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In early February Petr Spacil (OK1FCJ/OL8R) participated in a TU5PCT DX-pedition.
He perfectly described it himself, so we'll just quote him:
"During our TU5PCT expedition, I have used SunSDR2 DX for CW/SSB and FT8 operation. Everything worked great!
We made a story for our Czech ham news monthly magazine. David OK6DJ is on the title page :)
We made over 40k QSO with 3 persons :)
SunSDR2 DX is a great radio for DX-peditions!"

During DX-pedition, Petr used ExpertSDR2, since he is used to it and it works stable.
With the radio, Petr used a JUMA PA ( and an attenuator (

There you'll find the original article and some photos.
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Hello everyone.
Here is the link to the ESDR3 0.12.1 version, where we fixed audio cracks and corrected 60M bandplan.
A bit later we'll publish these files on our web-site.
Hello everyone.
An interesting article by Jiri Holy OK2WY, quote: “for those interested to have nearly perfect mic for SunSDR2 TRX, look at my tiny article how to modify Motorola PMR microphone for that purpose”:
Hello everyone!
We'd like to make an update regarding the development of the new ExpertSDR3 0.13.0. At the moment, we are almost done with the new Server software for ERS (ExpertRemote System). What's left to do is to implement proper functionality in the ExpertSDR3 part of the ERS, and we'll have a working ERS with TX mode. We hope to present you the results by the mid-May.
Hello everyone!
Lots of users are expecting us to release ERS with TX mode. The following information will be very interesting for all of them.
At the moment, we are working on TX mode for ERS. As soon as it will be ready for tests, we post it in the tester's group. Official release of ESDR3 0.13.0 Beta is scheduled in a week or two after that.
For today, the server software supports RX-TX modes for PC and Raspberry Pi. It requires some improvements like: adding RX-TX switching delays, External PA control, sound cracked fixing etc., but mainly it's ready on 92%. It does not include CW core yet, because it requires a new CW core for E-Coder2, radios, and software.
ExpertSDR3 software is under development in ERS part. It already supports PROC menu, voice recorder, line out, RX-TX modes via TCI, ExtCTRL in RX/TX, Antenna switch, PWR/SWR meter, E-Coder2 panel in RX-TX mode. Programmer works on implementation of: Tune mode (carrier), ATU mode, RX-TX/TX-RX delays. It is almost ready for normal operation, about 90%.
Programmers told me it will be ready for beta testers in one-two weeks.

Also, ExpertSDR3 will include multiple bug fixes, which were reported before.

EE team.
Hello everyone!
Today, we've changed the email server for EE-cloud Profile confirmation to Gmail. So if you've had an issue with receiving the confirmation email earlier, please retry now.
Google already announced that since June they once again change the privacy policy, so In June we might need to tweak the server once again.
Forwarded from Валерий
In the ESDR3 0.13.0 we'll implement the 4M band, since none of our TRXs support 4M band on the hardware level, RX and TX modes will be carried out only through ADC IN and DAC OUT.
For SunSDR2QRP 4M band avaliable only RX mode.
Hello everyone.
Today we've released a new ExpertSDR2 1.3.1 Update 11 for ColibriDDC. It has a new firmware v.12 with bug fixes.
Всем доброго времени суток.
Сегодня мы опубликовали новую версию ExpertSDR2 1.3.1 Update 11 для ColibriDDC. У неё новая прошивка версии 12 с исправленными ошибками в работе.
Werner Schnorrenberg (DC4KU) wrote an article about the new Expert Remote System (ERS). The original article is in German, but there is also a Google translated article in English.
Later It will be published in FUNKAMATEUR or CQ DL.
Вернер Шнорренберг (DC4KU) написал статью о новой системе удаленного управления Expert Remote System (ERS). Оригинальная статья на немецком языке, но есть и статьи переведенные Google на русском и английском языках.
Werner Schnorreberg wrote another interesting article. This time it's about the connection of several receivers to one antenna. You may find an original document in German and Google translation in English.
Вернер Шнорребрег написал еще одну интересную статью о том как можно подключить нескольких приемников к одной антенне. Статья опубликована в оригинале на немецком языке и в Google переводе, на английском и русском.
ExpertSDR3 0.13.0 intermediate_Release_Notes.pdf
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Hello everyone.

Here is an update on the development of the ExpertSDR3 0.13.0.
At this point we've fixed a lot of bugs and improved the stability of the software, you could see notes about it on GitHub.
We've added many highly requested functions, I won't mention them in this post, I better attach the document describing what we've done so far.

What we still have to do before making an official release is to implement a new CW-core in the firmware for each transceiver, then E-Coder2 and then align it with the Server software or ERS.
The plan is to release the ExpertSDR3 0.13.0 in 5 weeks. Before we publish this version, it will go through a thorough testing phase, it is crucial for this release.

Hope you like what we've done so far and have a great summer!
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Всем привет.

Хотим поделиться с Вами информацией о разработке ExpertSDR3 0.13.0.
На данный момент мы исправили множество ошибок и улучшили стабильность программного обеспечения, вы можете увидеть это в отчетах о закрытых багах на GitHub.
Мы добавили множество востребованных функций, я не буду упоминать их всех в этом посте, а лучше прикреплю документ с описанием того, что мы уже сделали.

Перед тем как опубликовать официальный релиз мы должны внедрить новое CW-ядро в прошивку для каждого трансивера, затем E-Coder2, а затем настроить его для работы с программным обеспечением "удаленки".
Мы планируем выпустить ExpertSDR3 0.13.0 через 5 недель. Прежде чем мы опубликуем новую версию, она пройдет тщательное тестирование.

Надеюсь, вам понравилось то, что мы уже сделали, и хорошего вам лета!
Hello everyone.
We've corrected operation of the cloud for ERS, so those who had issues with registration, please try again. I've personally just checked it, worked for me to change the password.

Всем привет.
Мы исправили работу облака для ERS, поэтому те, у кого были проблемы с регистрацией, попробуйте, пожалуйста, зарегистрироваться еще раз. Я лично только что проверил процедуру смены пароля, она работает.
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Hello everyone.
Here is a glimpse of new customization capabilities implemented in the new ExpertSDR3 0.13.0 software.