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Forwarded from Cointelegraph
In a recent report, the European Central bank claimed that crypto has no tangible impact on economic developments and monetary policy

Forwarded from Cointelegraph
Some of the world’s leading banks are allegedly currently investing around $50 million to build a blockchain-based digital cash system for transaction settlement, sources claim

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The Central Bank of the Bahamas will sign an official agreement tomorrow to develop its digital fiat currency system called “Project Sand Dollar”

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Per partecipare online all'evento che sta per partire nella città di Samugheo, collegati grazie a questo link http://bit.ly/EventoSamugheoHangout in cui la conferenza sarà trasmessa in streaming! Si prega di disattivare microfono e video per non creare disturbo. L'evento inizierà circa alle 18:00
Forwarded from News.Bitcoin.com
 Israeli Supreme Court Stops Bank From Closing Crypto Exchange’s Account
In February 2018, the Supreme Court of Israel issued a temporary injunction order forbidding a major bank in the country from halting the activity of a local cryptocurrency exchange. Now…
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We are happy to announce that the EquaStore NIGERIA, the first african EquaStore, will be released today, JUNE 9TH 2019.
An experimentation time will be spent with selected vendors to test procedures etc. Enjoy!