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@eduardo's Channel of finalized and developing projects

In general you will see design projects, but possibly I venture into other areas :P

Take a look at my site too :D
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Study - Elon Musk Minimalist
Channel photo updated
In this photo was used a light purple background (#8C82DB) and white letters (#FFFFFF) with projected shadow. A simple but elegant logo 😊
Working on a logo for a custom ROM... Maybe one day will be ready 🤔
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Creating the concept of a future ... Will one day get ready? 🤭
Edu's Projects
Creating the concept of a future ... Will one day get ready? 🤭
The animations of this study 😵 (incomplete, and confusing... one day when I open again I will not understand anything 😁)
Finalized the social preview for the Github repository of EduuRobot 😊
My first wallpaper. Simple as well as my style ❤️
this, by far, was the wallpaper that most crashed my Telegram 😒
Squidward's Tentacles vectorized (I haven't finished it yet, and probably i'll never finish 😥)
Logo for @MrLimao, maybe a little acid... 🤔
I found this Pikachu's vectorization played in my files, I thought I should share 🤔
As usual, it is not finalized. Maybe one day I'll finalized and correct some trivial mistakes. :P