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We recently conducted one of the most exciting programmes in FOCUS Adventure, The Hybrid Race Challenge!...find out more!
Have you ever wondered what running an organisation or even a team is like? Wanted to understand how your decisions might affect the organisation's overall results?

We might just have the right solution for you. Find out more
This programme is designed for any organisation looking to create a culture of mentorship within the organisation for senior leaders to be equipping junior leaders with the right skills and knowledge. Find out more.
Ever since the pandemic began, families across the globe have been forced into the home to protect themselves and their loved ones….. It’s crystal clear that things will never be the same. But there is a way to recover lost time and make things better for you and your children….Find out more.
The course designed for individuals in the training industry to create learning in an interactive way to increase participation from learners. Find out more.
We have done a couple of employee engagement surveys for some organisations and found that the scores were lower than pre-pandemic.

To bring back the scores up, we have curated programmes for employees to participate in and do certain activities that allow them to get their minds off daily tasks. Find out more here.
Stand a chance to win a "FREE Employee Engagement Programme"! ~ Experience the adrenaline and adventure of our TEAM CHALLENGE HOURGLASS in Sentosa!