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@eduardo's Channel of finalized and developing projects

In general you will see design projects, but possibly I venture into other areas :P

Take a look at my site too :D
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In this photo was used a light purple background (#8C82DB) and white letters (#FFFFFF) with projected shadow. A simple but elegant logo 😊
Working on a logo for a custom ROM... Maybe one day will be ready πŸ€”
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Creating the concept of a future ... Will one day get ready? 🀭
Edu's Projects
Creating the concept of a future ... Will one day get ready? 🀭
The animations of this study 😡 (incomplete, and confusing... one day when I open again I will not understand anything 😁)
Finalized the social preview for the Github repository of EduuRobot 😊
My first wallpaper. Simple as well as my style ❀️
this, by far, was the wallpaper that most crashed my Telegram πŸ˜’
Squidward's Tentacles vectorized (I haven't finished it yet, and probably i'll never finish πŸ˜₯)
Logo for @MrLimao, maybe a little acid... πŸ€”
I found this Pikachu's vectorization played in my files, I thought I should share πŸ€”
As usual, it is not finalized. Maybe one day I'll finalized and correct some trivial mistakes. :P
Forwarded from Du Rove's Channel
Telegram turns 6 years today. Throughout these years, Telegram stood up for freedom and privacy. We defended what we believe in against tyrannies, kleptocracies and corporations.

Today, 6 years after launch, Telegram is the third largest global messaging app in terms of the number of countries where Telegram is in top 10 Social Networking apps.

Let us celebrate today. Tomorrow we’ll get back to building new features. There’s a lot of exciting work left to do.
Forwarded from Du Rove's Channel
Product Details - Google Play: Customgram "app screenshot" (~easter eggs not included :P) 😬
My new pixel art skin, inspired by pixel art from Mojang developers. I hope I don't disappear any longer here πŸ˜…
Happy New Year πŸŽ‰