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Ice hockey excursion 4.2.

It is time to try out the new outdoor ice rink in Otaniemi! So come ice skate and play ice hockey to the ice rink next to the sports field of Otaniemi on Saturday 4.2. from 14 o'clock onwards. There will most likely be other people at the ice rink as well, so space is limited. We will however try to organize small "höntsä" (=NOT so serious and hardcore) ice hockey games. There is not going to be much room for ice skating outside the games, but all skill levels are welcome to join the games! If you have extra ice hockey sticks, please bring them with you. The organizers will also bring some extra sticks.

If you are coming to play, react with a 🏆-emoji to this message. If you have any questions, please contact @Pesukone on telegram.
New Switch game for the guild room

Vote for a new game for the guild room! Voting ends on Thursday 2.2. at 18:00. 🥳
Fuusio 76 - Save the Date 11.3.

The 76th anniversary of our guild will be celebrated on 11th of March in a sea themed annual ball Fuusio! Before the weekend there will be many Fuusio related events and the week will come to a close in Fuusio's Sillis. Registration for guild members opens on Monday 20.2. so be ready to grab your place in the grande event of the whole guild year!
FYSSA, FYSSA, FYSSA! The kilometer race that everyone has been waiting for starts tomorrow, where we as a guild can compete against other SCI guilds! In the competition, you get points by jogging, skiing and ice skating. 🔥 The best individual performers of the competition get brilliant rewards and the winning team will get sparkling wine provided by the losing teams. More detailed rules can be found in the actual telegram group of the kilometer race:
Sign up for the Silent sessions: a music sharing experience is open! Don't forget to reserve your place for a relaxing evening of music.
Bob Ross evening 🥰🎨

Are you in need of art therapy? Do you miss art lessons from elementary school? In the middle of everyday life, do you wish to relax for a moment? Hottis has a solution to your problem! In Bob Ross evening you will find your inner artist, and relax with Bob Ross' Joy Of Painting - series (and Bob's voice <3). There are also some snacks at the event!

You don't need any artistic gifts, or even creativity, to participate in this event. Come unleash your inner artist to Kylän olohuone (JMT 5A) on Monday 6.2. at 16.30 o'clock!

There are 20 spots in the event. Signup starts on Friday 3.2. at 12 o'clock at
🤯 New Switch games at kiltis! 🤯

There were many great suggestions and even more votes. Your wishes have been heard, and the following games were added to the entertainment selection:

Super Mario Party 🍄🎉
Speedrunners 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

The Guild Room Committee wishes you epic gamer moments🕹🧸
Today: Friday Tea 🫖
Have some tea (or coffee) with snacks and (hopefully) interesting discussions today at rooms U107 and U113. Join at any time after 16.30!
Still time to nominate a person to receive a medal of the Guild!

People to receive a gold medal of the Guild can be nominated via email to Nominations for the gold medal should be sent on Sunday at the latest.

Reminder: nominations for the silver medal should be sent on Sunday 19.2.2023 at the latest! Nominations can be sent via this form or via email.
Hello all English-speaking friends! 👋

The year 2023 has taken off strong and it has brought many new things for us to enjoy. One of these is us, ETCo!

The English Technology Bachelor Committee, or ETCo for short, is a new committee, that aims to work as a collaborative force between guilds to make events for all English Bachelor students 🌻

Together with IK, FK, AS, PT, and DG, we have plenty of events planned for you! To stay informed about upcoming events and shenanigans, join our Telegram info channel 👉 ETCo Info Channel

First events coming up already in February! 😉
Ice hockey games at Otaranta ice rink TODAY at 14:00, be there or be the least cool 2D shape you can think of!
ETCo Friends Day coming soon🌷🌷

What better way to celebrate the upcoming Valentine's day than with the very first event organized by the English Technology Bachelors' Committee 💛

Come join us at the Otaranta Clubroom, where you'll have a chance to meet people from other guilds, play fun games and have some tasty snacks! The event will happen on February 16th at 6pm. We will also give a brief introduction of the committee and its current members 👋

Sign-up opens on February 6th at 18:00. Remember to sign up according to the guild quotas! 👉 Sign up & Info

When? February 16th at 6pm
Where? Otaranta Clubroom - Otaranta 8 B
How much? FREE
For who? All English Bachelor’s students
Why? Meet other guilds and have fun!

Questions? Comments? @bia_glaser or @selintaskin
Forwarded from FK English info (Maaria Tiiri)
The signup for Bob Ross evening is open at 🎨
A reminder of the BIGinfo TODAY at 16:15 in the A-hall!
The sign up for ETCo's Friends Day event starts today at 18:00 ✨️

Remember to reserve your spot!
English semla baking with Hottis 💕

Join Hottis in baking semlas — in English!

Semla ("laskiaispulla" in Finnish) is a traditional treat eaten at the time of Shrove Tuesday. It consists of a bun, filled with cream and a (usually) either strawberry jam or almond paste. 🍓🧈

Whether you are a semla connoisseur or completely new to the treat, you are welcome to bake some delicious semlas to Ossinkulma (OK18) on Monday 13.2., from 17.00 onwards. The event costs nothing, and it is an excellent opportunity for people who don't speak Finnish to get to know their guildmates.
If you have questions about the event, please contact @hupimestari ❄️

There are 20 spots in the event! The signup is open at
BIG info.pdf
5.9 MB
You can now apply to become a BIG at until Sunday 19.2. 23:59! 🥳