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Turkey issued completion visas for investments made between January and November 2019 worth TL 104 billion, the country's industry and technology minister stated. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said on Twitter that more than 157,000 jobs were created in the abovementioned period. A completion visa is issued for companies benefiting from incentives when they inform the ministry that their investments are realized. "We issued new incentive certificates for investments worth TL 116 billion, 46% of which were in the manufacturing sector, and we expect 186,394 additional jobs," the minister said. Meanwhile, the country issued completion visas for investments worth TL 6 billion in November, and 14,705 jobs were created, Varank stressed. The minister added that the country paved the way for investments totaling TL 13.7 billion in November, and they are expected to create almost 21,000 new jobs. "We will grow under the leadership of investments," the minister vowed.
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#Turkey posted a CPI of 11.84% in 2019 – below the NEP target of 12% – indicating that it is on course to achieve its single-digit inflation target in 2020.
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#Tourism revenues in Turkey hit USD 34.5 billion in 2019, a new record high according to TurkStat.

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#Update: Over 5,000 foreign investors granted Turkish citizenship as March 2020

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Chairperson of Turkey's Investment Office Ahmet Burak Dağlıoğlu said investments in Turkey will see a rapid increase in the second half of 2020 with the coronavirus normalization period. Speaking to reporters, Dağlıoğlu said the pandemic accelerated developments in some fields, including digitalization, life sciences, e-mobility and electric vehicle technologies. He added that Turkey is also working to complete its transformation in these areas. "I believe we are entering a productive era in terms of investments," he said. The total amount of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Turkey has reached $219 billion between 2003 and April 2020. The Investment Office enabled 224 investment projects in the country with a total value of $23 billion between 2007 and 2019. Around 48,000 jobs were created within the scope of these projects. Dağlıoğlu went on to say that investors are trying to use the new opportunities in the post-pandemic period and that all corporations are working to revise their strategies, plans, supply chains and priorities. "They indicate that different country's policies regarding support to investors during the coronavirus pandemic are important for their future decisions. In this context, we are doing well compared to other countries," he said. Dağlıoğlu added that Turkey is far beyond the capacity of competing countries in some sectors, such as automotive. "We are working on some significant projects. Some of them are related to e-mobility. We hope to have some good news in the second half of this year," he said.