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Some of our junior members at hatsu geiko .

Left: Andy & wife Judy
Right: Tim from Russia, who joined us upon arriving in SG once our border was open later part of last year.
Session on Iaito Care & Maintenance during #beginnersclass
Presentation of renmei certificate by Kancho to members for 05 Dec 2021 #Shinsa.

Congratulations !!

4th dan - Rei Lai
5th dan - Billy Yong, Valeth Ang, Jonah Law and Ng Lee Noi
Ke Jin, one of our most senior women practitioner

Celebrating International Women's Day with our Women In Iaido.
Noi sensei performing advanced-level waza 信夫 Shinobu from Okuden series. The principles behind this technique is best understood from See Season 1 Episode 3.

A big thank you to Noi sensei for your contributions and support towards our success all these years !
Thank you also to our new Women In Iaido practitioners
Participating in the Green Economy: Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Linen Iaido Gi with Kimono Sleeve

Crafted in 2 coloured 100% natural plain weave linen, breathable linen fabric with a thickness of 0.31mm and weighs 143g per sqm

Eco-friendly, sustainable, lightweight, durable, elegant, suitable for practice in hot humid climates

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