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Oncologists don’t know much about nutritional therapies, and they tend to be wary of them. If you want to take an integrative approach, you’ll either have to find a second “natural” physician or naturopathic doctor – or take the time to delve into the research yourself.

Radiation and most kemo drugs destroy kancer cells by generating large number of free radicals. Conventional oncologists believe that antioxidant supplements will neutralize the kancer-killing effect of free radicals.

When you research yourself and look at the science, fear goes away.

If you're not fearful, they cannot manipulate you into compliance because the science shows that none of what they're saying is true.

The only way to over come fear in this case is by going into it and looking at the data itself.

Protocol will be on sale for 48 hours tomorrow morning. You'll have all the studies, articles, quotes and science to share with your conventional doctor if you'd like.

Sorry for the delay.

I hope you find it useful.
I finally got this completed. It was basically done a couple of months ago but I added quite a bit of info to it.

Most oncologists will tell you to avoid supplementing during kemo because it'll "prevent the kemo from working".

I share multiple studies and article saying the exact opposite. I also share exactly which supplements I personally would take.

If you know anybody considering doing kemo you may want to let them know about this research.

It's on sale for the next 48 hours.

I hope you find it helpful.

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New Show: Surviving Cancer - The Great Supplement Debate

In this week's new episode I discussed whether or not I would take supplements like #antioxidants when undergoing #chemotherapy or #radiation.

I share multiple papers, articles and studies saying that not only does supplementation protect healthy cells from oxidative damage but it also can extend quality and quantity of life. They appear to help chemo work more effectively.

The reason why your doctor will tell you to avoid any supplements is that it goes against the standard of scare, not because it's refuted by science.

If you know anybody currently going through conventional treatments support them, they need it. Feel free to share this episode with them as well. It makes me sad to know what people go through without questioning their doctors.


Just a quick heads up! There's about 24 hours left for the sale of my latest protocol. No coupon code necessary. I hope you find it helpful.

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Did you catch today's "best of" episode? If you don't know how much light impacts your health, you really need to hear this one!

Man-made blue light (also known as white light from phones, LEDs, fluorescent lights, etc.) disrupts our circadian rhythms and interferes with the production and secretion timing of melatonin in our pineal gland and mitochondria.

When you start interfering with melatonin in a negative way, you open the door to diseases like cancers (of all types), diabetes, macular degeneration, and even neurological diseases.

Spend more time outdoors, wear blue-blocking glasses, and install Iris Tech on your devices. Starting there will go a long way in helping you sleep better, regulating hormones, and increasing your energy levels.

Blue light from phones, tablets and TVs may induce early puberty: study

“For the first time, we found a direct relationship between blue light exposure and early puberty in male rats. Our findings align with our previous work on female rats, which also showed similar effects, thereby providing a more comprehensive view of how blue light may influence puberty both male and female rats.”
Today's "Best of" show is with Professor Ron Cusson. RIP! 🥲

The Power Of Vortexing Energy & How Magnesium Heals Calcification

"Meth-bleau has also been investigated for its potential protective effect against lung ischemia-reperfusion injury and oxidative damage to mitochondria in the lungs."



On my protocol showing how to nebulize 10 different substances (one of which is MB). The link below will show you the other 9.