being emotionally stressed is fine, as long as it can be managed.

Normalise talks, seminars, workshops on mental health. Talk about it. It is absolutely devastating that an innocent 13 year old has to die for this to be a wake up call that it’s the 21st century and mental health is such an important issue that not enough people talk about.

We can all do better, to make this world a better place, to keep our future generation safe and happy.

P.S. None of this has anything to do with the current students. Don’t harass my juniors for information. Respect their privacy. Don’t spam them with questions. I hope that this post won’t cause even more trouble for them, as that is the last thing I want to do.

Don’t take this post as an excuse to ask RV students further questions when they’re probably already under duress. This entire post is for their sake.
Forwarded from Positive Parenting Hub (Suria Sparks 💜 First Love Yourself)
Above is REPOSTED Via someone who claims to be an anonymous student from RVHS who had to hide her identity as her original post was reported 👆🏼
Repost via President Mdm Halimah Yacob

We mourn for the parents who lost their 13 year-old son, when he was allegedly killed by a 16 year-old student, both from River Valley High. It was a great tragedy. A young life lost with promises and hopes unfulfilled. No words can describe how the parents who had lovingly nurtured this child only to so suddenly have him snatched away are feeling now, and how they can recover from that pain.

But one can’t help feeling sorry for the 16 year-old and his family too. It was recently revealed in court when he was charged that he had a prior episode of mental breakdown two years ago when he was referred to IMH because of a suicide attempt. And we know that the impact of mental illness when the onset is at a very young age is usually a lot more severe than someone who gets it much later in life.

Attempted suicides are a real cry for help. We don’t know the full details particularly whether he had continued to receive psychiatric help or medication in order to deal with his mental health after that episode. We also don’t know whether it was due to school or there are other factors affecting him as the causes of mental breakdowns are numerous and sometimes there are more than one factor at play.

We do know however that parents, schools and our society are ill equipped to deal with this situation. For parents, the great difficulty is not knowing whether the child is perhaps going through a growth phase as all adolescents with growth hormones raging through their bodies sometimes act out, or is it because of something much deeper. For teachers, already overloaded with work, it’s not possible to delve deeply into the issues affecting one child which will require close monitoring, observation and engagement. There’s a school counsellor but the person may not be well trained on issues affecting mental health.

Society too imposes high expectations on our children, particularly on those who seem to be doing well academically. We expect to see a linear progression in their performance with no interruption whatsoever, like some well oiled machinery. Parents compare all the time. We often say that a well developed, healthy child is better than a troubled child who seem to be shooting all As but is suffering, but we actually send different signals to them.

Sometimes children with mental health issues may need some time off from school but the dilemma for parents is what to do with the child at home for a whole year, for instance, when the child is off school rehabilitating? Are there programmes to make it easier for parents to ensure that the child with mental health issues staying at home is meaningfully engaged and not just receiving psychiatric treatment or on medication only?

Parents also fear the terrible stigma that mental health attracts. There is still so much ignorance, stereotype and prejudice in our society against people with mental health issues that parents fear doing more harm than good to their children’s future by seeking treatment that they delay with disastrous consequences.

Schools need a lot more resources and support to help students with mental health issues. One way is for them to partner with social service agencies dealing with mental wellness, who could help to run programmes educating students on mental well-being. Some institutes of higher learning have also embedded programmes on mental health to support their students and are quite effective, which they can share with schools. We could also study the experience of other countries with more developed systems of support for our reference.

It takes a tragedy like this to start us thinking deeply again about the mental health of our young. Most of our children can cope, are resilient and will grow up well. But not all children are the same. Some do need more help and not just from the school but from everyone.
Emotionally Exhausted,
Natural Disaster Floods
Biz losses

The struggle and pain of the world is real

Let's send Love, Prayers and Kind Thoughts

It's Challenging Times

Be Kind, Send Love and Peace 💜
Check her out Anita Moorjani's story is remarkable

New York Times bestseller Dying to be Me. After her cancer diagnosis in 2002, Moorjani was taken to a hospital in 2006 where she lay in a coma for 30 hours, during which Moorjani she goes through a Near Death Experience (NDE).

She had tumours size of eggs all around her neck. She was as good as dead.

Within four days after she woke up from her coma, 70 per cent of her cancer had cleared. Within five weeks, she was clear of the disease. Specialists at the hospital declared her case a miracle.

Now she speaks on Emotional Healing as the Greatest Healing to all Diseases.

All Diseases starts from the state of un-ease = dis-ease

Be at ease and be healed

Key to success is managing emotions

Crying is a form of release

I had one of my Worst moment in my entire life yesterday. A moment I will never forget. I felt like dying as if life has no more meaning

I lost hope in humanity
I lost hope in human compassion

I felt attacked, defeated, humiliated, a lost cause
I was devastated

I've been through many tough moments in life, but what happened yesterday was one of the worst

I list it as my Top 10 worst moments in life

I cried buckets.

I was depressed
All hopes gone
The Suria I knew was gone for those moment

I collapsed in bed could not wake up

I was shivering in hopelessness, fear, doubts and uncertainty
It was so traumatizing and agonizing

Then in my weakest moment, I only had one thought, God

I am still breathing
God is with me

I searched for compassion
I found it in my breath

I am breathing
It means there is hope

I went through my Soul Detox tools

Showered went out to just feel the sun
Came back, journalled and shared my heart out

Today I woke up feeling hopeful

I am glad I am able to manage my emotions

I am grateful I have the support of my loved ones

Nothing gives a Greater Peace of Mind than the Ability to Manage Emotions

Managing Emotions leads to Peace, leads to Physical Healthy which leads to Clarity and ability to Move on in life productively

When there is no ease, life is hell

When there is ease, we become disease free and at peace

Peace of Mind is True Wealth

Love & Light 💜
Sometimes the bigger your soul’s assignment on this planet, the more you will have to go through in order to accelerate your soul learnings.

When you are on the spiritual path and pray to be more spiritual, sometimes your difficult times are actually the Universe’s response to your soul’s request.

It’s nothing bad or that you did something wrong. It’s through these experiences that you are forced to grow and realize more of who you really are and put your spirituality into action.

If you are in the midst of a crisis, congratulations….. It simply means that you have outgrown the current level of your life and something more is seeking to be expressed through you.

When you are in it, know that you have what it takes to deal with it. And not only is it happening for a reason, it’s happening because your soul is ready to handle it.

Embrace the opportunity to grow and become more of who you really are.

Trust that you are ready.

Trust life.

Via KB

Shut Up, Dont Speak, Shhhhh...

He Molested You, Shut Up, Dont Speak Shhhhh....

He Raped You, Shut Up, Dont Speak Shhhhh....

He Beats You Up, Shut Up, Dont Speak Shhhhh...

He calls you a Slut, Fat, Ugly & Stupid, you're Hurt but Shut Up, Dont Speak Shhhhh...

He Fucked another woman, Shut Up, Dont Speak Shhhhh...

He touches your own daughter, you pretend it didnt happen and live in denial ... Shut Up, Dont Speak Shhhhh...

He sniffs and injects poison needles infront of your kids ...Shut Up, Dont Speak Shhhhh...

He thrashes the family when he is drunk ... Shut Up, Dont Speak Shhhhh...

He compares you to his mum, his sisters, his ex, Shut Up, Dont Speak Shhhhh...

He lazes around while you work like a mad dog, Shut Up, Dont Speak Shhhhh...

He chalks up debts after debts and you gotta clean up his piles of debts crap, Shut Up, Dont Speak Shhhhh...

You earn more than him and he punishes you with the guilt cards, Shut Up, Dont Speak Shhhhh...

His family is more important than yours, Shut Up, Dont Speak Shhhhh...

He womanizes but has the Money and Power, so Just stay, so Shut Up, Dont Speak Shhhhh

He bullies you, but he knows big names, who are you? so just Shut Up, Dont Speak Shhhhh...

Just Shut Up, Dont Speak Shhhhh...

You are a Woman ....

You have No Power....

You Cant Do Anything....

What will people think of You if You speak up...

You dont wash dirty linen in public, keep this private...

Think of Your Children 1st...

You are a Sinner if you speak Ill

Just be Positive...

Be patient, God will solve it for you...


Millions of Silence ....

Hear the Noise?
What Noise?
Oh its just her Voice

Will anyone listen?

She speaks not to be heard
She speaks so she breaks the spell
She finally listens to her own Voice ...

The Silence is Broken ....
New Journey Begins ...

🦋 When People Annoy You

When the characters stop turning up to poke you
Your life lesson for that module is over
You've graduated ...

Even if such characters surface again in the future
You'd totally feel them like a breeze and not a thorn

The day will come when characters come as breeze not thorns
Meanwhile honour whatever that pokes
Respect the anger, hurt and frustrations
Allow, Feel and then Release ...

Soon, one day it will all be a breeze 💜