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There are Different rules on Indemnity depending on the contracts made between vaccine manufacturers & various governments!
India, Singapore, Canada the UK, Israel & the US all have their own contracts & addendums in effect; each with its own specifics ….

The US government sealed a deal 💰 with Pfizer that gives them just about a 100% liability shield!

As corrupt as these Pharma companies are;
they are only able to do what they do because the have the full blessing & complete indemnification of the Government 🥵

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The double vaccinated will become the unvaccinated in Israel according to the Green (Vax) Passport. If you don't get your third shot (booster) then the green passport treats you as if you are unvaccinated and you lose your rights.
This is what Globalist Medicine looks like 🥵

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Dr Fuellmich with Dr Ardis, remdesivir kills

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