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Hey friends. Our new show with Adam Marafioti is out now. We talked about the power of Methylene blue! Woah. The fact that is carries electrons across the electron transport chain AND converts ferrous iron into ferric iron ALONE should be enough. But it also turns off nitric oxide production. This is huge. Listen below!

So this is starting tomorrow. When they get to the solutions part, I'm not going to be following the vitamin D, zinc and vitamin c info but I'll definitely be watching.

I get questions a lot about what I watch while in my sauna. Here's what I watched today!

A little meme I came up with. I though IG would take me down for it! :)
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Hey guys just wanted to give you a heads up. Mitolife is allowing us to run a 24 hour sale only. It's 20% off of their beef liver product with the code EHR20. If you haven't tried it yet, I recommend it!


I swear I'll be better at posting on Telegram thanks for your patience! :)