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Feedback for the board:
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Common Departure to Vote in the EU Elections 30.5. 🗳️

The Guild of Physics organizes a common departure for advance voting in the EU elections on Thursday 30.5.! We depart from the guild room yard at 16, and walk together to vote at the polling station of the Harald Herling Learning Centre. DC for the departure is overalls and teekkari cap! Let's show everyone that the Guild of Physics will flock to the polling station in droves!🔥🎉

In the event we respect everyone's freedom to vote in peace. Political influencing (e.g. encouraging to vote for a specific party) is forbidden during the departure.
Guild's events
Common Departure to Vote in the EU Elections 30.5. 🗳️

Other events
• Valtsika Neppis Race 1.6.
• Tempaus 2024 21.10. - 27.10.

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Apply for the Fuusio78 committee

Unleash your creativity, and become a part of creating the greatest and fanciest event of next year: the guild’s annual ball Fuusio! 🥂

You can now apply for the Fuusio committee! In the Fuusio committee, you can, for example, organize the cocktail event, manage corporate relations, or create the visual look of the annual ball as the graphics responsible. You can apply for the committee by filling this form. More info about the committee’s structure can be found in the form.

The application period closes on Sunday 9.6. at 23.59 o’clock.

If you have any questions about applying, please contact the Fuusio coordinators @maariakart and @janettesetala.

Good luck with your application!
Fuusio coordinators Maaria and Jane
Board meeting 24/24 🧙

The board will conduct its on Thursday 30.5. at 16.30 o'clock in U516. We will be discussing, for example, greetings from the award committee. Meeting agenda can be found here. Welcome! 🐉
Common Departure to Vote in the EU Elections is TODAY 🔥

The common departure leaves from outside of the Guild room today at 16 o'clock, please be there on time. Opposed to the earlier DC announcement, overalls are not necessary due to warm weather. All in all, you need the following:

1. ID, meaning an identity card issued by the police, a passport, a driving licence or another official photo ID.
2. Teekkari cap, and if you want, also overalls or other FK merch!
3. Good voting ϕlings!

See you at the Guild room!💥
Good afternoon Guild, the door of our Guild Room has been fixed and works normally again ☀️🚪
Relaxation sauna🛁

Soon it’s again time to relax from long period and spring semesters stresses, because Hottis organizes once again a relaxation sauna! So welcome to Ossinsauna in Wednesday 5.6 at 16 to enjoy the sauna, some snacks and Pokemon themed atmosphere. Now it’s the perfect time to find your old Pokemon cards and Pokemon Go game and head towards Ossinsauna!🌞🌊🍋🟩

The event is held in both Finnish and English! 🇬🇧🇫🇮

What? Relaxation sauna
Where? Ossinsauna OK18
When? Wednesday 5.6. at 16->
Cost? Only your time!
Why? Relaxation is an important part of the exam week
FK⁵ (FK x KK Summerfun) 🌸

Do you want to recover from your spring courses or the first weeks of work? Or do you want to kick off your grilling season?

Summer is now here and it's time to enjoy it! Come spend some relaxed summer fun with dear Physicists and Chemists to the Living room on Friday 7.6. from 17 onwards.

There will be food, drinks and lots of activities, and some prices for the quiz winners. You can also bring your own grillable snacks.

WHERE? Living room
WHEN? 7.6 from 17→
WHY? ‘cause summer ☀️
Guild's events
FK⁵ (FK x KK Summerfun) 7.6. 🌸
Relaxation sauna 5.6. 🛁

Other events
• Graffathon 7.-9.6.
• AYY member survey DL 7.6.

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Application period for the producer of the Physicist spex continued by a week ⚠️

There haven’t been enough applicants for the role of the producer of the Physicist spex 😱 Due to this, the application period for the role is continued by a week. Application time now ends on Sunday 9.6. at 23.59 o’clock!

Apply here 👈
💛🖤 Spring Feedback survey 💛🖤

Why isn't the Board doing anything? Well, now you can make an impact! By providing feedback on the activities of the Guild and Board, you help us improve both the shortcomings and successes of the Board operation. This is definitely the best way to influence and give feedback. We carefully read through all the responses and aim to develop the Guild in this direction.

We are also raffling off 45 € worth of Wolt gift cards among the respondents! So participate in the raffle and respond to the spring feedback survey.

You can access the feedback form HERE. The deadline for feedback is June 9th at 23:59. ☀️☀️

- The Board of '24
📚Study Survey period V📚

The Study Survey for period V is now open, and it can be found here
in English:
in Finnish:
Deadline for the response is Wednesday 12th of June at 23:59. Three gift cards, each worth 20 euros, will be raffled among those who submit a response to the survey. The survey is anonymous.
Board meeting 25/24 🌞

The board will conduct its final meeting of the Spring on Thursday 6.6. at 17.00 o'clock in M145a. We will be discussing some internal practices of the board. Meeting agenda can be found here. Welcome! 🌊
TODAY is the last day you can apply for the Fuusio committee ‼️

Apply now, and organize the guild’s annual ball through this form! 🍾
🌸🌼 Save the date: Guild's Summer Days 19.-21.7. 🌻🚂

The Guild's Summer Days, a weekend event for the whole guild, organized by the board, is coming this year as well! This will be a chill weekend, containing swimming, a sauna, games, sitsis, and other fun activities, together with lovely guildmates. The event begins on Friday, by leaving from Otaniemi to place X, and we will return on Sunday afternoon. 🌿

More info about the event is coming on the last week of June.