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Com. Davidson Akilaiya

Nat. secretary (Thincf)

Medical and health workers' Union of Nigeria.

(MHWUN) gave an Upper Cut Response to NMA Renumeration Chairman Dr. N.L. Orhue.

He said;

Naturally, JOHESU is not known for responding to personal attacks from rabble rousers and low level attack dog like you, because dignifying you with a response means giving recognition and relevance to a mere attention seeker like you whose stock in trade is to shop for relevance anywhere you find an inch of space.

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When God Created the Garden of Eden, He (God) directed Four Rivers





To water it.

God could have simply just Allow the river to depends on the rain and dew to survive but no...

These Four Rivers where four sources of Strength.

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Osagie Merry
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