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🔵 EOS vs Ethereum vs Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash


A Review and Comparison of Assets in My Portfolio: BTC, BCH, ETH, EOS, DAPP token, Silver
Why do I hold these?

How does EOS stack up against Ethereum?
How does Ethereum stack up against Bitcoin?
How does Bitcoin Cash stack up against Bitcoin?
What about Ethereum 2.0?

Plus I compare scaling across all of these cryptocurrencies and a term that I call "Scalable Counterparts".

EOS Update – My current stance on EOS (pros and cons). My proxy. My coined term "DEPOS" (Delegated Exchange Proof of Stake).

The future of blockchain interconnectivity. DAPP token and the LiquidApps network has promise in this area (cross-chain interoperability with Liquid-X). (Not to be confused with Bitcoin’s “Liquid network” which is totally different and is only for Bitcoin)