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Forwarded from Janice
Dr Fuellmich with Dr Ardis, remdesivir kills

I’m LIVE on IG with Brad Cummings, co-author of #TheShack right now!
Here’s the link💙✝️‼️

@happyhourwithdrt on IG.
New #CDC data is out and it’s not good.
Age 18-24 has a 213x higher risk of contracting #myopericarditis(heart disease). Any numbers you look at below the age of 50 are all bad.

This is a morbidity/kill shot that will have you either seriously injured, dead, or a slave to mommy government for the rest of your natural life. We’re all saying it in unison. DON’T TAKE THE JAB.

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/acip/meetings/downloads/slides-2021-08-30/03-COVID-Su-508.pdf

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“Across the United States, hospitals have been transformed into murder factories where people are falsely “diagnosed” with covid via a fraudulent PCR test, then put on miscalibrated, made-in-China ventilators that blow out their lungs and kill them.
Safe and effective medical interventions that actually save lives among covid victims — such as ivermectin — are strictly prohibited in nearly every hospital in the country, obviously as part of a malicious medical scheme to exterminate as many patients as possible to drive up the “pandemic” death numbers.”


#WeAreMoreThan12 💙♦️🙏🏽‼️
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Politicians such as Brad Hazzard are inciting division and resentment against those who don't wish take the C-19 vaccine. Mainstream media and private individuals are now scapegoating the 'unvaccinated' as being responsible for lockdowns.

Question politicians, stand with you fellow citizens.