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Board game night with Hottis!
Take your favorite game with you and come play games in good company at the Living Room of Teekkari Village on Wednesday 1.12. at 17.30. Signup opens tomorrow on 28.11. at 12 at
Sign up for SEB-excursion opens today at 18.00:
Christmas is just around the corner and so is the Guild of Physics' Christmas party!🎅🏽🎄
On Tuesday December 7th we'll gather at Rantasauna to enjoy porridge, glögi and good company. There will be small contest as well and the long awaited spexis! Remember also to decorate yourself and your overalls in a Christmas like fashion, because the best outfit will be rewarded. Naturally as the weather turns colder, sauna and the hot tub will keep us warm. This is the number one Christmas party of the year you don't want to miss! ❄️

At the door of the event, all participants are asked to show their corona pass, i.e. the EU Digital COVID Certificate found in Omakanta.

What? the biggest Christmas party🤩🎉
Where? Rantasauna
When? 7.12. from 17pm
DC? A Christmas-spirited physicist🎅🏽❄️
Cost? none (although you'd better take some money for the overall patch!)
Why? because it's almost Christmas🎄

Sign-up is open at
Christmasy Guild Room Cinema 13.12.

December is finally here and so are Christmas movies! On Monday 13.12. at 19 we gather in the Guild Room to watch a Christmas movie and eat seasonal movie snacks. You can suggest a movie via this form by Tuesday 7.12. We will make a Telegram poll using the suggestions and everyone can vote for their favourites!

Only 20 first to sign up will get to watch the film. We'll inform you later about the sig up.
Christmas themed baking with Hottis!

Join us on Thursday 9.12. to bake Christmas themed goods. We can provide festive and toasty vibes and of course glögi. So, sign up, put on your most festive clothes on, and join us in Ossinkulma at 17.30.

The signup opens tomorrow on Sunday 5.12. at 16.15 at
Guild of Physics feedback form Fall 2021

The guild year is coming to an end. Now we would like to hear opinions and feedback about this fall and how guild activities could be improved in the future. The survey is divided into sections: events, communications and community. In the end there's also a separate section for guild officials. You don't have to answer all questions but please do give any feedback you have on your mind - positive or negative. Concrete suggestions for improvement are especially valued. The survey is anonymous and only the board will see the answers.

Answers to the form can be sent until Monday 13 Dec. Thank you for your feedback, it is important and will be read with great thought. ❤️
Guild's events
Christmasy Guild Room Cinema 13.12.
Guild of Physics feedback form Fall 2021
Guild of Physics' Christmas party
• FK&TiK Exchange Sauna
• FK75 new year chillis brunch 1.1.2022

Other events
• Studies in quantum technology: courses by the University of Helsinki
• Teekkarius 150 New Year’s Party
• SCI Diversity and Inclusivity Fund

Read the Guild News
FiilisWeek has started in the Guild Room! Come and tell us what has made you happy today. You should come by the Guild Room each day this week, tomorrow you can make your own hug pass🔥❤️
The year is nearing its end, so now is a great time to check whether you still have some expenses to compensate from the guild. To make sure that we have time to accept and pay all expense compensations before the end of the year, please send the compensation applications during this week. If you have any questions, send a message to @laurash!
🎊 FK75 new year chillis brunch 1.1.2022 🎊

Is there any better way to start a new year than a super chill sillis brunch with fellow guild members? FK75 committee organizes a stunning but also relaxing chillis brunch on the first day of the new year at Rantasauna. 

More info about the event can be found on Facebook and on ilmomasiina. The sign up for event opens already tomorrow at 12:00 at

What? FK75 new year chillis brunch!
Where? At Rantasauna!
When? Saturday 1.1.2022 at 12-18!
What it costs? 10€!
Why? New year and the Guild of Physics 75th anniversary!
The day of our Christmas party is finally here!🤩
Women's sauna shift is in the smaller sauna from 19.00 to 21.00 and men's sauna shift is from 21.00 to 23.00 in the smaller sauna as well.
There are going to be some small competitions this evening and one of them is a costume contest in which the most Christmas-spirited costume wins! This is also a great possibility to wear your overalls before the Christmas holidays
Second day of FiilisWeek: hug passport! Come and make your own at the Guild Room - Kiltisnalle will provide you with instructions❤️
Sign up for the FK75 new year chillis brunch opens at half an hour at Ilmomasiina!
World Championships of Academic Kyykkä is one of the biggest student-organized events in Finland! Students around the country will travel to Hervanta, Tampere on 12.2.2022! The team spots will be available in 12.12.2021 klo 12.00. So get your team of four players together and sign up!

Academic kyykkä has two separate series: the general series and pro series. The old 'I Speak English' -series has been merged into the general series and now all English-speaking students are more than welcome to the general series! The price of a ticket for both series is 60€ and the Guild will sponsor half of it. The ticket includes a team spot, 4 patches for overalls and 4 lunch vouchers.

More information is available on the official website:

Anyhow, even if you are not interested in playing, you can still participate in the MM-kyykkä experience by cheering the other teams on the side of the fields! The Guild sponsores max 4 teams, each of which can send 4 primary players and 4 reserve players.

If you have any questions, you can slide into DMs at @laurautriainen

Sign up opens today at 18:00 at
There's still plenty of spots left for Christmas baking! Sign up here.
Guild Room Cinema 13.12.

Thank you for all the good movie suggestions! We had such a vast number of suggestions that unfortunately not all of them made it to the poll. Movies were left out according to their availability on common streaming services as well as the culture coordinator's personal preferences (= I saw this movie a week ago).

Next we'll vote on the movie! You can vote until Thursday night, and then we'll make a final decision. Also remember that the sign up for the Guild Room Cinema opens on Thursday at 12 noon here and only 20 first to sign up will make it.
Forwarded from Fyysikkokilta - Tieto (Mimi Mokka)
Mikä elokuva Kinokiltikseen? / Which movie to the Guild Room Cinema?
Anonymous Poll
Die Hard
The Holiday
Home Alone
Love Actually
The Grinch