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This is a class war. The oligarchy vs the people. Putin is also a member of the WEF. THEY are all in this together. War is a great way to get rid of excess citizens. 😡
Forwarded from OffGuardian (official)
Should we not support these dissenting voices in Russia just as we do the same brave voices in the West?

What trap are we falling into by assuming Russia's "covid" lies and Russia's unnecessary "covid" shots are somehow "good" or acceptable?

The brilliance of the fake binary is the way it can lure you circuitously into basically supporting the very agenda you oppose.

Forwarded from Catte B
Am I the only one who sees this café table in NYC as an emblem of mental surrender?

One propaganda image superimposed on another. Both fine tuned to provoke predictable reactions depending on which narrative you have internalised. Both decontextualised by human beings ~5,000 miles away from the "special operation".

Did the people who painted the table know why they did it? Did whoever carved the 'Z' have any idea what it means?

It might as well be the Jets and the Giants.

Meanwhile food factories burn, farms close, rationing looms.

Agenda 2030 rolls on toward us.
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Forwarded from OffGuardian (official)
How to get people to DEMAND a bad thing they don't want & which will make them worse off.

Announce you are about to do a BAD THING no one wants.

2️⃣❗️Get a BAD MAN no one likes to say he won't let you do the BAD THING no one wants.

3️⃣❗️Sit back and watch people conclude that if a BAD MAN won't let you do the BAD THING it must actually be a good thing & start petitions demanding the BAD THING is done immediately

4️⃣❗️Get the BAD MAN to "bow to public pressure" and do the BAD THING you always wanted to do.

5️⃣❗️Go on TV and social media and talk about how this was "democracy in action"

6️⃣❗️Smile smugly to yourself as people realise too late that the BAD THING is actually still bad & making their lives worse.

7️⃣❗️Call anyone pointing this out a "far right" conspiracy theorist.

Here I make a rare, political & policy comment.

Best wishes
Forwarded from RT News
Customers Storm At Least Four Lebanese Banks Demanding Money

After a week-long closure of banks ended Tuesday, enraged depositors stormed at least four banks in Lebanon demanding full access to their funds as partial withdrawal limits remain.

The World Bank calls the current economic crisis - which has plunged three-quarters of the population into poverty - as one of the worst in over a century as the Lebanese pound has lost 90% of its value to the US dollar.

One of the bank raiders, a former police officer, is heard in footage he recorded shouting “count the money, before one of you dies” as he demanded $24,000-worth of savings, having reportedly tried to sell his own kidney previously.

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Like I said, do not have large amounts of money tied up in banks.
Forwarded from OffGuardian (official)
The BBC's Jeremy Bowen "at the front line" of the "special military operation", while bemused lady with shopping bag looks on.

If you haven't read Udo Ulfkotte on media war fakery & if you haven't watched Wag the Dog - do both these things today...
Forwarded from OffGuardian (official)
Now the COVID autopsies start they are going to try to tell you it's all over

It isn't.

They are going to try to tell you it's all gone back to normal.

It hasn't.

They are going to "normalize" the New Normal by persuading you nothing much is new at all.

But it is.

Just below the surface of your life that might seem almost like it used to be - everything is different.

New laws, new habits of thought, new precedents.

The Overton Window has been wrenched off it's hinges and planted somewhere that would have seemed insane three years ago.

The fact most of us don't think it's insane any more proves how successful this mind fuck has really been.

Phase One is over. Time for consolidation and some distraction.

A bit of visceral war fear to help you blur out the last three years and forget how much freedom you have been persuaded to voluntarily let go.

Almost reassuring. Almost nostalgic. Like an old movie. Those fears of yesteryear.

Mushroom clouds. Cold Wars. Nice guys and bad guys. Heroes and Villains.

Almost cozy to think someone big was on our side, fighting our corner, wearing our flag.

Stars and Stripes. Hammer and Sickle.

Better than the sinking horror of waking up in March 2020 suddenly orphaned.

Realizing Godzilla and Mothra were hunting together - and both wanted to kill you.
Forwarded from OffGuardian (official)
Federal Bureau of Intimidation: The War on Political Freedom

John & Nisha Whitehead

“In so many of the little places of everyday life in which life is lived out, somehow democracy doesn’t exist. And one of the creeping hands of totalitarianism running through the democracy is the Federal Bureau of Investigation… Because why does the FBI do all this? To scare the hell out of people… They work for the establishment and the corporations and the politicos to keep things as they are. And they want to frighten and chill the people who are trying to change things.”Howard Zinn, historian

Discredit, disrupt, and destroy. That is how the government…...

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Forwarded from OffGuardian (official)
The Short and Brutal Life of the Fruit Fly

Sylvia Shawcross

Now, there are only two types of people in the world and it has been this way since the second generation of humans existed: those who know history and those who don’t.

…And then there are those who pretend to know history. And those who know history only as it is written by the victors.

So, there are four types of people in the world.

And then there is the type that know history and just use it nefariously to sway those that don’t know history into repeating history, condemning us into learning nothing collectively until we all…...

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Forwarded from OffGuardian (official)
Forget the blame game, Nordstream Sabotage is about the Great Reset & nothing else.

Kit Knightly

Last night it was reported that “blasts” had damaged both Nordstream pipelines that carry gas exported from Russia to Germany and other nations across northern Europe.
As a result, large amounts of natural gas were leaking into the Baltic sea, and supplies through the pipeline were completely shut off.

The alleged incident has caused a furious round of blame tennis, with accusations flying back and forth across what – for the sake of simplicity – we’ll call Iron Curtain 2.0.

The European Union has claimed the pipes were “sabotaged”, but doesn’t directly blame anyone in their statement.


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👀 This is exactly it. Just more bread and circus for the masses.

"It all comes back to the fake binary, the illusion of difference and delusion of choice.

The “official story” will never prove who bombed the pipeline one way or the other and is not intended to. Resolution is not desired. Instead, Team A will encourage us to blame Team B, and vice versa. The MSM will report evidence implicating Russia, while other evidence suggesting NATO were responsible will be “leaked”. Both narratives will be fed just enough to keep the argument going for as long as required and in any direction chosen.

That’s the nature of the false binary, its very purpose, to divide and distract and create controlled dissent alongside managed controversy.

Maybe Russia “did it”, maybe the US “did it”, but since it can be reasoned that they’re working together towards the same ends I say again, what difference does that ultimately make?" - Kit Knightly


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