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Наш первый спикер - Антонина Голубева из ID Finance с рассказом о 50 оттенков серого в мире CPA
Закуски и бокалы уже ждут!
Dear colleagues and friends, The FinAdTech conference has finished in Tallin.
So, it is time to take stock.
We gathered almost 300 participants from 15 countries and the same number of people watched our webcast and actively commented reports and presentations in fintech community chats.

The main part of the Conference focused on reports of leading experts and discussion of the proffesional issues raised.
The key themes of the discussion were the latest trends on fast consumer loans market, new European law about Personal Data Protection – GDPR, online customer acquisition techniques for retail banking, new business models and players in the segment of attracting financial traffic, offline and online integration, and also technologies and optimization of business processes.
Among the speakers were representatives of companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal, Google, ID Finance and etc.

In addition, within the Conference there were interesting roundtable discussions on hot topics. One of them focused on how leading affiliates make money and gathered several stars of SEM who have previously preferred to stay out of sight - Guram Tateshvili, Sergei Golub, Egor Babakov and Konstantin Tochony.
We express our special gratitude to all our main sponsors: Advendor and Capitalist, platinum sponsor - Loando, Ekapusta, Financer, DoAffiliate and Webvork.
And last but not least, we are thankful to all our participants - without you FinAdTech conference would not have been so great and our afterparty so amazing ;)

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And now we reveal the secret: the next FinAdTech conference will be held this fall and it will be even greater!

In addition to business events, we are planning other interesting events for our advertisers and affiliates. Follow our news!
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Today, for those who are already with us and for those who are just about to join, the organizers of the conference will talk about what FinAdTech is, why this is a must-visit-event, and will also cover some results of the previous conference.
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