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Dr. Tenpenny pinned «Bishop Mar Mari speaking on the great deception #BishopMarMari #Australia https://youtu.be/i1QgjDenQ_s»
Some Monday morning wisdom for our awesome tribe!
#WeAreMoreThan12 👩‍⚕️👍♦️‼️
Forwarded from Anna M
oh the irony when the people that think for themselves are called "mindless" and the mind-enslaved zombies that blindly comply are not
The USDA will not allow a food business to operate unless mask mandates are being enforced.

As of today, they can suspend it with a written letter based on a directive.

The federal government is infringing on our ability to run our business through coercion. Our livelihood that has spanned four generations and almost 70 years.

Now is the time to stand strong to convictions. Actions speak louder than words. Speak up. Share this post. There has to be someone who can put an end to this tyrannical government oversight. Who is John Galt? Keep fighting the good fight.

The #Nolechek Family
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We jam up the whole bridge!! LOL!!
Amazing that the Animal Rights Activists like #Peta & the #WorldWildlifeFund are all silent!

They tug at our heartstrings 💔 for donations & then use your money 💰 to support #AnimalTorture & the wiping out of entire species like the #HorseShoeCrab (one of the oldest on earth)🌍