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Bitcoin doesn’t care about:

- Interest rates
- Trade wars
- Recessions
- Annual returns
- Wars
- Economic stimulus

The network keeps running. The math stays true.

And Bitcoin continues the march to global dominance πŸ”₯
5 % Successful trader:

β€’ Ambition to search for opportunity.

β€’ Discipline to wait for your pitch.

β€’ Resourcefulness to find the info.

β€’ Competence to get it right.

β€’ Conviction to ride the move.

β€’ Composure to close the position.

β€’ Wisdom to protect the profits.
🌟Fast ways to lose money trading🌟:

πŸ‘‰Trade too much

πŸ‘‰Trade too big

πŸ‘‰Trade randomly

πŸ‘‰Trade based on your emotions

πŸ‘‰Trade to prove you’re right

πŸ‘‰Trade based on predictions

πŸ‘‰Be stubborn

πŸ‘‰No stop loss

πŸ‘‰Fight the trend

πŸ‘‰Cut winners fast

πŸ‘‰Let losing trades run

πŸ‘‰Trade illiquid markets